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ur guy Franco Sorrentino

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[: Opening Security Bridge - Bridge Successful - Retrieving \\FANKI23DIV1058521 - File Retrieved :]

Lieutenant Franco Sorrentino (Right) beside Sergeant Garret Swift (Left) during service aboard the Audie Murphy

Pictured from left to right
Lieutenant Franco Sorrentino, Staff Sergeant Eleanor Tuuli, Sergeant Garret Swift, and Commander Wolff




Shiny Squad (And Staff Sergeant Walcroft)

Listed from Right to Left

Staff Sergeant A. Walcroft, Sergeant F. Sorrentino, Lance Corporal A. Clark, (WIP

[: Theme songs :]













[: General Information :]
Name: Franco Eugene Sorrentino Junior
Alias: N/A
Biological Gender: Male
Physical Age: 25
Place of Birth: Pallas, New Kanaro
Date of Birth: 11/10/2273

Height: 6' 5
Weight: 201 Pounds
Build: Mesomorphic
Blood Type: O+
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Greyish-Brown

Alignment: It was the ayylamaos
Political views: Federal Nationalist
Mental State: Orange
Preferred Musical Genre: Metal or Rap / Hip-Hip mix.
Preferred Type of Writing: Suspense
Criminal Record: 7 Counts of Public Nudity, 2 Counts of Public Intoxication.
Known Languages: Federal standard (English), Italian.
Relationship Status: :^)
Religious Views: Christian.

[: Medical History :]

  • Gunshot to the back; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Gunshot to the left thigh; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Second Degree Burns upon right shoulder; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Talon Slice down the rear of left calf; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Deep Facial Laceration; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Two Broken Ribs; Treated, Full Implementation Recovery.  
  • Broken Jawbone; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Broken Left Thumb; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Broken Right Thumb; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Gunshot to the lower-abdomen; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Shrapnel to the shoulder, Left; Treated, Recovering.
  • Gunshot wound to the neck; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Punctured Lung; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Testicular Rupture; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Left Hand Shot Off; Replaced, Full Recovery.
  • The list goes on.
  • and ooon
  • and oooooon
  • and oooooooooooon
  • and oooooooooooooooooooooon
  • and ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon
  • and oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh~.


[: Family :]

  • Penny Sorrentino| Mother - Citizen [ACTIVE]
  • Franco Sorrentino | Father - Citizen [DECEASED]
  • Chloe Sutton | Ex-Wife - Fleet Pilot [DECEASED]
  • Cody Sorrentino | Brother -22nd SOG / Pathfinders [ACTIVE]
  • Anthony Sorrentino | Brother - Mobile Infantry Assault Specialist, 13th Mechanized Division. [DECEASED]
  • Jane Sorrentino | Daughter - Civilian [ACTIVE]
  • Jamie Sorrentino | Daughter - Civilian [ACTIVE]



[: Education & Training :]

  • First Aid Training | Status: Passed
  • Combat Infantryman's Course | Status: Passed
  • CLS Course | Status: Passed




[: Military Career :]
Current Unit: 
Branches Served In: Mobile Infantry.
Previous Units: 93rd Morita Rifle Battalion "Hale's Heroes" / Delta Company, First Platoon
91st Morita Rifle Battalion "Rose's Reapers" / Charlie Company, Second Platoon

75th Morita Rifle Battalion "Tommy's Tribals" / Alpha Company, Second Platoon

Office Of Special Warfare, 42nd SOG; Old Blue
Demotions: N/A
Age of Enlistment: 17

Promotion Record:

  • Recruit > Private > Private First Class > Specialist > Senior Specialist >Master Specialist >Corporal >Sergeant> Staff Sergeant >Master Sergeant >Second Lieutenant >Lieutenant> Captain> Warrant Officer> Sergeant> Sergeant> Staff Sergeant> Master Sergeant >Second Lieutenant





IO: Name and rank.


FS: Franco Sorrentino, Lieutenant.


IO: Do you know why I called you here?


FS: No.


IO: To discuss your history. Specifically, my task is to figure out about those from your past and present.


FS: I don't see the point.


IO: The point? It's for the records, Lieutenant.


FS: What records?


IO: Our records.


FS: You're not convincing me.


IO: That's fine. You're going to answer my questions anyways, aren't you, Lieutenant?


FS: Yes sir.


IO: Let's begin.







IO: Tell me about Sergeant Finch.


FS: He isn't a Sergeant anymore.


IO: Okay. Tell us about Mister Finch.


FS: He was a Sergeant in First Platoon. Seasoned. Around for awhile. Fairly decent at his job. I don't understand how he could make sure a stupid mistake.


IO: What mistake was that?


FS: What, that's not on your records?


IO: Remind me.


FS: Let an armed assailant go. Got people wounded. One killed.


IO: You served on the panel for his Court Martial, correct?


FS: Yes.


IO: Did you enjoy it? Sending the man to prison whom caused a death under your command?


FS: No.


IO: Oh? So there must be more to the relationship then.


FS: There wasn't. Outside of a professional level, I didn't know him. At all, really.


IO: So why didn't you enjoy it.


FS: I don't enjoy court hearings. Too professional. 


IO: I see. Then why push for them?


FS: It's my duty.


IO: We've gotten off topic. Back to Sergeant Finch. What can you tell me about him.


FS: Not much. We didn't speak often, if at all, at a personal level. He didn't seem like a bad guy. To this day I don't think he is. 


IO: Yet you sent him to prison.


FS: It was my duty. I'm sure he understood. He was one to keep a levelled, clear head on field. Had a fairly good track record when it came to leadership. A lot of people liked him. Still do, I'd assume. No misconduct. None of that. 


IO: I think that's enough regarding Sergeant Finch.


FS: Alright.


---LOG END---

James Chevosky




IO: How are you today, Lieutenant?


FS: Fine.


IO: I'm fine as well.


FS: Great.


IO: Corporal Chevosky. What can you tell us about him.


FS: Green. Whether he likes it or not. Fairly competent. Still needs time. Reminds me a bit of me, back in the day. Only a bit.


IO: How so?


FS: The attitude and demeanour. How he casts himself to the public. He's an outgoing jokester.


IO: You're an outgoing jokester, too?


FS: I said back in the day.


IO: Alright. Tell us more about him.


FS: I don't know much. I've had friendly conversation, but nothing intimate or personal. From what I've gathered he's an alright person. Better trooper, but that's typical around here. He has a good head on his shoulders. I just don't want it to get spun the wrong way. We've had people like him in the past go down the wrong path. End up getting people hurt. Themselves, demoted.


IO: Like who?




IO: I see.


FS: They're similar. But Chevosky doesn't have a                    pushing him up the rank faster than he should be. He's taking his time up the ladder. Hopefully this does him some good. He's in a situation where he has a lot of smart people above him. He just needs to listen to their words and heed their teachings.


IO: I'm sure he will. Can you add anything else?


FS: He talks too much on the field. At the wrong times, maybe.


IO: Can't you fix that?


FS: I'll let a Sergeant deal with it.


IO: Sure. Moving on. Where do you see him going?


FS: No further than Sergeant unless his attitude changes. It's the same the rest of us had to do. 


IO: The rest of us?


FS: Officers. Senior leadership.


IO: I didn't have to.


FS: You sit behind a desk. It doesn't surprise me.


IO: Watch your tone, Lieutenant.


FS: My apologies, sir. I


IO: Anything else to add regarding James?


FS: I don't like his last name.


IO: ..Alright then. We're done here.


---END LOG---




Miranda Walters




IO: Lieutenant?


FS: Sir.


IO: I have another I'd like to discuss.


FS: Okay.


IO: Corporal Walters.


FS: ...


IO: Lieutenant?


FS: She's a green Corporal. Grew up on a farm, two parents, no siblings. From what I've seen, they have a good head on their shoulders. Very smart. I worry for her.


IO: Why worry? 


FS: I don't like forcing people into war and positions so soon. Especially people like her. Sometimes I think about my troopers, and what they could've been if they weren't brought into a conflict like this.


IO: You haven't mentioned this with any of the others we've asked about.


FS: She's different.


IO: How?


FS: Innocent? I don't know. Just different. 


IO: Record shows you recently spent upwards of an hour in the medical bay, though you were not wounded. The only ones listed in the room at the time were Corporal Walters, and Specialist Pearce.


FS: Alright.


IO: Why were you in there for so long?


FS: She had asked me why I enlisted, originally. Conversation was sparked from there. It's how I figured out about her family. 


IO: How do you feel about her?


FS: Pardon? She's a trooper.


IO: Yes, she's a trooper. A human being. 


FS: I know.


IO: I don't think you understand my meaning.


FS: I don't want to continue.


IO: Do you think she'll be a useful addition to your platoon?


FS: She already is. When Finch left, her mentor figure left as well. Sort of left her without guidance. I know the Sergeants will do their job, The Staffs will, but it's different. Typically, when someone comes to the company, they're green - and someone seasoned takes them under their wing, personally. Be it an NCO or not.


IO: Go on.


FS: I think she'll do good. She reminds me of Vickers. They have a lot of the same personality quirks. She's giddy. Passionate about her works, it seems. Caring of her troops. She's one of the people I feel like I would've gotten along well with if it weren't for the war. You know, in regular life. Probably some bar; its a common hobby we share. 


IO: You sound attached.


FS: No, sir.


IO: I see.


IO: She was wounded, as mentioned previously. What happened?


FS: She was with the rest of the platoon, entering a compound to return Sergeant Edwards to us. Took a round to her shoulder, through and through.


IO: She's expected to make a full recovery?


FS: Yes. It was just a flesh wound.


IO: I figured it would've been more severe with how much time you spent in the medical bay.


FS: I need to go.


IO: I'm sure you do, Lieutenant. You're dismissed.



---LOG END---




Master Sergeant Verbeck

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On 7/23/2017 at 11:36 AM, F r a n c o said:

The One, The Only, Cronk

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh admin i would like to appeal this pk

add kowalski

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dont do it franco

dont let these losers control you

dont change ANYTHING

infact start reverting updates and removing random people

thatll really grind their goolies

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