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Deadmonkey61 Ban Appeal

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Steam Name: Deadmonkey61


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:82292545

Reason Why I want to be unbanned: Now I understand that what I did was wrong extremely and I want to make it public for what I did I understand and I take full responsibility for what I did, I know lying is bad and all it does is just give me more trouble I'm sorry for the admins time I wasted I can understand if you wish for me to never show my face back in this community, but if I was given a second chance I'd like to apologize to every single admin given the opportunity, I know that I'd continue to lie because I was embarrassed by the fact of me lying about  my con roll so I proceeded to lie and accuse it on something else hoping it would just all go away, yes I lied on my last appeal and I'm sorry if I can do anything else to prove myself to you I'd like to  give anytime possible you may need.

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I appreciate Deadmonkey taking responsibility for his actions but given the sequence and the nature of events that unfolded I am not inclined to invite him to return. The problem with being caught out in a lie is that one's word can never be taken at face value again in the future. Thank him for his candour and on my behalf please wish him the best of luck in the future.

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