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[: Opening Security Bridge - Bridge Successful - Retrieving \\FANKI23DIV1058521 - File Retrieved :]

Lieutenant Franco Sorrentino (Right) beside Sergeant Garret Swift (Left) during service aboard the Audie Murphy

Pictured from left to right
Lieutenant Franco Sorrentino, Staff Sergeant Eleanor Tuuli, Sergeant Garret Swift, and Commander Wolff




Shiny Squad (And Staff Sergeant Walcroft)

Listed from Right to Left

Staff Sergeant A. Walcroft, Sergeant F. Sorrentino, Lance Corporal A. Clark, (WIP

[: Theme songs :]













[: General Information :]
Name: Franco Eugene Sorrentino Junior
Alias: N/A
Biological Gender: Male
Physical Age: 25
Place of Birth: Pallas, New Kanaro
Date of Birth: 11/10/2273

Height: 6' 5
Weight: 201 Pounds
Build: Mesomorphic
Blood Type: O+
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Greyish-Brown

Alignment: It was the ayylamaos
Political views: Federal Nationalist
Mental State: Orange
Preferred Musical Genre: Metal or Rap / Hip-Hip mix.
Preferred Type of Writing: Suspense
Criminal Record: 7 Counts of Public Nudity, 2 Counts of Public Intoxication.
Known Languages: Federal standard (English), Italian.
Relationship Status: :^)
Religious Views: Christian.

[: Medical History :]

  • Gunshot to the back; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Gunshot to the left thigh; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Second Degree Burns upon right shoulder; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Talon Slice down the rear of left calf; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Deep Facial Laceration; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Two Broken Ribs; Treated, Full Implementation Recovery.  
  • Broken Jawbone; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Broken Left Thumb; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Broken Right Thumb; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Gunshot to the lower-abdomen; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Shrapnel to the shoulder, Left; Treated, Recovering.
  • Gunshot wound to the neck; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Punctured Lung; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Testicular Rupture; Treated, Full Recovery.
  • Left Hand Shot Off; Replaced, Full Recovery.
  • The list goes on.
  • and ooon
  • and oooooon
  • and oooooooooooon
  • and oooooooooooooooooooooon
  • and ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon
  • and oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh~.


[: Family :]

  • Penny Sorrentino| Mother - Citizen [ACTIVE]
  • Franco Sorrentino | Father - Citizen [DECEASED]
  • Chloe Sutton | Ex-Wife - Fleet Pilot [DECEASED]
  • Cody Sorrentino | Brother -22nd SOG / Pathfinders [DECEASED]
  • Anthony Sorrentino | Brother - Mobile Infantry Assault Specialist, 13th Mechanized Division. [ACTIVE]
  • Jane Sorrentino | Daughter - Civilian [ACTIVE]
  • Jamie Sorrentino | Daughter - Civilian [ACTIVE]



[: Education & Training :]

  • First Aid Training | Status: Passed
  • Combat Infantryman's Course | Status: Passed
  • CLS Course | Status: Passed




[: Military Career :]
Current Unit: 
Branches Served In: Mobile Infantry.
Previous Units: 93rd Morita Rifle Battalion "Hale's Heroes" / Delta Company, First Platoon
91st Morita Rifle Battalion "Rose's Reapers" / Charlie Company, Second Platoon

75th Morita Rifle Battalion "Tommy's Tribals" / Alpha Company, Second Platoon

Office Of Special Warfare, 22nd SOG; Old Blue
Demotions: N/A
Age of Enlistment: 17

Promotion Record:

  • Recruit > Private > Private First Class > Specialist > Senior Specialist >Master Specialist >Corporal >Sergeant> Staff Sergeant >Master Sergeant >Second Lieutenant >Lieutenant> Captain> Warrant Officer> Sergeant> Sergeant> Staff Sergeant> Master Sergeant >Second Lieutenant > Captain >Major > Warrant Officer






Entry one: February  1st, 2298

IO: Name and rank.


FS: Franco Sorrentino, Lieutenant.


IO: Do you know why I called you here?


FS: No.


IO: To discuss your history. Specifically, my task is to figure out about those from your past and present.


FS: I don't see the point.


IO: The point? It's for the records, Lieutenant.


FS: What records?


IO: Our records.


FS: You're not convincing me.


IO: That's fine. You're going to answer my questions anyways, aren't you, Lieutenant?


FS: Yes sir.


IO: Let's begin.



Master Sergeant McCarthy



IO: Hello, Warrant Officer.


FS: Evening, Sir.


IO: It's been awhile, hasn't it?


FS: Yes, sir. It has. I'm glad to see you were promoted.


IO: Thank you, Mister Sorrentino. Now, let's move on - I'm sure you're a busy man. Do you remember our old conversations?


FS: I do, sir.


IO: Great. Your new Master Sergeant. Tell me about it.


FS: Kid McCarthy. He's probably mid-thirties. Replaced Solomons. Guy's outgoing. Very cooperative with his command staff. Good head on his shoulders. Good policies.


IO: I see. So, you respect him.


FS: More than others, yes.


IO: Alright. Have you deployed on the field with him?


FS: Yes sir. Our first operation was hectic; he gave a very informal 'Hello, I am' to the platoon after we dropped a DOTON into a hive. Think it gave a lasting impression.


IO: Whys that?


FS: I can't really explain it. You had to be there. You can check my helmet cam footage, probably. It was - exactly a week ago, from this day.


IO: I'll be sure to do that. Anything else you can give me?


FS: I'm hoping to work closer with him as time progresses There isn't much else to say. We have a professional working relationship, and so far it's proving beneficial for everyone involved. Can't place his accent, though.


IO: Thank you, Mister Sorrentino. That'll be all for today.


---LOG END---


Erae Bellic



IO: Mister Sorrentino, hello. How's the ribcage healing?


FS: Fine. I tore the stitches, but - it's going okay after the fact. It's getting itchy and uncomfortable instead of hurting. That's a good sign.


IO: Glad to hear it. 


FS: Who today?


IO: Lance Corporal Bellic. The criminal.


FS: Convicted and release.


IO: Do you know how long she spent in prison, Mister Sorrentino?


FS: 181 days, sir.


IO: She caused the death of a trooper. Don't you think she deserved more.


FS: No.


IO: Why?


FS: Nakamura was irritating. 


IO: A bit unprofessional, don't you think?


FS: Maybe. I've gotten people killed before, and I'm still here. So have others. It's war, shit happens.


IO: Do you know the circumstances surrounding Nakamuras death?


FS: No. I don't remember.


IO: I see. What can you tell me about Miss Bellic?


FS: She's a veteran of the battalion, relatively speaking. She held the rank ooof..Master Sergeant, prior to her sentencing. We talked a lot, back then.


IO: Not anymore?


FS: No, sir. It's strange seeing her again. I didn't expect to. I don't know what to say.


IO: Mhm. How close were you two?


FS: We were friends. Not as close as, say...me and Vickers. Or Maclagan. But she was good to keep around. She's already back to Lance..which, doesn't surprise me.


IO: Do you think it's deserved?


FS: Deserved or not, the platoon is lacking half-way-decent NCOs. People need to be pushed through. Rather her than a random who doesn't know the difference between a morita and a neon.


IO: Alright. Anything to add on?


FS: She was there for Omega.


IO: And?


FS: I remember when everyone who survived omega stood up. A room full of people - two platoons worth.. and there was only...Five? Six of us standing?


IO: We're done here.


---LOG END---


Sebastion Bently




IO: Good evening, Mister Sorrentino. Happy birthday.


FS: Thank you, sir. It was about a week ago. The 10th.


IO: Of course. It's time for another interview.


FS: Whom, sir?


IO: The company commander, Captain Bently. He was your subordinate, was he not?


FS: Yes, sir. During my second stint heading alpha, he was my subordinate. After my self demotion from Major to here, he clearly out ranks me.


IO: How does that make you feel?


FS: It doesn't, sir. I hold professional respect for him. I put myself in this position, as this is where I want to be.


IO: I understand. How do you feel he's been doing?


FS: He's better than some of the former leads we've had. I don't think he's the best we've had. I don't think he feels that way either. But overall he's employed very competent people in their ranks, that ensure things go smoothly and as he wants them.


IO: I see. How about the past? What was it like then?


FS: He's changed a bit. Not heavily, but he certainly isn't the same as when we first met. He's...hardened? Grown up, more so. He takes confident strides instead of baby steps in, more or less, every aspect I'm aware of. 


IO: Was he competent back than?


FS: Yes. He needed his push. He wasn't anywhere near where he is now, back then. Looking at his track record, he's made substantial progress as a trooper, rank aside. I just don't like his 'I hate my life' attitude. I'm sure it's a joke, but...Mm. Could rub off on the troops wrong if they catch wind of it.


IO: Have you talked to him about it?


FS: No. I don't think it's an issue, as it stands. I just don't like it. 


IO: I thought you liked Captain Bently?


FS: Sir, you misunderstand. At a personal and professional level, I do like him. He's an alright guy. I just don't think that's an alright thing to say in front of people. Could kick up rumors. I would know, I've been there.


IO: You've been there? We'll have to talk about that another time, we're done here. You're dismissed, Mister Sorrentino. Thank you.


FS: Sir.


---LOG END---


Corporal Cutter




IO: Mister Sorrentino, good evening.


FS: Sir. Who today?


IO: Corporal Cutter. She's need to the unit, but..Corporal in a week? She must be substantial. Tell me about her.


FS: I don't know much, personally. She has the attitude that makes he fit in well. As for her rank - she's not all that substantial, She's substantially okay. She has a lot to learn, but I don't think anyone else could fill her position, as it stands.


IO: You feel she was rushed up the chain?


FS: Feel? I know it. Not that that's a bad thing. I just know she was. They needed Corporals with both sides of their brain fully intact. There she blows.


IO: I see. What of her attitude?


FS: She's a trooper. A respectful trooper. She isn't emotional..so far. She doesn't whine or moan, outside of her private time with Shepard in the showers. 


IO: What?


FS: A joke.


IO: Ah...


**Papers shuffled for a brief moment, followed by the distinct sound of a young voice clearing its throat.


IO: Go on.


FS: I believe she'll be a good addition if she gets pushed and shoved in the proper directions.


IO: Do you think she has a future in the infantry?


FS: Nope. No one does, 'till it happens.


IO: Anything else to add?


FS: She doesn't wear bras on-ship.


IO: ...Alright. Thank you, Mister Sorrentino. We're done, here.


FS: Sir.


**A chair screeching against a metal floor was heard, followed by the mechanical hum of a door sliding open. Foot steps echoed off before being silenced by the same door sliding shit.


---LOG END---



Alice Vickers




** Shuffling emitted, paper being clumped together. It's reverb wasn't subtle; a cold, metal room. 


The sound of metal scraping against metal emitted, followed by a thud.


IO: Mister Sorrentino, good to see you again.


FS: You as well, sir.


IO: Staff Sergeant Alice Vickers. What can you tell me about them?


FS: Staff Sergeant Vickers is a model trooper. I don't rightly care what anyone else says on the matter, it's fact. I've known her for a bit over three years now. We met during my first rise through the ranks within the 112th, Alpha Co'. From the get-go you could tell she was a determined, goal-oriented individual. You know, real motivated 'hooah' trooper type. She liked to instil that in others.


IO: I see. So far, she's the only person you've spoken highly of. Why?


FS: She's the only person so far who warrants it, sir. She's one of those 'once in a lifetime' troopers. This company would be much different if she weren't around, for the worse. Much worse. Admittedly, she's been a crutch. To me, the company. A needed crutch. Things were tough during the civil war and following. Still are. She's helped pull us through some tough shit.


IO: Her record is impressive, Mister Sorrentino. I understand her importance to the company. She's a decorated NCO. A bone-fida leader of men. But you, Mister Sorrentino. Your record doesn't indicate you'd have any crutch. Care to elaborate.


FS: She's my best friend. Like I said, 'Once in a life time'. One of those people you can rely on, no matter what. She's helped me with a lot of service related issues and personal demons I had to go through on my own, over the course of our service together. I say alone - with her as a friend, you aren't ever really alone. Outside of a working relationship, she's reliable. Part of the reason she's so popular with the enlisted. No one likes an NCO whos robotic and callus. She's able to connect with people, empathise. Pretty much no one is safe from some good ol' Vickers Advice. That being said, I fucking hate seeing what's happened to her, frankly speaking. Her arm - I'm sure your records show she lost that about a week and a half, two weeks back. I don't like seeing it happen to anyone, of course. But thats my best friend. I'd give her my arm if I could, sir. Don't think the masculine build or tattoos would suit her, though. You know - it's like when your dog gets sick,  - terminally sick. Nothing you can do. Absolutely nothing you can do about it, but it's your dog. You love that dog with every fibre of your being, and it's everything to you. Like........why? Why? Why her? She doesn't deserve this shit, not even a little.


IO: Quite. Yes, unfortunate about her arm. Thankfully, she lived to fight another day after intensive reconstruction and care. Three years and counting is a long time, Mister Sorrentino. There must be some sort of deep history there.


**A lengthy silence followed suit. Fingers tapped against glass, audible swallowing of some unnamed liquid there-after.


FS: I guess. We've been through a lot of horrible shit together. When I was first learning how to operate as a Senior NCO, and then an officer, she set me in place whether she meant to or not. She's always been able to be critical and constructive with me. Advice is invaluable, and she always knew when to give it, and what to give. Still does to this day, I see it with the troops. It's taking its toll, though.


IO: What's taking its toll?


FS: The war. Her arm. Most people can't recognise it, but little mannerisms of hers are disappearing. Her demeanour is slowly shifting. I talked to her about it not too long ago.


IO: Is this something we should be concerned about, Mister Sorrentino? Will it effect her effectiveness in or off the field?


FS: No, sir. She'll bounce back. She's a tough person. She just needs a little push.


IO: Surely you can do something. After all, a three year friendship. One would assume you'd have some inclination on what to do.


FS: When I first lost my hand - this one - I was dealing with all of the same issues she is; pain, itching, burning, doubt. Colonel Shaw, then Major, helped me. He built a Mirror Box, and did therapy with me, and it. After a short while my pain, itching, burning, doubt - It all disappeared. I'm hoping we can get the same to happen with her. The way she described everything shes feeling is all too familiar. I hate her having to deal with it. Man, if she knew I was saying this she'd be on my case. 'Don't worry about me, I can handle it'. It's just who she is.


IO: I see. Let's back track - her military record. She's been transferred around a lot. Has a lot of footnotes. Whispers say she has a handbook.


FS: Yes sir. 'Termical Lances Vickers Guide to-'. She wrote it awhile back. It's got a lot of good information in an informal fashion. Troops can relate to it. It's all once big circle effect, sir. Like I stated earlier, she's relateable in pretty much every fashion. 


IO: Interesting. Anything else that might be note worthy?


FS: Not that I can think of, sir. I'm tired.


IO: ...Alright. That'll be all for now, Mister Sorrentino. We'll reconvene at a later date.


---LOG END---



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On 7/23/2017 at 11:36 AM, F r a n c o said:

The One, The Only, Cronk

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh admin i would like to appeal this pk

add kowalski

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dont do it franco

dont let these losers control you

dont change ANYTHING

infact start reverting updates and removing random people

thatll really grind their goolies

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