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I am going on a LOA.


I think the server is in a bit of a state. My reasons are down below.




Engineering is a mess, Cipher forgetting my MEC training yesterday and Hecle asking me to come on and do a training when he hasn't done one yet (Even though he is Tech Sarge), were the straw that broke the camels back. Samikins getting the Senior Specialist rank after only conducting one training shows the favoritism that floats around engineering and I am done with it. (At least for now.)


NCO team is very broken, and I don't think it is improving. I gave leading a try and was only met with insults and "Could be better" Comments that don't help me in any way. In my opinion, the leading from everyone was poor, specifically Redbrick.


These are two of the many issues, as a result I am going to greener pastures.


See ya.

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I dont remember having to chase YOU about your own training when I waited till 11pm last night...


Thanks mate.

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i wasn't given SSpc just for conducting a single training. it was also in conjunction with my field performance on drops.


please don't even think that favoritism has anything to do with my rank. i've actually earned it. 

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