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[IC] Changes

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Hello Infantry,


It's about time to reveal what we will be calling ourselves. We will be changing the callsign from BANDITS to ARCHERS.

I believe it's more fitting and we won't have the confusion from those people outside of our loop.

Just a bit of a review these are how callsigns should work.


ARCHER ACTUAL - Captain Asper

ARCHER 1-1 - Master Sergeant Holtz

ARCHER 1-2 - Staff Sergeants

ARCHER 1-3 - Sergeants

ARCHER 1-4 - Corporals


Squad Colour CODES (Corporals + should have the Flag to change colours, if you don't have the Flag - PM me on Discord or Ingame.)

/plysetcolor [NAME] R G B


Another thing I would like to address is how we use the Long Range.

We will be abandoning the term MOBCOMM, as it is a common phrase that is widely used in the Federation Mobile Infantry.

It will be changed to simply COMMAND.





Elaine Asper


Mobile Infantry Commander

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