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General Information:




'Yung Spleen'

'White Marvin Gaye'

'T.V's Arryn Falco'

'Immortal Falco'



Age: 24


DOB: Dec. 15


Sex: Female


Nationality: Serbian


Ethnicity: Serb


Place of birth: Jagodina, Serbia

Lived at: Jagodina, Serbia

(if applicable)


Status: Alive.


Sexual orientation: None.


Relationship status: Taken.


Political affiliation: Far Right-Wing.


Religious affiliation: Shinto


Personal biography: A farmer from Serbia, enlisted for Citizenship; settled in Medical.


D e p a r t m e n t  O f  T h e  M o b i l e  I n f a n t r y




Physical information:


Height: 5'5. (5'6 with Biotech limbs)


Weight: 166 Lbs.


Eye color: Green-Blue.


Hair color: Black-Brown.


Skin tone: Olive.


Medical history: A singular 122 millimeter H.E shell landed between her legs, causing her hips to give major troubles if she remains inactive for long periods of time. Later replaced with biotech. No original organs. Heavy scarring all over her body. AIV, CV, and DV biotechnicals. Bones are mostly metal plates and bone-glue.


NOTES: Heavily muscled up her back, and onto her shoulders. Clearly disproportionate. Has hypercoagulability. Barely any sense of taste, or smell.



Mental information:


Lawful Evil
 Renegade<██████ | ████████>Paragon

    Awful<██████|██████|██████>Not Awful


Preferred learning method: Hands-On.


Athletic interests: None to note; though she answers with 'Hackin' darts, breakin' hearts'.


Artistic interests: Woodworking.


Academic interests: Interest within Instrumentation Technology - aspirations for a degree in Law.


Musical preference: None to note.


NOTES: Pushes the limits - finds what she finds funny in nearly every topic; no noted mental disability.



Pre-enlistment background:


Finishing High School GPA: 2.3


College education? (Y/N): None available.


Majors: Undisclosed.


Minors: Undisclosed.


Criminal record: Two D.U.I's.


Occupation: Hay farmer, Heavy Duty Mechanic.



Armed forces career:


Current branch: Medical Corps.


Former branch(es): N/A


Current unit: 112th


Previous unit(s): N/A


Promotions: Pvt>3Spc>LCpl>2Spc>Spc>SSpc>MSpc>TSgt>Sgt>W.O


Demotions: N/A


Armed forces criminal record: N/A


Age of enlistment: 18.


Combat drops: Undisclosed.


Total drops: Undisclosed.



Personal relations (Ask to be added): - 


☦Erae Bellic☦:

Neighbor growing up, friend since before I could walk. From days and nights together in hay fields -- it was hard. It was hard adjusting to a Military lifestyle; and it was harder without my best friend. Now, however, she's here. Not only not just here, but she's here as my BOSS for fuck's sake. It's grand, honestly. Her guiding words, or motions to make things better for everyone. She's a damned fine Staff Sergeant, and I'm more than pleased to have been here for the majority of her career. She has much more worth in the world than the likes of many of us, let alone myself - so it's good to see her striving for it.


Not dead. Government reasoning, prison - you're here. I enjoy that. I enjoy that you're here again. It's nice to have a face I familiarize with better times. It's nice to have you. It's too bad you're a fucking First Class, though. I'm sure you'd shake the ranks like an earthquake - but. Either way, we're both responsibility free; left to our own devices. Welcome home.


Dead. Envy boils through me. Rage? I've been disconnected from emotion for so long that I can't identify what I feel when I think of you. How is it that God skips me? Like the others, you left this plane for another; leaving me behind. Rage. I am without my perfect friend. I won't be left behind. I am coming for you. You cannot escape me forever.


You haven't left. You - as a person - are not gone. I spent so much time around you; watching, that I have found myself with your mindset. I'm able to second-guess what I do, and find what I imagine you'd think - imagine what you'd do. It's comforting, in it's own way: while I can't hold you, or keep a conversation with you in a literal sense, I'm able to have you. Is this love? In the basest form - I believe so. I know you like the back of my hand. I know you. I love you. I have you.


Stay, just for a minute longer - will you?


☦Asmund Bjarke☦:

That Blond Finnish guy. Made my time on the ship bearable with his pranks and gaffs; though, disappeared without a trace. Presumably dead.


☦Alastair Takugawa☦:

Back. The only thing he offered me was a smile. A fucking smile. Imagine that, huh? Someone leaves you high and dry - just to turn up with a fucking smile. As if nothing had happened while he was gone. As if I hadn't grown into what I am now; directly because of his ineptitude. What a piss off. What a fuckin' lard. Real piece of work.


☦Keith Rebel☦:

That one redneck. A total lard-head if you ask me; hated every second on drops under his command. Not so much his orders, but more his attitude. Off drops, however, he wasn't so bad. The accent did him good, made everything he said feel homely. Though, no excuses for his actions.


☦Charles Johansson☦:

The surfer dude who's long gone. I miss his constant sniffling, and his tribal esketit calls. I wonder what's happened to him?


☦Garret Swift☦:

An old guy. Nothing much to say about him - he's got funny habits, and seems friendly enough. I don't see him in the Medbay often. Or ever, really. Other than that, it's hard to remember that he's a Sergeant sometimes. A child in a man's body - until he's down to business. A good quality. Respectable.


☦Clayton Quaritch☦:

An alright guy - from what I've seen. He seems to be friendly enough, but doesn't have much standing with me. A good guy to have around on drops, for sure - keeps his wits about him. Sometimes. Not desirable, nor undesirable company. His passing wasn't deserved - a fellow Technician failed their duty: pushing this responsibility onto me. If I had taken better steps -- God guide you.


☦Starr Axby☦:

Apparently back. Curious. I'll never see her - or talk to her, but she's here by word of mouth. I should do my best to avoid her; she seems like the type to bring up change, and I don't want to notice.


Sarah Redbrick:

Old. I remember first meeting her, compared to now. Oh, how I've changed -- but she remains mostly the same. A snot-nosed kid, with a bad habit of stirring the pot. It's enjoyable to watch, and even more enjoyable to be around. For a few fleeting moments, it feels as though nothing's changed. For a few fleeting moments.


☦Osko Dahlstrom☦:

One of - if not the, closest friend I have had in Medical, or overall. There's an odd connection between us; not like what I have with Bellic - but closer. It's as if we're two of the same. Everything that is behind him, I get. Everything that is behind me, he gets. Our similarities are scary at times. It's not even us as people, either. It's how we handle things. How we react. I can't imagine a day without him. He's given me something to believe in; something no one else can give me.


You also took it with you. Unlike Bellic, who took parts of my personality - you took my spine. You stole it from me. I'm left empty. Nothing has changed, aside the fact that I am down my better half, but I feel so uncertain. I doubt the steps I take, simply to make food. I doubt the steps I take in the battlefield. I doubt the steps I take to my own room. You never affirmed what I did, but I knew you were smiling at my actions. That you were proud of them. Through that, I was proud of them. Now, there is a black hole in my chest.


I am matter, but I don't matter.


Wait for me.


Travis Young:

Some hot-shot Major now. Still thinks he's tough as nails. Got his arm ripped off by a random Second-Spec. Hah. S'what you get, 'nuff of the gruff.


☦Nikolai Dimov☦:

Father I never had, and never will have again, it seems. Off to better things. I miss him greatly.


☦Dutch Bower☦:

Old and gone, it seems. I remember him and Goodwin, then him and Redbrick - now I don't remember him at all. Where'd he go? Who was he? What did he look like...


☦Mikayla Kowalski☦:

A weird sync was between us, but I fail to remember what she looked like. I just remember the ASSC; the knowing of when she was in danger - and most of all, her knowledge of being where we needed her to be. Best damn C.O we could have asked for, to replace Tuuli. I miss her.


☦Amelia Baker☦:

I find myself thinking of her often. Bubbly, nice - something about her made me want to open up. Something made me want to let it all out; but I can't afford that now. No, she's gone, like Atari. Hazy memories and regrets are all that remains.


☦Haleem bint al-Attar☦:

I guess she's gone. Was it my fault? No. No; she left for something better, surely.


☦Tony Fergusson☦:

A long time friend. A longer time brother. I remember fucking around with him when I was a Private, and now I have memories of fucking around with him as a Warrant. However, he too is gone. I remember his face; not his eyes, but his face. The gaunt cheeks, blocky jaw - the old, leathery skin that clung to his face so haplessly. I wish he was here; even for a day.


Sebastian Bently:

A Major - and a respectable one. The common misconception people have, myself included, is that these people are robots. They're not; they're just like everyone else, just more successful. I can't say I didn't expect such - but I didn't expect him to be so lenient - open, even, to laughter. It's a nice little getup, if you ask me: it makes sense. The face of the Federation's Finest is that man -- it's something I can get behind. Be proud of, even. Hopefully I'll get to die under his command.


Given time, we've distanced a bit more. We don't much spend the time we did together; but what little we do spend, it's still as enjoyable as before. I can't say I'm upset with the distance: we've all lives to live. I just hope he's doing okay.


Franco Sorrentino:

He's... Different. The same, but different. I've watched him quietly from the sidelines -- all the way to his first iteration as an Officer, back down to Sergeant -- to me, the whole trip; only a part for him. He's older than I - a generation before mine. A rarity. The only people who drop nowadays that are older than me are.. Him and Dimov, it seems. It's an odd feeling, to be able to relate to someone -- especially him. We used to be head-to-head. His testosterone filled outrages, my stubborn bitch maneuvers; we shouldn't have ever become friends. He has a distaste for those I used to call friends, I the same to his. But.. Somehow, we've become friends.


War changes people. Sometimes, for the better.


Jessica Read:

Another medic, another wash. It seems odd; the amount of them that came through, with more drive than me - more aspiration than me - only to fall short. Comparing myself to Read makes me feel self-conscious. Am I that much of an enigma? Is that why Takugawa liked me so much? Terrible days ahead.


Ylva Hilmarsdottir:

Where to begin? She's a good girl - she's got a mouth out of hell, and determination to fight for whatever it is she does. It was good to have controlled; to have that fight for something you too believe in - she's been nothing but a third hand for me. Lately, though, it's gotten weird -- it isn't the same, and I know it's because of me. Because of how I react to things. How I've handled things; she goes above and beyond for me, and I hate putting her through all that effort on my behalf. I like her. My tutoring has gone well, and I can comfortably say this; I have empathy for her. One of the few. Her words don't haunt my mind like Dahl's, or Tuuli's, but they remain as a reinforcement of my non-existant spine. Like a buildings' frame, but without any of the floor planning. She's giving me something to work off of. Something to build myself around. It's terrific of her to do for me - but, I'm unsure if I want to proceed. If she were to up and die, like Dahl? After I had built around the supports she had offered me? God knows I can't last another collapse like that. He's testing me. I'll use her as an example, not my support. As the old saying in the 182nd detachment goes; Fool me one time, shame on you.


Fool me, you won't fool me again.


God won't win this time.


Josip Vulovic:

Serbian. Hyper-nationalist. Epic memestar. Easy to talk to; though I don't even fully know him. Never sat down and had a real chat with the guy, we just fuck around whenever there's a chance. He's smart enough that I'd prefer his company on the battlefield over most, but that's about it. See where things go.


Christopher Miller:

A nice young lad - he's respectful. My own movements have led many not to derive my stature with my rank, but he does; it's relieving. He knows to call me Miss, and he knows when I'm joking. Perhaps it's tunnel-vision on my behalf, but times with him resonate the past harder than they do the current -- leisurely. Training him is easy, he's a smart kid - so I get to focus more on the emotional sentiment than I do the professional. Something rare. People see him as a terminal fuck up, but I quite like his antics. Something about them, so devilishly pure, so innocently evil - it puts me in a state of lethargy. I can trust him. I can trust him to do his job. I can trust him to have my back. Sure, it isn't the same as Dahl, or Bellic - but it's more humble.


For a moment, I have myself in my hands under his gaze.


Percy Asbjorn:

Fellow man of no fucks. Pretty solid guy, if you ask me. Dunno how well he does his job, but as a dude he's sick - trusting in the jokes, just to make a few people laugh. I like it.


Cait Donovan:

Woman who is afraid. Reels back after dedicating punches to things - hilarious. Doesn't when her friends are around. Curious. Perhaps every soldier is the same - I feel as though I've seen it before. Somewhere.. Some place... Either or, she exists - was apparently a Medic after my time. Poor girl. I can see why she joined the piss-jackets. At least she's alive, though.


Gavin Mackenzie: 

A newbie. He's very conscious of his image - I did my best to counter-act this in the most leisurely way possible. Unsure if it worked. He's dry like dead wood in the desert, and it's wonderful. My jokes are for reactions - and when someone takes you as seriously as he does? The reactions are terrific. I didn't expect him to be like this after seeing him as a Recruit; but that's how it be. Perhaps one day, he'll cue into my jokes - or perhaps he'll adapt his own form of comedy. Coping. I have high hopes for the man.


Naomi Hawthorne: 

Still a fucking spook. Still fast company - though - she's a lot more intimate than most. Not in the sense of like - marital, but, mental. I go out of my way to fuck with her whenever I see her; something I should probably be catching artillery fire for, but I don't. It proves she's a sense of humor: so for as long as I'm conscious and coherent, I'll be fucking with her. She knew Bells, though. She seems to have cared for Bells, too. I can't tell anyone a damn thing about Hawthorne, but if Bellic trusted her enough for someone to feel that attached? She's alright in my books.


I'd still die for this woman.


Elaine Asper: 

Massa' Sergeant Asper. Dope gal - does her job, does it to the best of her ability; completely transparent. She doesn't hide behind things - if she fucks up, she lives up to it -- it's respectable. As a girl, though, she's a young buck with uncertain notions for the future. Who knows what it has in store for her, but she seemed keen on learning from a coot like myself. Hopefully I gave her enough of a scare to stay away from my mindset; but maybe not. Time will tell, and she has a lot of it left.


She's quite the company. I enjoy it; she's not fully dedicated into it, she just kinda.. Forces a hand here and there. Casual. Lethargic. I shouldn't look at her as much as I do - but I do anyways. Perhaps it's the rank, or something. She fits Master Sergeant. I couldn't think of a better position for her: it's a good one. I pray she'll reach Commissioned. I'll help her where I can - how I can - when I can. Preventative medicine will be in full effect.


Lowell Hartwick: 

The homie. We ain't as close as we once were - but it doesn't stop us from getting along. Both of us are caught up in things, it's the normal -- but it's good that he continues to walk in to check up. I like it. He's gotten himself involved with some shit, and some other shit - comes to me to just clear his head, talk it all out, and make his own plan. I don't know if he realizes how little I actually do during those moments; but they continue. Smart boy -- man, even. Hopefully he has a better career than most.


Jackie Knoxx: 

Vegan. Vegetarian. Something like that. Conceited. But, she has bants. I don't mind her much -- she's like the rest. Unsure of me. Unsure if I'm serious. It's better that way; keeps people on edge - uncomfortable. Overall, though, I don't mind her. Like I said, she has the bants - easy company with the boys. Perhaps a bit slow - two years to make Lance Corporal again? Suspicious. What did she do to lose it? How did she fuck up that badly? Oh well - not my problem.


Sofia Holloway: 

Sofia. An enigma, of sorts. Macho macho -- walls built, protecting her interior. While this is common, hers is unique; a lost soul, of sorts. Someone who wants to reach out, but is afraid to. I feel how I imagine Ylva felt around me - everything I do is to draw a reaction out of her -- and it's rewarding. Staring at the color blue for so long, only to catch a glimpse of red once in a while: it pays it's own weight in gold.


I gave her a chance - to get close. I came out of my shell, undid the mindset that's kept me functioning this far -- only to regret it. We don't share common interests. We don't like the same things. I am monogamous; she had expressed that she wasn't. Talking to her became difficult as time went on. It's not like we struggled for topics; she just doesn't say anything. Doesn't ask. Doesn't produce much. I don't know why I expected that to change; I'm better off as a soldier.


Rowan Burke: 

A young medic - a bubbly one. It's pleasant to be around her; not scared to sit and crack one with the boys. Got good bants, too. Seems competent - maybe - I'm uncertain of her Medical skills. Helped put my first leg in, though, so that's okay. One of the boys, who happens to be dating someone who isn't one of the boys. Fuckin' weird.


Shane Emmett:

A man of childish intent; but pure in heart. He's relieving to be around, kind of -- he's retarded, but not in a retarded way. Seems like he has some form of underlying intellect - but does his best to hide it. Tried to help him get hooked up with Carmine, but, I guess he fumbled the ball on that one. I'll have to help him work on it.


He's - developing. He's not so much a childish man anymore - he's more a grumpy young man. He sees things for how they are - and he hates it. God hasn't blessed this man with the ignorance those around him hold so dearly; and he hasn't been blessed with the ability to do anything about it - like the rest of us akin to him. It's unfortunate, and I feel for him. I can't fix his problems, but I can do my best to assist in them. Perhaps one day he'll adapt and overcome, but as it stands - I just can't see it happening.

Otherwise, he's still a good lad to hang out with. He's much more hostile now, but I don't much mind; he's never directed it at me. I should probably inform him to change his habits - but, I just can't bring myself to do it. Everyone lives differently, right? He should live and learn on his own.


Tzipora Bronson:

 Action Bronson. Know literally nothing else about her; she may be a Jew. Rose in Engineering pretty quickly, which implies she's of average intellect - killed a gator - might be a Jew. Cool gal, I guess.


Avacyn Moon:

The main O.G. Thick as hell, coherent as fuck. Great partner in crime - though, we aren't around each other as much as initially anticipated. It's fine, though, for she needs to get used to the Enlisted life. Otherwise, her personality isn't exactly surprising - the drops she'd deploy us on were always darker things - so it makes sense for her to be a hardass. I'm worried though; perhaps people will not like her very much. From what I can see, she's a great girl -- but hidden away behind her bullying demeanor. Not my issue, I guess. I like her, she likes me, and we share many attributes. Enjoyable.


John Freeson:

Oldest motherfucker I know, I think. He's been around.. Ages, maybe? Or was it days. I can't even tell, really - he's the type of guy who pops in once in a while, so it leads me to believe it's been a long time. I enjoy his company just as much as I did before; it reminds me of childish antics that predated my time in Medical, even. It's good to see not everyone from that era is a depressed old shithead - that at least two of us can act as we did. He's dear to me; much more than I'm willing to admit.


Eric Shepard:

A young, misunderstood boy. He's not that different from myself - or, really, anyone in this battalion. He's a boy with a few issues; ones that are easily fixed, but, at the same time, easily overlooked. It's the sad rotation of life here. Everyone lives to cause a reaction: and his mindset brought him towards bad actions. You see it once, you see it a hundred times. It's not interesting. It's not something worthwhile. A passing mention is all it deserves -- but it's something, that, with a bit of work? Can bloom bigger than originally anticipated. I'm excited, in a way, to see what kind of fruits his tree ends up bearing: sick of me, really.


Grace Corbin:

Smarter than originally anticipated. I'm unsure of her footing, though - where she is, as a person: I've made zero effort to look into things. From what I've seen - she started off atypical. Bubbly Medico, blah blah, acting stupid. The usual bullshit. Next time I saw her, though, she was completely different. Turned into what she is now. At first, this was alarming, sure. That type of change implies an absolute surface-level perspective of existence. Though, it doesn't seem that way -- it seems that she put a facade, only to reveal her true colors. I can only imagine the planning that took; if it took any at all. Respectable, in on itself.


As a Medic, though, she's not lackluster in skill by any means - but tact, perhaps, a bit. She wants to change things, genuinely, which is good; but it's a shame to see her go abouts how she's doing it. It seems ham-fisted. Forced. Hopefully, in the end, she learns - her intentions are pure. But; it implies that she hadn't planned her revelation at all - which is even more concerning.


I think I like her.


Alessandro Noviello:

Fucking Christ. I didn't expect to see a face like his around here - last I saw him, we were on the Audie; and suddenly, he's just back. Of course, now, he's a fucking Engineer; but what can you do? He's one of my oldest pals that's still around, easily enough to say: we were Third Specialists together. He left before much all could really.. Happen, actually. I was a Third Specialist when we met, I was a Third when he left. A weird era for me, I suppose -- but I'm happy he's returned nonetheless. What a fuckin' cutie.



I enjoy finding mice in my travels; they're cute. They're innocent. Unlike those around me, they make their intentions clear - they want food, and they will appreciate it greatly when I give them food. True innocence. They hold no qualms in the battles that rage around them - their only interest is a carnal desire to live. Short sighted, of course. They have no plans of the future, they just want to make it until they sleep at the very least. Perhaps jealousy on my behalf. Perhaps I'm soft. I find their little noses bouncing about when something catches their attention cute. I like to watch their eyes lock onto pieces of food, and go for it. I am envious.

They make a good pet, too. Ten reasons why; reason 1; he protecc but he also attacc. Reason 2; they can read minds. Reason 3; they're obedient. You want someone dead? Your mouse will kill them Pathfinder style. Reason 4; mouse snot cures cancer. Reason 5; they're really good at finding food. If you suck at finding food? A mouse will carry your ass to being 400 pounds. Reason 6; mice are naturally bug-proof. Reason 7; mice can destroy any animal in a 1v1. put a mouse against a dog and that dog is dead. Reason 8; bitches love a cute mouse in a beret. Reason 9; mice can't die. Reason 10; just look at them, they're fucking adorable. Mice cure depression, it's simple math.


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