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Marauders and HP

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There should never be any instance where a Marauder's HP or Armor are set above 100.

Marauders are not tanks. They do not have unlimited or higher HP than the rest of the Mobile Infantry.

If you are an admin playing on a Marauder and you are changing your HP and I am notified of it, I will pull your Marauder.

Admins running missions: Marauder HP and Armor should be set to 100. No more, no less, unless certain circumstances in your event require the change, but I must be notified via Steam, forum or Facebook message.

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ALL MARAUDERS IN EVENTS - due to the removal of tpass - marauders should have their hp set to 1000 HP 500 AP at the beginning of the event and after deaths 


THE ONLY TIME IN WHICH THIS SHOULD CHANGE - is if the marauder's armour has been damaged icly, therefore, you can set the ap level lower or do not set it up in the first place. HP always stays the same.

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