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Arryn Falco

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[ A r r y n   E m e l i a n e n k o   F a l c o ]


[ S E N T  T O  M S G T . B E L L I C  O N  L E A V E ]


I              A        M                T      H      E                G      O      D                O      F              H    E      L      L                F        I        R        E


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General Information:


Full name: Arryn Emelianenko Falco

First: Arryn

Middle: Emelianenko

Last: Falco



'Yung Spleen'

'White Marvin Gaye'

'T.V's Arryn Falco'


Age: 24


DOB: Dec. 15


Sex: Female


Nationality: Serbian


Ethnicity: Serb


Place of birth: Jagodina, Serbia

Lived at: Jagodina, Serbia

(if applicable)


Status: Alive.


Sexual orientation: None.


Relationship status: Hand in Hand with God.


Political affiliation: Far Right-Wing.


Religious affiliation: Eastern Orthodox


Personal biography: A farmer from Serbia, enlisted for Citizenship; settled in Medical.


D e p a r t m e n t  O f  T h e  M o b i l e  I n f a n t r y




Physical information:


Height: 5'5.


Weight: 163 Lbs.


Eye color: Green-Hazel.


Hair color: Brown.


Skin tone: Olive.


Medical history: A singular 122 millimeter H.E shell landed between her legs, causing her hips to give major troubles if she remains inactive for long periods of time. No original organs. Heavy scarring all over her body. AIV biotech. Bones are mostly metal plates and bone-glue.


NOTES: Heavily muscled from her legs, up her back, and onto her shoulders. Clearly disproportionate.



Mental information:


Preferred learning method: Hands-On.


Athletic interests: None to note; though she answers with 'Hackin' darts, breakin' hearts'.


Artistic interests: Woodworking.


Academic interests: Interest within Instrumentation Technology - aspirations for a degree in Law.


Musical preference: None to note.


NOTES: Although disconnected from her general surroundings, and bland personality, she has no noted mental disability.



Pre-enlistment background:


Finishing High School GPA: 2.3


College education? (Y/N): None available.


Majors: Undisclosed.


Minors: Undisclosed.


Criminal record: Two D.U.I's.


Occupation: Hay farmer, Heavy Duty Mechanic.



Armed forces career:


Current branch: Medical Corps.


Former branch(es): N/A


Current unit: 112th


Previous unit(s): N/A


Promotions: Pvt>3Spc>LCpl>2Spc>Spc>SSpc>MSpc>TSgt>Sgt>W.O


Demotions: N/A


Armed forces criminal record: N/A


Age of enlistment: 18.


Combat drops: Undisclosed.


Total drops: Undisclosed.



Personal relations (Ask to be added): - 


Erae Bellic:

Neighbor growing up, friend since before I could walk. From days and nights together in hay fields -- it was hard. It was hard adjusting to a Military lifestyle; and it was harder without my best friend. Now, however, she's here. Not only not just here, but she's here as my BOSS for fuck's sake. It's grand, honestly. Her guiding words, or motions to make things better for everyone. She's a damned fine Staff Sergeant, and I'm more than pleased to have been here for the majority of her career. She has much more worth in the world than the likes of many of us, let alone myself - so it's good to see her striving for it.


Not dead. Government reasoning, prison - you're here. I enjoy that. I enjoy that you're here again. It's nice to have a face I familiarize with better times. It's nice to have you. It's too bad you're a fucking First Class, though. I'm sure you'd shake the ranks like an earthquake - but. Either way, we're both responsibility free; left to our own devices. Welcome home.


Wendy Goodwin:

A new-blood Medic, a replacement for someone I'm sure. No noted experience, but aspirations galore. Easy to teach, has a few funny jokes - tries too hard to make me smile. Perhaps distance needs to be added; I needn't another Howard to happen.


☦Asmund Bjarke☦:

That Blond Finnish guy. Made my time on the ship bearable with his pranks and gaffs; though, disappeared without a trace. Presumably dead.


Alastair Takugawa:

An amazing teacher. He held my hand through the Medical field, and showed me each and every pretty, or ugly flower. Easily considered my mentor, and much more my friend. He left - permanently, I presume, for bigger and better things for himself, and his family. It's hard to watch a figure like that leave. It's harder to not be spiteful about it. With every passing moment, I find myself pondering as to what he's doing with himself now. Now, more than ever. Can I fully fill the spot of Technical Sergeant, in wake of his absence? Will I live up to his shadow? Even without him here, I can feel his rake-like eyes running over what I am doing, and how I am doing it.     I miss you.


Jeffrey Warren:

An alright lad. Quite the spectacle, if you ask me. Easy on the eyes, easier to talk to. Knows the difference between down-time and duty, and respectively separates them as I do.


☦Keith Rebel☦:

That one redneck. A total lard-head if you ask me; hated every second on drops under his command. Not so much his orders, but more his attitude. Off drops, however, he wasn't so bad. The accent did him good, made everything he said feel homely. Though, no excuses for his actions.


Charles Johansson:

The surfer dude. Easy to talk to - even if he's eternally sick. Aside from SOMETIMES doing useful things, I haven't seen much of him in action. He did do my arm stuff, however, so that's cool enough. Probably one of the only Medics I can look at on equal grounds.


Garret Swift:

An old guy. Nothing much to say about him - he's got funny habits, and seems friendly enough. I don't see him in the Medbay often. Or ever, really. Other than that, it's hard to remember that he's a Sergeant sometimes. A child in a man's body - until he's down to business. A good quality. Respectable.


Jamie Northcutt:

A kid who can't take no for an answer. If there was more to expand on, I'm sure I'd expand on it

- but thus far he's been nothing but a sharp needle in my shoulder. Repulsive, almost. Sucks that I have to deal with it.


☦Clayton Quaritch☦:

An alright guy - from what I've seen. He seems to be friendly enough, but doesn't have much standing with me. A good guy to have around on drops, for sure - keeps his wits about him. Sometimes. Not desirable, nor undesirable company. His passing wasn't deserved - a fellow Technician failed their duty: pushing this responsibility onto me. If I had taken better steps -- God guide you.


Starr Axby:

Medical. Usually it can be left right there - but she's a different section all together, almost. Each Division holds their own type of person; but she's prime proof that not everyone is akin. She's not the same as the rest of us. Curious. With this, she is the only person in Medical I have my doubts about. Good? Bad? I haven't the closest idea. However - if Johansson trusts her, I suppose I can give it a shot.


Sarah Redbrick:

A marauder. Nearly the only one I can handle, sensibly. She's not too far out there, or too deep within her own ego. Although she's a large woman - she is easy to be childish around. I need to take better care of myself; gaining that form of attitude is unhealthy.


☦Osko Dahlstrom☦:

One of - if not the, closest friend I have had in Medical, or overall. There's an odd connection between us; not like what I have with Bellic - but closer. It's as if we're two of the same. Everything that is behind him, I get. Everything that is behind me, he gets. Our similarities are scary at times. It's not even us as people, either. It's how we handle things. How we react. I can't imagine a day without him. He's given me something to believe in; something no one else can give me.


You also took it with you. Unlike Bellic, who took parts of my personality - you took my spine. You stole it from me. I'm left empty. Nothing has changed, aside the fact that I am down my better half, but I feel so uncertain. I doubt the steps I take, simply to make food. I doubt the steps I take in the battlefield. I doubt the steps I take to my own room. You never affirmed what I did, but I knew you were smiling at my actions. That you were proud of them. Through that, I was proud of them. Now, there is a black hole in my chest.


I am matter, but I don't matter.


Wait for me.


Ottilie Kittel:

The one. I can see now why there was a general bias put against them; they do act how they have told me. Akin to a child. To blame others so persistently for their own inability, or general mistakes - it's sad. To think that the 112th was once filled with proud, go-getters, and now be reduced to this; I fear what the future holds. I have, however, learned something from her. I made a mistake to push the hand of acceptance to get them into Medical: I was fooled by their 'passion'. She told me what I wanted to hear, is all. Overall, it goes back to the age-old adage; 'Sticks and stones may break my bones, but there will always be something to make a child cry.'


Kaelam Sentoniel:

Didn't deserve what he got - we're down a good man.


☦Cody Howard☦:

What a fucking moron. I wasn't even gone that long you cunt - and you still run off and die? I can't believe your audacity. You worked hard for what you had, and then you went and threw it all away. You spat in the image of yourself, and burned everything that remained. I dislike you. I do not remember you fondly.


Jaune Meridian:

I don't know what it is about this kid - but he really grinds my gears. He's got his whole setup ass-backwards. Being a mouthy, angry little child all the damned time won't get you anywhere. He needs to learn how to stomach things better. He reminds me of someone -- but I can't tell who. It's a spitting image, and it bothers me throughout the day.


Yazmin Taylor:

Yazmin.. Yazmin... There's not a whole lot I can say on the girl - she was a bright-eyed Recruit, asking for tips and tricks while teaching me about British slang - next second she is a Lance Corporal. She must be damned good. I'm happy to see people spiking up - mayhap. Just mayhap. She'll actually last in the NCO position.


Chase McKnight:

A stand-up lad. He's not that bad. He's overcome his insecurity of surgery, and has proven to be quite the asset. I enjoy having him among Medical's numbers - as well as being able to call him a 'friend'. He's got a whole different mindset than my own, and it's always a joy to watch his train of thought. However, he's filed relationship forms with an Engineer. Red and Yellow makes Orange; and I fucking hate Fleet.


Travis Young:

The new Technical Sergeant of Engineering. Back to his old ways. It's nice to watch him at work on the field: he's got some pretty zany skills with the M55. Although I can't put him in the same light as Lerwick, or Nosh, I can confidently say that he's got his own pathway in the works. A dirt trail, for now, but I look forwards to the paved finish. He's not as flirty as he once was - conversations with him feel less sexually charged and more.. There. It's enjoyable, his reactions, to the crazy stuff I put out into existence.


Nikolai Dimov:

This is a man I can get behind. Whatever it is he's doing, I feel as though there's no reason to dislike it. In fact, I love it. He's made fast company with me, and it's always a bright light at the end of the tunnel to speak to him after a day. I pray that him, and his child go well. I'd hate to see it be anything other. However, there's not much I can do about it, or his current doings. He is, after all, like twenty years older than me. The father I never had.


Sean Richardson:

He's.. Changing. At first, I thought he was a waste of time and skin aboard this boat; hostile with everyone, annoying as can be -- well, much hasn't changed. The things that have changed, however, is he's coming around. He listens. His jokes aren't so bad anymore. On drops, he's reliable - somewhat. He's a good kid, and I'd like to see him along well. Maybe he'll find his place here on the boat.


Dutch Bower:

This is a man I can nod at, and never have to talk to - but feel like a friend with. Himself and Goodwin were good friends it seemed; talking about useless historical bullshit all the time - I really thought they'd end up being smoochers. However, he's got Redbrick. His work on the field is something overlooked - but he really does know his stuff. Perhaps, in another plane of existence, I would have been close friends with him. For now, however, we keep to our own devices, with friendly interactions here and there. It's pleasant.


Mikayla Kowalski:

I do enjoy the time spent alongside the woman - it's never forced, and no matter what, it feels like a genuine conversation. No matter how weird, no matter how out there. She's great on the field - always the one Sergeant that gets fucked up, but she's always in important places. If she'd radio more, I wouldn't have to rely on a sixth sense to find her. However: it's like when twins are alerted that the other is in danger. I know when she's in trouble.


Amelia Baker:

I don't know much of the woman. A Canadian, which would explain her being so nice all the time. She has aspirations to be a Technician like myself, which is pretty rare nowadays - I appreciate seeing it. Furthermore, it's nice to be the one to nurture her growth. I feel reserved, however -- something tells me not to be too open with her. Maybe it's fear. Maybe it's logic. She can grow on me too quickly for my comfort, and it's off-putting. I'll see how it goes.


Haleem bint al-Attar:

Something something, good friend, blah blah -- it's an odd course, what the future has in store. She doesn't ask for my help -- only verification that she's doing it correctly. That's fine, the nervousness. Now, however, she's skittish. Scared. It feels that something has changed between us; her spine isn't there. Her words are hesitant. Her gait is recessive. She's not like Bellic, as I had previously presumed. No -- she's scarily like me. I don't like this, but, what can I do.


Tony Fergusson:

A long time friend. A longer time brother. I remember fucking around with him when I was a Private, and now I have memories of fucking around with him as a Warrant. Grade A kinda guy. Easy to talk to. Easy to smile with. Surprised his pussy-slaying ways hasn't gotten him in a relationship yet. I have to credit a lot of my soldiering to him. He taught me to be the front, but Takugawa ruined it by teaching me to hang back - sometimes, though, I'll go out of my way just to make him proud. He's older than me by a long-shot, but that's okay - he's like my older brother.






Troy Hughes:

I don't know much of the man. Our interactions have always been limited. From what I've seen, he's a good man - capable. It's a rarity, it seems, nowadays - but I am happy to see it in a few. In another life we'd be friends, but for this one, simply acquaintances.


Sebastian Bently:

He's a Sergeant. Again. What is this - the ninetieth time? This time feels odd, though; like he's trying too hard to be a hardass - all while trying to balance social construction. Personally not a fan of his act, but a fan of him. He seems like a good kid, doing his best. Hopefully he gets to the tools to fulfill his strive. As for our interactions - always temporary, and mostly jokingly hostile. Gaffs yanked about one another's looks, or personality. Neutral.


Franco Sorrentino:

He's... Different. The same, but different. I've watched him quietly from the sidelines -- all the way to his first iteration as an Officer, back down to Sergeant -- to me, the whole trip; only a part for him. He's older than I - a generation before mine. A rarity. The only people who drop nowadays that are older than me are.. Him and Dimov, it seems. It's an odd feeling, to be able to relate to someone -- especially him. We used to be head-to-head. His testosterone filled outrages, my stubborn bitch maneuvers; we shouldn't have ever become friends. He has a distaste for those I used to call friends, I the same to his. But.. Somehow, we've become friends.


War changes people. Sometimes, for the better.


Jessica Read:

Slow progress -- though not her fault, I don't figure. She's stuck to some of the knowledge I handed down quite well -- if I were her, I'd have probably forgotten myself, and the words I spoke by now. Or -- maybe I'm seen like Takugawa. Either way, she's at the bottom, and I don't suspect she'll stay there for long. I'm praying I can rally her, Haleem, that White lady - maybe the two gentlemen I met - together. Close. Like Dahlstrom and I. Medical needs their brains, but it also needs their combined powers. All in all - I have high hopes for her, much like a select few of the others.


Ylva Hilmarsdottir:

Where to begin? She's a good girl - she's got a mouth out of hell, and determination to fight for whatever it is she does. It was good to have controlled; to have that fight for something you too believe in - she's been nothing but a third hand for me. Lately, though, it's gotten weird -- it isn't the same, and I know it's because of me. Because of how I react to things. How I've handled things; she goes above and beyond for me, and I hate putting her through all that effort on my behalf. I like her. My tutoring has gone well, and I can comfortably say this; I have empathy for her. One of the few. Her words don't haunt my mind like Dahl's, or Tuuli's, but they remain as a reinforcement of my non-existant spine. Like a buildings' frame, but without any of the floor planning.


She's giving me something to work off of. Something to build myself around. It's terrific of her to do for me - but, I'm unsure if I want to proceed. If she were to up and die, like Dahl? After I had built around the supports she had offered me?


God knows I can't last another collapse like that. He's testing me. I'll use her as an example, not my support. As the old saying in the 182nd detachment goes; Fool me one time, shame on you.


Fool me, you won't fool me again.


God won't win this time.

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