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Still seeing errors?

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Hey guys! I'm a newbie here, and I'd really love to be able to play on the servers but, try as I might, i still keep seeing errors. Mostly on character models and certain props. 


I've downloaded the full starship troopers rp content pack, as well as both the SSTRP.net dedi pack and SSTwoRP [Dedi] pack. 


Any tips/tricks? Thank you! 

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I'd still suggest heading to your Garry's Mod Addon Folder and deleting your addon files by hand. It'll force the game to redownload them. Which MAY fix some issues. Also check to see if FastDL is enabled under your options.

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Just delete the entire addon folder, then re download the necessary addons for the server; and also re-install Garry's mod if needed.

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