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Dutch Bower

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VIEWING FILE [data.005-F909-K45]


United Citizen Federation


Office of the Federal Armed Services

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Department of the Mobile Infantry



*PFC. Dutch Bower During His First Enlistment Within The 112th*


[Voice Samples]






General Information


First Name: Joseph


Middle Name: Dutch


Last Name: Bower


Aliases: N/A


Age (yo): 29


Sex: Male


Ethnicity: Caucasian


Nationality: American, North American Republic (Federation)


Place of Birth: Salt Lake City, Utah, North America, Terra


Status: ALIVE


Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Marital Status: Single


Political Affiliation: Conservative


Religious Affiliation: Unknown


Motto: "Time is precious. Why waste it?"




Physical Information


Height: 6 foot 0 Inches


Weight: 182 lbs


Eye Color: Light Hazel-Green


Hair Color: Dark Brown/Dirty Blonde


Blood Type: O-


Skin Tone: White


Ethnicity: Caucasian


Build Type: Mesomorphic (Above Average)


General Physical Description:


He is a very active person as expected with his job within the Mobile Infantry,   Having an active past and lifestyle has allowed him to become used to movement and physical fitness.   He has a slightly above average build. He has clear eyes as well as a healthy structural figure.




Mental Information


IQ: 132


Preferred Learning Method: Physical


Academic Interests: History


Artistic Interests: Music


Athletic Interests: American Football, Baseball, Hockey Key


Personality Traits: Calm, Collected, Thoughtful, Optimistic




While growing up he learned many things about how to act and carry himself, having spent a long tome being awkward when communicating with others- he learned the futility of it.   He is a generally calm type. He tends to be mindful of other peoples feelings and or thoughts, in some cases before his own. He has a very optimistic view on on many topics and subjects as well as feelings in general.




Pre-enlistment Background




*Joseph Bower During His Time At Amsterdam University* 


High School Education: North Point High School/West Anchorage High School

High School GPA: 3.6

College Education: Amsterdam University College (2 Years)

Extracurricular: Cadet Corps, Cadet Corps Drill Team, Baseball Team (NP), Football Team (WA), Hockey Team (Private)

Criminal Record: N/A

Summary of Pre-enlistment Life:


Bower was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in North America on Terra. He spent much of his early life on the move around the Americas and the world in some cases, never fully settling in one area until he attended North Point High School in Maryland, North America. This Would be one of the first times he would be able to make lasting friends and relationships with other people, until he would be forced to move again a few years later to Anchorage, Alaska, North America. This would teach him that he should never waste time. During his time in school he would focus heavily on the Cadet Corps at his schools, as well as some extracurricular sports such as American Football, Baseball, and Hockey. His father would teach him the importance of music to him- but he would never have much time spend on it. He never saw much interest in most academics except history, he enjoyed thinking about history, on his 9th grade history pre-test at the start of the school he would score a 100%. After his time at high school he would spend his newly gained time on continuing his study of history, taking much interest in the history of warfare. He would attend Amsterdam University College in Amsterdam for history spending two years there, he would leave with his bachelors degree. He would think back on his time in the cadet corps and think why study history when you can participate in the shaping of it, he would enlist soon after.    


*Dutch Bower Posing Over A Dead Arachnid, Currently Used As His Fedbook Profile Pic*



Armed Services Career

Branches Served In: Mobile Infantry


Current Unit: 112th Mobile Infantry

112th Engineering Detachment

Previous Units: N/A

Current Assignment: UCF-291 Grant Class Battleship 'Ulysses S. Grant'

112th Mobile Infantry, Alpha Company, 1st Platoon

Current Rank: Lance Corporal/Specialist 


Promotions: Pvt. > Pfc. > LCpl. > Pfc. > LCpl.


Specialist Promotions: 3rd Spec. > 2nd Spec. > Spec.

Demotions: LCpl- Pfc.- Upon reactivation of his enlistment within the 112th after the invasion of Terra, Dutch Bower was placed on administrative watch in order to see if he was ready to retain his rank. - Rank Retained.

Armed Forces Criminal Record: N/A

Age of Enlistment: 23, 25

Total Deployments: Unknown


Morita Mark I Assault Rifle
TW-201 Morita Mark I - Grenade Launcher


Morita Mark I Carbine(Standard Infantry/Engineer)
Morita Mark II SAW (Standard Infantry)

M55 'Longbow' Rocket Launcher


Engineer Certifications:









Awards Received:

Federal Defense Medal


General Specialization Ribbon


Purple Heart x4


Good Conduct Ribbon


Citizenship Ribbon


Engineering Ribbon


Campaign Ribbon 'Omega'


Joint Service Ribbon 

Reserve Ribbon

Personal Relationships:


Pink: Loved

Sarah Redbrick- "A distraction?.. After all we have been through... how can you expect me to only call you a friend? You are way more.... I don’t understand... what I felt... what I feel was real, it is real.. I wanted to say more.. couldn’t we at least have discussed it? I thought I earned as much.”


Purple: Admired/Attracted to


Cyan: Family-like friend


Light-blue: Close friend

Josev Lynch- "Me and him... Members of the old guard. He has been through a lot.. more than any man should. But haven't we all? We are used to the routine by now.. We hate it, but its the order of things. What can I say? Can't teach old dogs new tricks.


Annabelle Thacker- "She has been here a long time, same as me.. Sure she has made some mistakes in the past but I feel as though she doesn't get the appreciation she deserves. Maybe I could say more at a better time... My minds all jumbled."


Blue: Friend

Wendy Goodwin-"Goodie, kind... A little mom like. But I still manage to make a few of my horrible jokes that 'Annoy' her, I know she loves them. Refers to me as her favorite patient (Sorry Bellic) and I hope it stays that way.... Hmmh, Haven't seen her in a while, hope she is alright."


"Crispy" Duck- "He and I were on a classified drop together, he got separated. I did not like leaving him there alone with them... I'm glad he survived his alone time with the spooks."


Michelle Cooper- "The not-so"Lance Corp" Coop anymore. Well, You beat me. Can't say I had any doubt in the matter. She has picked me up a few times, I value our friendship. Soon we will have to have another competition.. Friendly of course."


Lucy Jade-"LUCY JUSTICE JADE- ahem. Yeah, She I saw a few fights that she won, she is a nice one. I may have to fight her one day myself- Though I wont hold back like all the other men did to try to get in her pants." 


Light-green: Acquaintance

Travis Young- "A good Engineer and an even better NCO if you ask me, I've seen him work, and I can respect him."


Green: Neutral

Aph Dominica-"A Sergeant... I think? She put a sticky note on my bunk locker.."


Orange: Dislike


Red: Hated


(Request To Be Added)

End of Transmission of Data
Checking for Alteration...
Checking for corruption...
Checking for corruption...
Logging Out...





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You Know It.


I'm  having trouble posting images, i enter them in and they appear but when i click edit and look they have disappeared 

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