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Rule Regarding Familymember Characters

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ORIGINALLY POSTED BY DECKERS; Decided to finally move it over. (Original thread: http://ackua.site.nfoservers.com/starshiptroopersrp/old/threads/rule-regarding-familymember-characters.2111/


We all have been to a point where our characters story reaches an ending. Some people cope well, others do not. Some cope by making a family member who is a bare replicate of their previous character and this is where we start running into issues.

1. The creation of a family member is not a problem, however when it becomes excessive it is tiring and does not spark the creativity that many enjoy. For example, missions-- not everyone likes the same thing.

2. The family member being the exact same person, it's more bullshit and unfair to the rest of the playerbase that took a pk maturely.

The list could go on but I'm on my phone so two reasons is a bit much for me.

In short, the new ruling is that all players may have only TWO playable family members. Once you've reached your second family member, you're no longer allowed to make another.

This does not prohibit other players from playing as anothers family member.

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