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Daisy 'Hel' Bailey - KIA 14/07/2298

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General Information
Name: Daisy Rose Bailey
Aliases/Nicknames: Hel
Sex: F
Age: 23
Date of Birth: 07, August 2274
Weight: 105
Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Nationality: Terran
Marital Status: Single
Personality:  Quiet, reserved for those that don't know her.
Quirks: None, that she knows of.
Father: Shaun Bailey - 57 [Deceased]
Mother: Ashling Bailey -56 [Deceased]
Brother: Sage Bailey - 27 [Deceased]
Professional Information
Faction: Mobile Infantry
Platoon: 112th
Rank: Captain - Commanding Officer of Marauder Detachment
Role: Marauder Detachment Lead
Attire : Standard BDU's outside of her Aegis Mark II, her Aegis suit has three daisy stickers on the front and back left shoulder.
Prior Occupation: None
Known Languages: English
On Duty:
The flesh of her upper chest, is rippled and pink. Covered in swaths of burn scars. 
Medals and Awards:
None to note
Education & Training
- Spent 5 years in Weapons Specialization program with the 28th Weaponized Regiment (Artillery/Mechanized) - 212st Battalion
Face Claim


Daisy, on leave on Nabii:
Daisy off duty: 





Theme and Voice Claim



Voice Claim: 





Loved/Crush/ Trusted / Respected / Amiable / Acquainted / Neutral / Unsure / Disliked / Hate
--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--

Nikolai Dimov I miss him when I shouldn't. It's a shame things didn't work out. 
Jason T Bailey Of all the fuckin' ships in all the fuckin' galaxy, I get put on the one where my cousin is a fuckin' NCO. I'm still a little peeved about that time he put his bubble gum in my hair when we were kids... but hey, we're adults now, things have changed. No... they haven't....
Elrad Davidson I'm absolutely positive he's the first Captain I've worked under that takes me seriously. He's definitely the one that I've had the most interactions with. He takes his job seriously and I appreciate that to no end.
Brian Larsen I respect him. The fear is gone, I'm not sure if it's stupid on my part or not yet. I'll let you know. 
 Sebastian Bently This one has grown on me quite a bit. I consider him a trusted friend. He doesn't fuck around or run his mouth when I tell him things.  It's nice having someone I can talk to. 
Tom Solomons He's a good Master Sergeant. Competent. I do enjoy him, he can be relied upon and isn't terribly boring. He does bring a smile to my face. 
Franco Sorrentino He was better as a Pathfinder. A bit more serious. I kind of like the man he's grown in to. He was difficult to work with before, now, not so much. He is much like a decent bourbon, gets way better with age. I suppose I could call him a friend of sorts. He's also not terrible to look at. 
Anderson Kayne This one, Staff Sergeant currently, he's a bit... overwhelmed I think. I can understand, he was pushed up in the ranks pretty quickly. Hopefully he sorts his shit out before anyone loses a life. 
James Chevosky He's apologized for his cunt-like behavior. I appreciate that. Working your way up to an apology can be a hard pill to swallow. At least he took it like a champ. I can respect his humility. He seemed genuine.  
Morgan 'Cheeseburger' Keller This bitch pulled a cheeseburger out of her bra. She claims it wouldn't fit into her pocket... but seriously. Cheeseburger. This kid makes me chuckle a bit. 
Aphelion Dominica Ehh... this one is a fucking case. She is so literal. So very literal. I'm almost scared to talk to her because she may take something the wrong way... And to be frankly honest... she's creepy as fuck, popping out of nowhere asking me if I need assistance with items for sex... no... no Dominica... I can handle my sex life on my own... just fine...
Sean Richardson I don't even know where to begin with this one. He's absolutely fuckin' retarded and frankly, I'm not quite sure how he manages to get dressed in the morning without shitting himself. 

--[[Federation Engineering Division]]--

Travis Young I'm not sure where we stand anymore. I still trust him with my life. But he's withdrawn now. 
John YorI've come to find that York is something adjacent to a friend as of late. He's not a total fucking idiot, and he's a really good Technical Sergeant. I enjoy having him around the Marauder bay. I should thank Aoife for that.
Daniel Gonzalez He's a pretty good Engie, fixes my suits and doesn't backtalk. That's a good thing in my book.
William St. Claire I rather like this one. He's quite funny. I feel bad Freeson threw him at Salem. He seems to be taking it in stride.
Troy Hughes He's one of Young's good ones. Polite and not terribly stupid.
Ottilie Kittel I'm not entirely sure where I went wrong with this one. She was a good Marauder, decided she wanted to play games in tanks. I hope she finds whatever it is she's looking for. 
Jackie Knoxx Quite literally a waste of space. She's mouthy, unreliable, a terror to be around, and her temper is absolutely dog shit.

--[[Federation Hospital Corps]]--

--[[Federation Marauders]]--
Danny Martin He's been a good friend to me. I trust him, I respect him quite a bit. 
Kristina Sigrun  It's nice to have my battle-sister at my side through everything. I don't know what I'd do without her. I'm a little sad she didn't take me up on the offer of a leadership position. I do think she'd do well at it and she's selling herself short, but alas. I'm happy having her on the ship too. 

Foldi Egyed To be honest, I was a little freaked out about a psychic joining the Marauders... but he's been amazing. The man is nice, loves his job and has the support of the entire Mobile Infantry. I don't think anyone on the ship dislikes him. He's helped me more than he knows. I wish I could give him what he's given me.
Joshua Edwards I'm incredibly happy he's in my detachment. I can count on him. Finally got around to promoting him. The Technical Sergeant patches look good on him. He's also completely capable of holding his own in a conversation, which is a dream. 
Josh Caine One of my two Master Specialists. He's good at what he does. Still a little lippy when things don't go his way, but maybe that girl he's seeing can beat that outta him.
Darius Frost He's a good, solid Marauder. I never have to tell him anything twice, he follows orders and does a damn fine job.
Aoife Hviteulven That name. A fuckin' mouthful. She's known as Loki now. It's a damned good thing for call signs. She makes me proud, doesn't fuck up and I get nothing but compliments on her. She's screwing around with that Engineer, York. I suppose it's a good thing. Someone needs to work on Marauder-Engineer relations. 
Shirou Xiang He's newer to my detachment, though he doesn't talk a lot, he seems to be fitting right in. We started a conversation about a bloom festival on his home planet, we do need to finish that soon.
Luca Cocchiola I'm happy to have brought him on to the team. He's good at being a Marauder and doesn't fuck about.
Charles McCulloch Another one I'm happy to have. I snagged he and Cocchiola from Sanctuary at the perfect moment. The two of them seem to be inseparable. I'm partially wondering if they're gay.
Claud Cozwin He's doing quite well. Not a terrible addition to my squad. 
Johnathan Skye He's a pretty solid kid. Beat the shit out of Sigrun in a spar. I'm still not entirely sure how he did that, but more props to him. 
Aiden O'Farrell Well. He's back. Hopefully for good this time. He was always a bit of a shit. I understand why. It's a hard pill to swallow when you're passed up for promotion. Hopefully his time away has taught him patience and respect. 
--[[Federation Fleet]]--
Captain Hux I am almost positive he's the only member of Fleet I don't want to punch in the face. He's been a dear friend since the Audie has blown up. I really need to spend more time with him. 

--[[Federation Intelligence]]--

Marines - All of them - They've been disbanded. Good. They were useless anyway. 


Intel - Another group that loves throwing their weight around to feel important. Still not entirely sure why my sex life is their business. 


Jase Vullen Oh, this dear, dear soul. I really wish I knew why he called me Angel... or why he was so calm when I'm around. I worry about him. I don't know how much he knows I appreciate our friendship.
Elliot Salem I honestly didn't see this coming. I've no idea if I should be swept up in it all or cautious as fuck.
Annabelle Thacker This one isn't dead yet? I'm quite sure she died. Didn't she? Oh.... well she should. 

--[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--

Jericho K'Ortan He was my everything... and now he's gone... My heart and soul are broken... I will miss him forever.
Trey Winters He was a good Sergeant... always brought my Marauders home safe and wasn't terrible to talk to. I kind of miss him.  

Wauri Matene He's dead now. I kind of miss him wielding a spear and yelling.
† August Clanton He died. It makes me a touch sad. 
† Ashley Rose Not too sad about this, to be frankly honest. 
† Carolyn Grent She died. I'm rather sad about this one. 
† Miguel Lorenzo He died. He wasn't Lance like I thought. Thank the Gods. 


Last Will and Testament:

Hello there, 


If you're reading this, the Gods have somehow managed to take me home. 


I do not have many material possessions. 


To Elliot Salem - I am willing you my apartment on Nabii. It's near the beach, you'll like it, if you finally decide to retire. 


To Travis Young - I am willing you my investment accounts, use the money wisely, put your kids through college. I know you'll have a ton. 


To Kristina Sigrun - I am willing you Jericho's flask. Keep it safe. You were always like a sister to me. 


To Joshua Edwards - I am willing you the skull that sits on my nightstand. When you look at it, think of me. I cared for you a lot more than I let on and you make me proud. Continue to serve the next detachment lead as well as you have me. 


To Sebastian Bently - I am willing you the three bottles of bourbon I have in my desk. I valued your friendship much more than I ever let on. You were the closest friend I've had in a very long while. 



Please do not mourn my death, but celebrate my life. I lived and breathed for the Federation, and you should too. Continue on your paths and never forget me. Think of me fondly. 



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On ‎7‎/‎22‎/‎2017 at 9:34 PM, HazyDay said:

Nikolai Dimov He's one of the many Warrant Officers on the ship. Not terrible to look at, and holds his own in a fight. We'll just say he's peaked my interest.

im about to risk it all fellas

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16 hours ago, MrGoodMeme said:

Dimov. I highly approve of your actions, and am formally nominating you for the king Enterprise Resource Planner.

as an official ERP Specialist for the SSTRP community I accept your nomination and will do the utmost to plan resources for enterprises all over this community

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1 hour ago, Dimov said:

as an official ERP Specialist for the SSTRP community I accept your nomination and will do the utmost to plan resources for enterprises all over this community

Y'all are too much.

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jfc she got some huge fucking tits

look at them things

its like basketballs

fuck man

call medical girl

you gunna need a backbrace

old pic was better tbh

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Damn, when did the federation start paying for cosmetic surgeries? xD


I kid, maybe update Caine, he's on there twice. 

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On 9/26/2017 at 10:51 PM, MrGoodMeme said:

Marital Status: Single

Gonna stay that way. Haha

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