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Hi all,


I imagine by now that the vast majority of you are aware of Omega and the fact that it is scheduled to start next Friday - you can read about the prologue and the run up to it here


I have already mentioned that this will be the inaugural campaign of SSTwoRP - our new, streamlined script that does away with needless frivolities like inventory systems and instead focuses on the important things like significantly reducing lag, increasing scaleability,  and providing a richer experience through better SWEPs and etc. 


But whilst this is very cool and does deserve to be marked, there is much more to this than just that.


Omega will mark not just a new script but a new era: for the past 10 years, we have faithfully deferred to established Starship Troopers canon and it has served us well - but there is only so far you can go with it, and only so many bug hunts, skinnie raids or separatist insurgency events you can run before it begins to feel a little stale. Therefore, from September 1st, we will officially branch off to form our own canon where we can explore new ideas, new technologies, and new races in a new universe heavily informed by Starship Troopers but not exclusively deferred to and revered.


It will also be the final campaign of the Audie Murphy.


- Xalphox





Thursday 31st, August - Briefing



Friday 1st, September - Part I 

4 PM EST - 10 PM (+/- 2 hours) 


There will be an hour's worth of scheduled downtime between 3 PM EST and 4 PM EST whilst the server is moved on to the new script and tested.


Saturday 2nd, September - Part II

4 PM EST - 10 PM (+/- 2 hours)


Sunday 3rd, September - Part III (Finale + Grant Unveil)

4 PM EST - 9 PM (+/- 2 hours)


If for whatever reason (for example a fatal script error) causes the campaign to become untenable, the campaign will instead be ran the following week on 8-10th of September.





Workshop collection


Link to be distributed on the day of the campaign.







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The nature of the campaign will be that everybody on the Audie Murphy that isn't dead will be in the field with the MI however I don't want the MI being outnumbered. 


Therefore I will let the first 8 people to PM me with the name of their Fleet or Intel character to use that character in the field.

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FYI - multiple people have now mentioned that they had a weird issue with headbob going fucking crazy whilst at low FPS - with the screen rotating and etc. For the few people that suffer that, Kipper has added a sst_cw2headbob cvar: if you have this issue, setting this to 0 will solve it.

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I've updated the Starship Troopers RP | starshiptroopersrp.net collection to reflect the new additions to the script - but they should also auto-download as you join. 


Besides that I have also compiled a workshop collection of all the maps in the campaign. Day 3 is much shorter to accommodate for the fact that it is a Sunday. Briefing will be at around 8.30 PM GMT, or 3.30 PM EST.


Workshop collection of the maps during the campaign: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1125339456


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