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Marauder Bay

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As a note, please make sure you don't spend your whole time in the marauder bay. I am equally as guilty of this, and am taking steps to change it.

As a marauder you can go anywhere MI can go. You can go in the bunks, you can go to the bar, you can hang out in the canteen. Make friends, talk to people, RP with the MI. We're all one unit, don't forget that. I'm hoping we're all competent enough that I don't have to actually get rid of the marauder bay, a step I will take if it continues, until everyone learns how socializing works. Yes, you're trained to use an awesome suit, no you're not a special snowflake, you are still a trooper at the end of the day. You still take orders from the MI as well as Myself and anyone in the marauder bay who is a higher rank than you.

Thank you!

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