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3Spc. Wendy A. Goodwin

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Password: **********


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//: Attempting secure connection ::\\


<:// Success \\:>


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[ W e n d y  A .  G o o d w i n ]




[ Character Theme ]





[Goodwin posing beside material-to-be-shipped for a new FedBook profile picture]


General Information:


Full name -

First: Wendy

Middle: Alyss

Last: Goodwin


Aliases: Goodie, Mom, Mum


Age: 27


DOB: April 24th


Sex: Female


Nationality: British


Ethnicity: Caucasian


Place Of Birth: London, England

Lived: Worcester, England

(Other places lived, if applicable)


Status: Alive


Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Relationship status: Not interested


Political Affiliation: Conservative

(If applicable)


Religious Affiliation: Protestant


Biography: [Prefers not to show biography]


D e p a r t m e n t   O f   T h e   M o b i l e   I n f a n t r y



Physical Information:


Height: 5'7"


Weight: 152lbs


Eye Color: Greyish-blue


Hair Color: Black


Skin Tone: White


Ethnicity: Caucasian


Build Type: Average


Medical History: [Undisclosed]




Mental Information:


Preferred Learning Method: Visual


Academic Interests: Politics, history, mathematics


Artistic Interests: Painting, music


Athletic Interests: Cricket


Musical Interests: Classical, symphony, opera, 21st century pop





Pre-Enlistment Background:


Highschool Attended: Kingsbury Highschool


Highschool Graduated From: Doherty Memorial Highschool


Highschool GPA: 3.6


College Education: Yes

(If applicable)


College Majors/Minors: [Undisclosed]

(If applicable)


College Attended: Imperial College London

(If applicable)


Criminal Record: N/A

(If yes, what?)





Father: Nigel Goodwin (unknown status following the fall of Terra)


Mother: Elizabeth Goodwin (unknown status following the fall of Terra)


Brother(s): None


Sister(s): Victoria Wright (unknown status following the fall of Terra)


Grandmother(s): Theresa Goodwin (unknown status following the fall of Terra)


Grandfather(s): Harold Goodwin (unknown status following the fall of Terra)


Spouse/Significant Other(s): N/A


Children(s): N/A


Other Relatives: N/A



Armed Forces Career:


Current Branch: Mobile Infantry (Medical Corps)


Former Branches: N/A

(If applicable)


Previous Unit(s): N/A

(If applicable)


Current Unit: 112th


Promotions: 3Spc. >


Demotions: N/A


Armed Forces Criminal Record: N/A

(If applicable)


Age Of Enlistment: 26


Combat Patrols: 1


Combat Deployments: 3


Total Deployments: 4


Wounds Received In Action: N/A

(If applicable)


Awards/Ribbons: N/A




Pink: Loved

Purple: Attracted to

Cyan: Family-like friend

Light-blue: Close friend

Blue: Friend

Light-green: Acquaintance

Green: Neutral

Orange: Dislike

Red: Hated



Dutch Bower: One of the first people I met when I came aboard. Quite a funny man. Really knows how to lighten a mood. I was told he died onboard the Audie. I’m so very glad to see that he’s alive. He’s been through a lot here, but, it’s nice to have someone who’s like a sibling to you. He’s here for me no matter what, and I know we can always count on eachother. My very best friend! 


Erae Bellic: The VERY first person I met here. I think they’re gone now? Sad business.


Arryn Falco: I used to be friends with this one, but they grew crabby and distant. I don’t think they’re serving anymore. I hope they’re alright.


Dag Raske: I think I met them once? During a deployment. They seem kind enough. Though they said something about me over-analyzing, or something.. I can't quite remember.


Jack O'Neill: A nice fellow! He seems kind hearted for the most part, but is also able to do a job effectively and well. He just turned fifty-four recently, if I recall. I try to talk to them when I see them, but I think I can consider them a friend at this point? Well, I hope. -UPDATE- I'm sorry to hear you're gone. I wish I had gotten to know you better.


Sebastian Bently: I've been speaking to them more! I've had a decent amount of one-on-one time, with them, and they're certainly fun for conversation. Very polite, too. And kind enough to put up with my quips and listen to me blabber. I'm glad I have a friend like Sergeant Bently. Though, I feel I should do something kind for them. Let them know I appreciate their kindness, you know? Who knows. Maybe I might bake him some cookies. Dear me, I hope they don't find my babbling annoying, though..


James Chevosky: Sergeant Chevosky is someone I can certainly call a friend! I've maybe not known them the longest time, but he's very polite, and fun to talk to. We also hold a few of the same interests, which is very good for conversations! It just kind of seems like a click. But regardless, I'm thankful that I can call them a friend.. Hmm, I wonder if they call me a friend, too? Who knows. All I know for sure is that video he was in with the beaver keeps making me laugh.. Oh dear...


Daniel Dumont: I heard you died. I'm still mad at what you did, but I miss you dearly. Rest in peace, Danny.


Troy Hughes: One of my first friends I made when I reenlisted. Such a kind and genuine soul, but he needs to learn to control his language more. I'm not a very big fan of the swears. But I'm glad he's my friend. He feels somewhat like a brother to me. Not in a sibling sense, but in a confide sense. I feel I can talk to them about most anything.


Genevieve Vermillion: Our technical sergeant. Kind when she wants to be, but also very serious, and a little humorous. She doesn't mean to be humorous, I'm sure. She's a good person for the medical team, and I'm thankful for the lessons she gives us after drops, because I always get to learn something new.


Corporal Handly: I forget his first name, but he seems kind enough! I haven't really had any one on one interaction with them during down time. But one drop in a city, I kept pointing out every little detail I thought was important. I didn't mean to pester him. I was just trying to be a good soldier by pointing out things I thought were important to the mission. I hope they don't think I'm annoying.






Please, request to be added!!










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15 hours ago, OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz said:

Say nice things about Sebastian Bently so I don’t cry 

ily on the lowkey my guy, so alright I guess

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