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The federal colony of Priyanka today revealed that as of a security census, approximately 3% of their 2.7 million colony has mysteriously disappeared. After assistance from local police and the Mobile Infantry's 88th ID, frontier colonies were discovered to be completely and utterly empty. Approximately eighty-thousand people have disappeared in total, perhaps one of the worst disappearances in Federal history.


The Sky Marshal today took to the podium to speak of the situation,


"The enemy Skinnie, slave to the arachnid system, now boldly come out of the Arachnid Quarantine Zone to attack our colonies. We cannot permit these transgressions any longer. Already, I have ordered many of my men to commence security actions against frontier Skinnie forces and Fleets - let it not be said that our response will be weak, we will find those whom we've lost and we will destroy these foul grey beasts. Humans are not playthings to be tested! We are not labrats! We will not sit idly by as our own people are stolen like that of cattle from a looted settlement. This is one of the greatest tests to our independence and superiority since the Arachnid War, and we will respond in kind."

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