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Mark VI Biotech Limb [PROPOSAL]

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Mark VI Biotech Limb - ARsr. Theodora Crain




Biotechs in this day and age are something of high value and high demand. Each one costing a rather large sum of money, and yet, have a low ceiling for damage resistance and repair.

To combat this, I have come up with the following proposal.


At our current standing, we have very little money to work with, the break from the Federation pulling funding from our lab for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, a Mark I biotech costs very little, as we have found stores of them for free on scavenging deployments. I have taken the prosthesis, and stripped it to its very core components. Joints and structure ‘bones’. I have made no changes to the plating or the circuitry centered in attaching the limb to the nervous system of it’s wearer.. What I have done is used the synthesized silk of Kredian Tunnel Kais to build ligaments and tendons that will follow the humanoid musculoskeletal system, and covered the prosthesis with the existing magnesium alloy shell.


The new prosthesis will be durable, the testing has shown promising results. The inner workings of the new prosthesis are easily replaceable and no longer take a combat engineer to adjust or fix. A medic will be able to simply remove the outer shell, replace the damaged inner workings and replace the outer shell. The synthetic silk tendons are flexible and allow the user of the prosthesis near normal movement of the limb. This will allow for a much shorter downtime and less need for physical therapy after receiving the biotech prosthesis. This also eliminates the whirring or mechanical sounds some biotech prosthesis emit when the user moves.


The silk of the Tunnel Kai is easily synthesized and readily available, as it only takes the bacteria E. coli (based off of real science!), modified with certain genes of the Tunnel Kai to produce the synthetic silk. This approach also allows production of the synthetic silk to happen without having to endanger oneself by attempting to milk the Tunnel Kai.


This makes for a cheap, lightweight, and durable prosthetic limb.












In order to complete the process, I will reach out to current standing Infantry and Fleet with biotech prosthesis, I have obtained a list from the Medbay. I will survey the users of current biotech prosthesis and recruit them based on their willingness to participate in the program.


After having the Troopers complete a waiver, I will collect the limb and offer a replacement Mark I, whilst I remove the inner workings and replace them with the synthetic musculoskeletal system I have designed. I will return the prosthesis to the user and follow up with frequent testing, likely on a weekly basis to scale performance and durability when put to field testing.



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