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Aramis A. Hux

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Name: Aramis A. Hux

Alias: N/A

Biological Gender: Male

Physical Age: 28

Place of Birth: Shreveport, Louisiana, Terra

Date of Birth: April 17th 

Disposition: Snarky, a bit cold.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Mental State: Stable

Preferred Musical Genre: Likes all music

Preferred Type of Writing: non-fiction

Preferred Sleeping Position: On his back

Criminal Record: N/A

Known Languages: English

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Current Ship: 6th Fleet: Ulysses S. Grant 

Prior Ships: MDF-FG-137 Genghis Khan (MDF Navy), AFC-BC-101 Elmer Bigelow, AFC BC-117 Audie Murphy

Relationship Status: Single

Motto: Skill to do comes of doing; knowledge comes by eyes always open, and working hands; and there is no knowledge that is not power. -Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Religious Views: Baptist

Physical Traits:

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 180lbs Build: Mesomorph

Blood Type: O+

Eye Colour: Hazel

Hair Colour: Blonde

Known Injuries: N/A 

Past Injuries: N/A 


Mother [ ] - Alive

Father [ ] - Alive

Service Record:


Federation Armed Services Archive;S-A#13506#3B

<<: Username: S-A#17340 Password: ******** :>>

<<: Forwarding Login, Standby.. :>>

<<: Authenticating Access, Standby...:>>

<<: Success! :>>

<<: Loading Database, Please Standby.... :>>

<<: Opening File: S-A-488#4B ...... :>>

<: Viewing File S-A-488#4B :>>

General Information

First Name: Aramis
Middle Name: Aldus
Last Name: Hux
Age (YO):25
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: North America
Place of Birth: Shreveport, Louisiana 
Rank: Captain
Status: Alive

Physical Information

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Blonde
Ethnicity: North America
Build Type: Mesomorph
Medical History: N/A

Mental Information

IQ: Unknown
Preferred Learning Method: Visual
Academic Interests: History, politics
Artistic Interests: Creative writing, music
Athletic Interests: Golf
Key Personality Traits: Can be a bit snarky. Humbled by Omega 
Notes: N/A

Pre-enlistment Background

High School Education: Shreveport High
High School GPA: 4.0
College Education (if applicable): Fleet Academy: Tereshkova Base, Luna
College Majors (if applicable):Airland Warfare
Criminal Record:N/A

Armed Services Career

Current Ship: Ulysses S. Grant
Branches Served In: Fleet, PDF (Mobile Infantry), Matanza Defense Navy

Previous Ships: MDF-FG-137 Genghis Khan (Matanza Defense Frigate), AFC BC-101 Elmer Bigelow, AFC BC-117 Audie Murphy


Criminal Record:N/A

Age of Enlistment:25

Total Deployments:3

Combat Deployments:3

Wounds Received in Action: N/A

Awards Received(In This Unit):

Promotion Record: Cdt.->Crewman->2Po.->1Po.->CPo.->SCPo.->MCPo.->OCdt.->Ens.->JLt.->Lt.->LtCdr.->Cdr.-> Captain




<<: Saving File As : >>

Saving File...

Saving File...

Saving File...

<<: File Saved : >>

<<: Encrypting File : >>








Personal Relations:
Silas Vernon- This man seemed to be well loved by the infantry and crew. He must have been a hell of a man. I have big shoes to fill.
Jon Paul Bohannon- Rough around the edges, but reliable. I appreciate his service and wish him the best wherever he goes. I'll surely miss his light-hearted company.
Syphilis- A nasty disease.
Travis Young- This man seems to have been all over the place. He went from Engineer Tech Sergeant, to OSW then back to infantry sergeant. Reliable as they come though. Glad he's no longer among the spooks.
Jennifer Lewis- A long time member of the crew. They have a lot of experience, but they can be a real knucklehead. Seems it was all too much for them. Safe travels, Chief.
Elrad Davidson- My infantry Contemporary. He seems to be a right honorable man who wants nothing more than to do his job. He's made every effort to cooperate with Fleet, which I appreciate and shows great respect to myself, the ship and her crew. I was afraid he might turn out bitter and cold like Larsen, but he managed to keep his spirits.
Jack O'Neill- I served with him back when I was only in the enlisted. He was a good man. Put aside his easy life and loving family to serve the Federation as down and dirty grunt when he could have retired as a Fleet officer. They don't make many men like him anymore. Killed. Murdered. Not on the field of battle against his foes, but by military intelligence on his own ship. They didn't even tell me they were going to do it. Rest easy old friend.
Anni Jarvinen- A Marine that used to serve on the Grant. She was good at her job, but rubbed Larsen the wrong way. Not many marines have survived that.
Echo- She was a good bird...God, I miss her. At least I laid her to rest in a place almost as beautiful as herself.
Ensign Patterson- An Ensign serving under my command. He was pretty dependable, although I haven't seen him in a while. I hope he is safe.
Request to be added.
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