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[OOC] Drink limit

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Purely to clear up some confusion.
As everyone should know. The IC drinking limit is 2 drinks PER 24 hours. (Or after each drop - Due to time scale) Not 2 every visit, not 2 every 30 minutes. Not 2 every time you feel like it. 


"But the bartender said I could have more!"
No, the bartender will not give you more, even if you pay him. He doesn't want to face criminal charges. He doesn't want to die, just because you want more drinks. He would keep track of who he deals with.


Anything past that will be considered IC as: (As per the UCMJ)
Article 121 - Larceny and Wrongful appropriation


In addition to the possibility of facing charges for the following: (Situational)
Article 111 - Drunken or reckless operation of vehicle, aircraft or vessel
Article 112 - Drunk on duty
Article 134 - Disorderly conduct, and drunkenness (Part 2)


Who may raise or lower the drinking limit?
In short. Mobile Infantry Officers.


Alcohol in the field.
Possessing or consumption of alcohol in the field, will see you face serious charges, that could see you receive a character kill. Drunkenness in the field will most likely cause you to be shot by an NCO.


(Jish) To add to this, because even through my absence I can still almost guarantee it still happens, that's 2 STANDARD drinks. Meaning at most 2 beers, 2 shots of liquor, 2 glasses of wine, etc. Not 2 whole fuckin bottles of whiskey, you boohoo IC-alcoholism prone little whiny crybabies.

(Jim) To add to this point, when the drink limits are raised for whatever reason, that doesn't condone your character getting blind drunk. You're expected to regulate your intake to prevent intoxication. You can still be charged with all the previously mentioned articles if you allow yourself to get that sloshed.

(Addition) Possession of alcohol outside of the bar area is a criminal offence and will be taken as such.


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