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Sarah Redbrick

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Face Claim:






General Information
Name:  Sarah Myla Redbrick
Nicknames: "Red"
Sex: Female
Age: 23

Date of Birth: 12/28/2275
Weight: 162
Height: 6 ft 0.1 in
Hair Color: Red/Ginger
Eye Color: Dull Blue

Place of Birth: South Boston,Mass. - Terra
NationalityNorth American
Accent: Thick Bostonian Accent
Orientation: Heterosexual

Economic Status : Middle Class

Marital Status: Single

Quote: " Be yourah own fuckin' hero, Dom'."


Family (Listed Below) :

(Mother) Myla M. Reid:  ????, - Unknown

(Step-Mother) Biddy Bree Redbrick : Twenty nine, DEAD

(Father) Kenneth J. Redbrick: Forty-Six, Serving Life in a Federal-Prison. -  8/4/2298 ALIVE

(Step-Brother) Steven J. Redbrick : Nineteen- In service 401st Rifle battalion Recruit. ALIVE

(Twin-Sister) Mary J. Redbrick : Twenty-Two, Serving Seven years in a Penile Legion.  -  7/1/2298 ALIVE



Personality (On-ship)  Easy Going, Comedic, Ideological.
Personality (On-Drop): Focused, Ideological.
Reputation/Known Facts: 
Redbrick is known to frequent the bar on a regular basis, she is usually outgoing and optimistic. Quick to help her friends and slow to understand their deaths. She is known by most as simply "Red" along with this; her right arm from the elbow down has been replaced with a dark-red Biotech fitting the shortened name. The false arm is dotted by various decals scrawled across its sides, complete with her iconic Star on the top of the hand itself. Her left arm is covered almost entirely by a long and deep burn scar, along with this, a series of numbers and her initials tattoo'd along the forearm. All of these are hidden underneath her uniform and gloves, most of these things now, only known by a few.

Occupation Before The M.I. : Mechanic / Diner Waitress.

Sila Ren's Scrap-book/diary.
Valerie Faust's Trench Club.
One of Aphelion Dominica's Red-Phalanges
Johnathan Price's Ace's of Spades Collection: (3/5)
Saldino's Ace of Spades.(Cut in half with green/red blood spattering its surface)
Redbrick's Ace of Spades. (Red-star painted in the center,  singed corners.)
Johnathan Price's Ace of Spades. ( Torn in half, taped. )
Dutch's Electric-Guitar. ('REDBRICK' embedded in the neck.)
Cpl. Kaelem Sentoniels Farewell Recording from Terra.

*Voice Recording "Hey, Red. So, I'm gonna be gone for a while. They want me on Terra to help with some recruiting. I get to be one of those people on the desks that say hi and try to shake people off from joining, so that'll be fun. Hopefully though, if I can do well, maybe I'll finally get that Biotech? That'd be cool! Might get a red one so we match, pretty lame, but red's a cool color so I can dig it. Don't make me get the star thing though, we both know I won't do it. Regardless, hopefully I'll be back on the Grant one day, maybe even in a fancy fleet uniform. Ever seen Top Gun? I'm gonna rock shades and Tom Hanks- or is it Tom Cruise? I dunno, but I'll make Fleet cool again, and I'll finally even out that score we have. And no, it's 3-1, not 4-1, fuck you. Anyway, I'll try to send messages to the Grant in a few weeks to let you know how it's going. Tell everyone I'll miss 'em. See ya!"



Jenifer's Letter's.



Known Languages: Terran Standard (English)


Right Biotech Arm stamp (Top of right hand) :





Professional Information
Faction: Mobile Infantry/Marauders
Current Assignment: Ulysses S. Grant
Weapon Specializations:

M55  'Longbow' Rocket Launcher

SW-226-F ‘Hel’ Infantry Flamer

SW-093 3GL 20mm Grenade launcher

TW-202 Morita MK2/MK3- SAW

TW-201 Morita Mk1  Designated Marksman Rifle

TW-99-S ‘Belcher’ Auto-Shotgun 

TW-201 Morita Mk1 - Grenade Launcher

TW-201 Morita Mk1 - Carbine


TW-300 MS 'Spitefire' 50.

TW-100 EVA-8 000/.36 Semi-Auto Shotgun

TW-900S Vulcan  Handheld Minigun

SW-099GL  Automatic 20mm Grenade Launcher





Mobile Infantry Certifications/Training:

Marauder Basic

Marauder Weapons/Suit Repair.

BTC (Basic-Trooper-Competency)

Mobile Infantry Combat Life Saver (C.L.S.)

Engineering Munitions.

Engineering Sapper.

Engineering Systems.

Engineering M.E.C.



Current Rank: 112th Mobile Infantry Corporal./ 13th Marauders Master-Specialist.

Total Drop's Survived (112th):  79

Total Enlisted time : 4 years 11 months.

Date Enlisted : 12/28/2291

Highest Rank achieved (3rd Battalion 18th Artillery ) Cpl.

18th CMO : Lieutenant King

18th XO : Master Sergeant Robbins

Highest Rank achieved (13th Marauder Division): MSpc.

13th Marauder's CMO : Lieutenant Edwards.

13th Marauder's XO : Technical Sergeant Sigrun.

Highest Rank achieved (112th Combat Engineering): SSpc.

Combat Engineering Current CMO. : Lieutenant Young.

Combat Engineering Current XO. : Technical Sergeant Gonzalez.

Highest Rank achieved (112th Morita Rifle's): Sgt.

112th Morita Rifle's CO : Captain Davidson

112th Morita Rifle's XO : Lieutenant Tuuli


Combat/Service Awards:





DSM.png DSM.png 




Awarded Ribbon's


Engineering.gif  >Engineering Specialization Ribbon.

MIVeterancyMedal.gif  >Veterancy Ribbon.

MIServiceRibbon.gif  >Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon.

GeneralSpecialization.png  >General Weapons Specialization.

Citizenship.gif  >Citizenship Ribbon.

Marauder.gif  >Marauder Specialization Ribbon.



Theater Ribbon's:


Restoringhope.png >Operation Restoring Hope; Battle of Centennia, start of the refugee crisis. February 14th, 2297.

OmegaAward.png >Operation Omega; Battle of Terra Neu. September 3rd, 2297.

Lambda.png >Operation Lambda; Battle of Tychos VII. December 2nd, 2297.

Meggido.png >Operation Meggido; Evacuation of Terra via Luna. December 31st, 2297.

Olympus.png >Operation Olympus; End of the Civil-War. July 8th, 2298

Dawn.png >Operation Dawn; Retaking of the Sol System, Pluto. July 15th, 2298.


                                                                                                   >Operation Helios; Retaking of Terra and the Destruction of the Progenitor Ark. August 24th, 2298



Unit Citations:


VUM.pngValorous Unit Medal Operation Helios; Incursion into Progenitor Ark. 

MSM.pngMeritorious Unit Medal Operation Helios; Participation in Battle of Terra.


MSM.pngMeritorious Unit Medal Operation Red Dawn; Destruction of a Red Front operation. 




Role:  Whatever.

Off-Duty OUTFIT:
M.I. BDU Beret and Standard infantry Uniform - Bracelet on her right wrist which is made of leather and holds bits of what would look like polished misshapen metal.

Health & Status
Status: Active

Mental Status: 
Alignment:  Neutral Good

Relationships (In wack as fuck order)


Loved / Respected / Sanity / Close Friend / Friendly / Known-Acquainted / Who? / Distrusted Fuck off / Feared
✟ = Dead   ? = Unknown  = Discharged/Transferred


 Miles Quaritch ✟ - "Barely Spoke to ya t'all i had seen your face around and yet, I still wouldn't have wanted what happened to you.. Monty won't speak to me anymore all he does is sit there staring like an idiot or walking away... If you were alive i'd shoot you myself for putting us Through that. How will i ever get that image out of my head..." "I never did get to ask Monty why you did that..Maybe you saw what was coming before any of us-- If you didn't do it then-- You would have now."

 Clayton Quaritch - "Been so long since then it feels like years have gone by.. Hm Bit weird that." 

✟ Bernard Montgomery  -  "Gah- Price that fuckin' loonie had your ace of spades and your journal.. I dont really know how? But it brought back some fuckin' wicked bad memories."

✟ Logann 'Lalahon' Larkin - " Don't have much to say other then i just dont get to talk to you much."   "I heard you died.. Pfft never really got a chance to talk to you even just once -- At Least i can hope you went out just like any other raudah should- It's just Wicked.. Yea."  " Eh--Who? Oh.. I barely remember you anymore."

Garrett Wesley- "Dunno why you think i was joking when i told you i was a raudah and to shut the fuck up about them but eh- You're okay i guess. Passed Munitions together with York, We even disarmed a Nuke with only Ten fuckin' seconds to spare! Graduating from it with a Ninety Six percent across the board! so that's something? I dunno. " "Gone-- Barely knew you."
✟ Isabella Saldino   - "We beat them - Wish you could've seen it."

Jonathan Price  - "See you on the other side, maybe your mind is at ease up there.. or wherever we go."

✟ Reece 'Milk' Thacker  -  "It was only a matter of time, Guess you'll never get that rematch, Pff."

✟ Natalie 'Natty' Borgashov " Dead, what a surprise."


Kaelem Sentoniel "Miss you. we got payback for everyone that is gone. Not that it helps- God i fuckin' miss you so much.. Heard that song again today, why did you have to go. I still see you when i know your gone, i might be fuckin' cracked- But. My memories of everyone never fail to bring a stupid smile to my face in the worst of times. Those hazy days i will always remember the most and hold them close forever.


✟ Jamie NorthCutt   "Miss you terrible pick up lines, man guy."

✟ Daisy 'Ceres" Bailey - " Is it weird that being in the bay again.. Even just for a few moments made me forget about it all? I dont know maybe i should just let it go? Eh nah. "

✟ Augustus Clanton  - " Maybe you were right, rest easy big-guy."

✟ Garrett Swift  - " I dont know if you made it off Terra with your wife, but i really hope you did- Even though i know better then that."

Eleanor Tuuli ✟ - " Wicked Psychic, odd personality- I guess if you stick around long enough being able to literally -feel- everyone's thoughts your brain will just decide to /shut-off/.. Goodbye, ma'am."

 Aphelion Dominica   - " Saw your name on the memorial, hmm.. Wish i could've been around more to hear your uh.. I don't remember what you said they were- I don't think i'll ever truly know if you had to say what you did.

✟ Angela P. Clark " Well i cant really even compare the thoughts i have about you to what just happened- Wherever you are up there."

✟ Sila Ren - " Well- I guess we share the same terrible story. I wonder if you were ever given the chance of going to a Penile Legion, like i did... Somehow i'd rather what happened instead over that."

Astrid Caboose ✟ - " Idiot, I hope to god Jenifer remember's what not to do when she gets older to understand. You were going to get someone killed, if i had my patches still i would've done just the same as Stevenson did, if not earlier."

✟ Daniel Dumont, - " Odd guy, sometimes nice to speak with, other times.. Well? A pain in the ass for lack of better words- He's saved mine and a good few others since I've seen him around. So it balances out greatly, just wish he would not be a complete ass-hat when being told to do things.. Makes it incredibly difficult to get a gauge on if he's serious or not. Still, hes a very fun guy to be around and incredibly nice.. Doesn't seem to take anything negatively and refuses to change who he is, i loved it in my own way Duwop.. And now your gone like so many before you."

✟ Kyril Layland ✟  - "Gone. First day back i watched your daughter die right in front of me. It's almost poetic that you go out to the same thing that got her."



 Troy Hughes "Same with Bently, I hope everything i told you stuck like glue and you dont end up like me.. Put up on false charges and then sent off to never never land because they cant do their jobs to find the real mutineers.. I'll See you on the other-side."  "Been only a couple of days since i got back, see you at some point or not, i guess."  " Jesus Hughes, i missed you- Cant believe you made sergeant." " "Left without so much as a goodbye, i guess thats how it goes. Hopefully you have a better life outside of all this."

Annabelle "Hard Knoxx" Thacker, " Keeping you at arms length for now, you have become nothing but a wicked intense 'up in your face cunt'.. " Hmm.. sure you need some form of anger management or something i dunno, I got the means to fix it and i just might BUT -- You literally make me want to knock your head off that is for sure."  "Never liked you, never will you self centered prick of a yes man. 

 Iris Blanka, - " Another Psychic that has some real things to say other then trying to be your average robot -- Tuuli-Copycat. I haven't had much in the way of true conversations with her other then showing her why i wear my armor a lot on ship.. Protection from what goes fuckin' -bump- in the night. Yesssssirrrr!" "Havent seen you in a long time. Everyone i've botthered to ask said you left. Hopefully it wasnt a transfer and you took the dicharge, dont like it when the nice people stick around long enough to become thing they hated or buy it somewhere on some random but no-doubt; A wicked shitty world."

Yazmin Taylor " Some days i feel like sento is moving further and further away from us -- Haven't seen you in what feels like years. "  "Maybe after it all hearing Sento was gone and just about everyone else- I dont know where you went but it was probably for the best."

Chase McKnight, " Sento-, Saldino, Bower, Meridian.. Price and Clark.. Some dead some fuckin' vanished into thin air- Pretty soon its just gonna be me again.. Hilarious."  "Feel's like it's been a hundred years since i've seen you- Hope you are alright -- Even though we were always at each-others throats, i miss it."

Alison Walcroft✭ -  "Was fun knowing you- Didnt really talk but, hey. That doesnt matter.. Best medic- Kind of dumb in MI but the best memory i have of you is when you had to pretty much carry me off that RnR. Good-Times.


?Weston "Mac" Macdonnell-  "Where'd you go?"

?Dutch Bower    " Ugh- Jesus Christ, like a fuckin' retarded two hundred year old Disney movie."

?Juane Meridian - "So many things have happened and i haven't seen you since your injury dunno if you pulled through or not or got a medical discharge.. Either way its the little things that make the difference i guess."  

?Erae Bellic "Ended up having to deal with the Bah fight between Borgashov and uh- Ryan Cooper.. Honestly we were both insanely confused and probably lost quite a few brain cells that day like holy shit i have never had to deal with something so insane as that -- Well on the ship anyway... And now you are our new Master Sergeant? Huh kinda out of nowhere that honestly.  " Only see you vaguely on drops or at random points in between, now." 

?Michelle "Firebug" Cooper-  "Another one of my closest of friends turned into somebody else.. It took awhile but i knew it was coming- Heh.. I'm not the one who has changed -- Just everyone else has- I dont know what made you think that You are unappreciated.. "You had everything you could ever ask for and it still wasn't enough-- Now its just me and Faust you left behind to tackle this.. Terra is gone and you ah too.. Fantastic." " Faust said you are around again, hope that time away allowed you to sort everything out."

?Dex Powers " Saved his life from a Neon trying to liberate his head from his body when he was just a recruit, bumped him up to Private to make him feel better about it. Ha, i wonder if he went anywhere with it. Honestly i wont lie, i dont have high hopes since i haven't seen him whatsoever."

?Sarah Courwin - " I haven't seen you in fuckin' forever."

?TSgt. Gonzalez - "As much as i know i made myself a pain in the ass for you and Young. You always took the time to get me all my cert's even when i lost them all twice. Wish you were around still. Wherever the fuck you went anyway."

?Aaron Holtz - " Wish i knew why you made the decision to up and join the pathfinders, have fun and dont die moron. "Mister Holtz, is back just like me i guess. And of course, he wanted to know /how/ i am alive just like everyone else who knew me then. I really do hope they know just how fucked that was- As vague as i possibly can explain it so i dont repeat history, even if you say you aren't one of the snake's i thought i could tell the difference once, now? Yeah.. Just fuck that in general."

?Travis Young- " You told me to give up those names and that everything would be fine-- Wishful thinking at best.. You probably already thought i was a traitor and now i'm going to die for it."  "Prison Had a lot more ass grabbing then i thought in all honesty."


Kristina 'Skadi' Sigrun " If anything- I know you will take of Kittel and do it right not stupidly- Miss our spah's even though i got thrown about like a rag-doll they were still enjoyable."  "Still haven't changed."


Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco -" Flex-tape is an abomination created by Satan himself... Probably insane as well."  " Some random dude shit talked you randomly. big warrant officer now i guess, nothing can take away our wicked fuckin' good times."


Mikayla Kowalski - "You were there when i needed you most- for whatever that was worth.. I tried and did everything i could to handle it myself- Maybe that was the worst choice i could've made and i'm sorry for making you believe you could make a difference- And in the end? You were and are the only person with a rank above sergeant to try and keep us together."  " Don't see you anywhere here- And if Verbeck is Lieutenant and you arent Captain or higher, i can only hope you just took your papers and walked, maybe you defending me was the best idea i had in that insanity."


Tom Solomons - "Well, I watched you go from fuckin' a recruit in my squads to being skyrocketed to goddamned Staff Sergeant-- But.. In all honesty it was during the worst fuckin' drops we have EVER done- I dont think i have ever even.. Once spoken to you- But after whats happened i cant see why anybody would look at me the same." "Saw you for a short period, walking around, at least you kept your stripes."


Patrick Stevenson - " This guy right here, i can honestly say we agree with each-other so much it's mildly weird. Reminds me of a way older and wicked intense Sento-, That arm wrestle he /definitely/ wasn't prepared for these wicked Rauder guns, and all of our conversations are the fuckin' best. Literally sit there for hour's talking- just talking forever about anything and everything. Kinda gay but that's honestly what happens, Yep. We beat the living hell out of each-other in that spar.. I swear we are stupid synch'd.. And then you went found out what happened to my family after Sanctuary, i owe you one. Hakuna matatta." " I dunno what you expect to come out of this. After everything I've seen and whats going on now, i see my most hated memories come to life all over again the pain, the fear, all of it- God, i feel like i'm being torn apart with this. Edge."


Sebastian Bently - " From First Class to Captain,  So many memories I've got either bad or good, its hard to pin down anything that stands out. I can only hope that you didn't believe every word they said during those last days and after.. HM, kinda strange- First week back and i end up being slammed right back into the mix of the idiocy i had to deal with. So much bad memories of this stuff is branded into my brain, maybe it wont go as badly as it did last time around. This time i wont be so lucky, that's for sure. You put your trust in me and gave my stripes back.. I dunno what that means- Might be a retarded test every officer does, maybe even setting me up to fail- Would make the execution go easier. HM.. Cant really say.. But. I'll do what i gotta, just as I've always done to make sure everyone isnt uh.. Crying about something fuckin' stupid."


Ottilie 'Kitten' Kittel ,- " Well.. I see you less and less since i got tossed out.. Mostly on drops now i guess but the way you do things now it makes me wonder."  " I dont know whats going on anymore- Kitt.. I can only hope that we make it through this-- Because everyone else is dead.. I'll fix what i did- I dont really know how but i fuckin' will." " All that time away and wondering whether or not i'd make it back all went away when i surprised you on Pluto. Wicked fuckin' reaction."


Joshua 'Ares' Caine, - "Its.. Its gone-- Everything- Goodbye southie buddy i did everything i could and it wasn't enough.. Don't blame me for the choices i made at least i made them and am going to die as somebody i'm not."   " Hope you aren't dead."


Valerie Faust, - *W* "Turns out.. They -were- Zombies."   "So much more happened in there then you could ever understand.- BUT! Eh, what does it matter i kept my promise -- I guess i can only be glad i got to see you before you went off to a new battalion."


Jackie Knoxx, - " Welp you seemed okay for the five minutes we got to speak again and for that i am glad." "You better have had kept that promise, Jack.


John York, - "Kind of a weird guy- Walked in the bay after a pretty annoying drop and was wicked beat.. Turns out he was sitting in there uhm.. sketching me? Hah! its okay i really didn't mind it either that..Hm or i was too fuckin' tired to care. So he's a very nice but.. a weird guy."  " Jesus christ, fuckin' Lieutenant? Wicked- I bet you really do find that weird. Just like when Young first got it.. Honestly, i'm pretty sure we will always be connected through our lashing's.


Vito 'Gay Cowboy' Dominiko, - "Bad day to meet somebody, but i am glad you listened to me on that drop. Mary knows Layland's daughter would not have died if the moron's weren't spectating the rauder's fist fighting a baron. Outside of that? Well, you can be one of my bar buddies again anytime- Just stop fuckin' being stupid. I got your back just like everyone else. Come on B minus."





Jamie Sanderson, - " This guy makes me laugh honestly, the strange father son thing he has going on with Stevenson is just odd in the most hilarious of ways.. But when he is asked to do something this fucking guy does it without even a single word of question- I could say that's a good thing but -- I know better then that."


Leanna Wells ,- " 2nd Platoons Gunns, she cracks me up and god its hard to come by another person who doesn't make it a point to show authority over everybody else -Rank wise-, Probably a wicked dominatrix though. Oh well, its not the weirdest thing I've seen or heard others be into, nossir. Same with Choi though, i need to at some-point have a -real- conversation with them too.. I dunno get a real idea of who they are."


Maxine 'Maxi-Pad' Valentine, - "Another Gunns, her and Wells are wicked fuckin' pissa' - There is never a time i honestly -dont- have a good time with either of them.. Other then Wells where it's a bit different in a way is that she makes for a nice squad lead, quick on the relay to RTO.. Fuckin' good stuff, all in all."


Elizabeth Graham, - " Well, she's still strange but it's kinda starting to grow on me, the snap from being fairly emotionless in her face and then just wicked intense with hugs and all that- Throws me right off." "Seems to be at odds with a lot of things being shifted around and generally spurned about losing the Weapon Specialists Division they were in-charge of as well. - I hope she knows that i am truly trying to help the Gunns as much as possible."


Jee-un 'Snuggles' Choi, - " Recruit, Private, Fleet Ensign- Lieutenant Tiny Asian person; its hard to pin down anything about them other then they give me a wicked good laugh. /Usually/.. Hah nah every-time they are speaking with me or from what I've seen, anybody else in general. Not a bad thing of course but still, one day a time will present itself for an actual conversation. But! I'm perfectly fine with how it already is."



Dorian Elsewood, - " Patched me up, and just about everyone else so many times we looked like we left that shit show in bloodied rags, Other then that? I cant really say i have said anything to him other then a few words- Fucked up i know." "Offered to fix my burns.. Maybe my hand will stop shaking and i wont randomly feel like i am being fuckin' electrocuted. Or? about to pass-out from a Heat stroke."


Franco Sorrentino,    " Captain, Lieutenant, Pathfinder. At-least you tried to help, or just kept me within sight so i could be nabbed easier. Whilst you made an attempt to fuck me at every opportunity, i doubt anything you said or what you did was in an effort to help me or the others- I guess everyone was right to tell me to not trust in any of you wastes of fuckin' time. Officers. Pathfinders. /All/ of you can get fucked."

Nikolai Dimov,   " The Sergeant-Major with vanishing skills, again he vanished, probably will appear again with Warrant Officer manufacturing stamps on his legs and arms. Aaand then promptly be just as useful as before; Not at all. Seriously, the only thing i've ever seen you be useful at is fucking over people under you or trying to fuck them with yer barely-capable self."



David Harris, - " New guy, leads the squads pretty damn well in all-honesty, enjoys bar-tending just as much as i do - Probably in an effort to keep things simple and have something to do while he gets acquainted with everyone, fun guy to talk too for the most part."

Sean Richardson, - "etting really tired of your shit buddy..Just stay away from me or sit there and shut the fuck up. "Over it."

Frank Esposito,- "Guy is a dumb-ass got nothing more tohat."  " I don't remember why i disliked this guy. Honestly, probably just me over-reacting to his remark's.

Alysia Harper,  - " I could say i feel bad for you, but i dont. Wasting your life with depression and throwing away a good career for that stupid-shit.. See you around."

Gray Seraphim, - " Well, i lost the bet- And then you made it weird- Very.. Very..  Weird- Was a fun story to tell the others for a little bit but you are a dick for making /that/ the bet, i gotta brush up on my sparring skills i guess.. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Hah. Whateva'."

Apukohai Tyberos, - " A psychic that is always looking for the next question to answer, this man will do anything within his power to get the answer. I dont understand why anybody could dislike him, he has done nothing to deserve this.

Sylase 'Fucker' Freeman, " He's okay, annoys the fuck out of me sometimes.. I honestly dont know much about him other then the obvious."


 'Him' - " I Don't know who you are anymore, maybe i never did- I wont ever forget those last days, no matter how hard i try."


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8 hours ago, Heresiarch Grimm said:

You mean asides from the fact that she was your Drop-lead on last night's event, and has asked your character if they needed assistance at least once?


6 hours ago, Medic said:



7 hours ago, radical roach said:


^Face Claim, Jk.

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On 9/1/2017 at 3:46 AM, Litcoins said:



On 9/2/2017 at 7:00 PM, cookies said:

Alex Moriarty


On 9/4/2017 at 9:17 PM, Bohannon said:

Annabelle thacker


All added and some current ones updated.

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