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PSA - Character making

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The best characters are made by people who understand that their characters are not an extension of themselves. In addition, making a unique or "different" character is absolutely not necessary by any means - being a "vanilla" ground troop is much better than making a psychic transgender retard. 


Also, as a suggestion for future reference, by indicating your character's thoughts and feelings towards other characters publically, it makes becoming close and asking for their opinions effectively useless.


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Subject to change.


Medical conditions:


Giving your character disabilities, etc including, but not limited to:


-suicide attempts in the past, or known suicidal thoughts

-PTSD (and using it as an excuse to do dumb shit)

-maniacal behavior

-other stuff

-missing eyes, limbs, prosthetics (may be subject to change as I work it out)


will earn you a psych eval IC at the best, instant medical discharge at the worst and a talk with an admin in any case. The Federation's goal is to emphasise choice - ensuring those that enlist are fully commited to serving the community, with no second thoughts, doubts, or anything of the like. The recruiters are actively talking people out of joining throughout the whole process of enlisting, recruits are also ran through every kind of testing: medical, psychological, biography screening and more - it then could be used against the person who wants to join in hopes of changing their mind. The Federation doesn't have the right to deny you joining, but if you don't qualify for the position you picked, it will send your character elsewhere, and you most certainly won't be sent to MI or Fleet if you don't qualify medically. Generally, if it can get you discharged IRL, it will likely be the same course of action ingame. Prosthetics aren't allowed either unless you have a good explanation as to how a private / recruit was granted a prosthetic normally reserved for sergeants and above - it won't harm to check in with an XA, too. 


Criminal past:


The Federation doesn't accept criminals into the ranks either. If your character was in prison for stuff like rape, murder, robbery (bank robbery and the like is implied), major theft, etc - such character'd be denied the right to enroll into the Federal Service by default. Very petty crimes like hooliganism, minor assaults and other would likely be turned a blind eye to, as these kinds of criminals are allowed to enroll into the colonisation program in exchange for their crimes being pardoned. Gang activity would likely be acceptable, too - provided the character didn't commit major crimes during their time in the gang.


Separatists and problematic troopers:


Because of how the enlistment process works (partly detailed above), the average MI soldier is highly motivated and patriotic - after all, the character's been fighting through the long, tedious medical tests, recruitment officers' speeches, the view of their missing limbs, tales of casualty rates, etc - and has refused to back down from their decision to enlist. On top of that, the character's been subject to weeks of boot camp designed to root out the weak, the rebels and those that can't work as a team, turning them into the best trained and equipped soldier in all of human space. All of that leaves little to no reason for any kind of rebellous thought or sympathising with the enemy - or acting dumb within the platoon.


For example, a trooper backtalks his sergeant, and threatens him with legal action based on 'rules' describing how NCOs should act. Before doing that, ask yourself a question - what'd happen to your character if they'd do it in boot? Nothing good. If the punishment'd not change you, you'd be lashed, etc - it'd increase until you'd yield and change your behavior or simply wash out. Now, that was only bootcamp; ingame, the 112th is almost constantly in a combat environment. Any stunts like that'd earn you a harsh punishment, or even a court-martial which can execute or dishonorably discharge you (read: PK). Additional note is, corporal punishment is a common practice even outside of the Federation military, so lashings or beat-ups of problematic troopers shouldn't be a thing that surprises your character.


Another example; a separatist has just wounded two players with his twin fifty. He surrendered to the MI when his position was taken, and was promptly executed; an argument occured whether it was humane or not. In this case, it's important to remember the insurgents aren't treated well by the civillian masses for one reason: they're essentially backstabbing the humanity which is fighting on two fronts for its own survival - whatever their cause or agenda may be. FEDNET, being the galaxy-spanning network, would most likely emphasise this fact, too - thus strenghtening the distrust of the masses. For the MI, however, it's much easier - the insurgents are the enemy. End of story. The fact that their squadmates were nearly killed also leaves little room for doubt in this particular case.


Employment in the government and politics:


Being employed in the government (including being part of public service such as the police, medical services, firefighter services, etc), aswell as having the ability to vote or be elected, and other privileges like being allowed to have more than two children in a family requires you to be a citizen. This means that your character cannot be involved with the government (being a cop or a doctor or a politic before enlisting in the MI) without having completed his service first (impossible in this case, as it equals a PK); and if your character comes from a fairly big family (read Bohannon), that means their parents are both citizens with everything that fact entails.


It's worth noting that you're not forced to abide by what I've described above - though I highly suggest those in the position of power keep it in mind (read cpls+). In the end,  your story is up to you - though always remember that there will be consequences for your character based on how you play them ingame - and what you put in your char's medical or criminal record in the char bios section. If you're in doubt or if you think parts of your biography will make little sense from the lore's standpoint, consult an XA.



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let me remind you that reference names / characters aren't, you know, allowed. do think twice before making a rct johny rico / mcpo john '117' doe / warhammer ripoff, stargate ripoff, zelda the warrior queen ripoff, firefly ripoff, the list goes on. 

the fact that the team let a good number of reference chars slip through doesn't mean it's going to be tolerated in the future. 



merged this with bospy's post.




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Since the majority of you use a character sheet that, for some reason, had stats for constitution, strength, intelligence, dexterity (and for some reason all were atleast above 15/20)

You may now enter the stats you've entered in the script also! The current max for stats is 30, meaning you can have 30/30 in intelligence and the rest zero.

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