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Joshua A. Caine

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Name: Joshua Andrew Caine

Sex: Male

DOB: March 25

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts

Age: 26

Height: 6'1

Weight: 185 lbs.

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Brown

Build: Mesomorphic

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Martial status: Single *wink*

Political Veiws: Independent

Religion: Angostic

Summary of Home life: 

- In and out of Foster system since Infancy

- Removal from multiple foster homes after citing domestic abuse and unsafe conditions for children

- Hospitalized multiple times with bruised, fractured, and occasionally broken bones. Reasons for which were labeled as being jumped by gang affiliates. Suspected Domestic abuse. 

- Records cease after age of 18, removed from foster system permanently.

Educational Information

High School: South Boston High

Extracurricular: Wrestling

High School GPA: 1.5

SAT: 1452

College: N/A

Degree: N/A

College GPA: N/A

Preferred learning Method: Visual

Academic Interests: History, Science, Literature, Astrophysics, String Theory, Lynguistics

Artistic Interests: Piano

IQ: 151

Summary of Academic Life:

- Multiple detentions for school fighting, classroom disruption, and attitude with instructors.

- Multiple suspensions for school fighting, two cases where students were hospitalized.

- Genius level IQ results in student finding most academics mundane at best if not completely annoying.

- Regarded as a very talented student by most instructors, but no desire to apply themselves. Only completed bare minimum to stay academically fit to compete in Wrestling.

- Two time state Wrestling Champion, Senior year going undefeated, previous infractions both academically and socially prevented any Scholarships being offered.

- Attempts by instructors to help with his home life resulted in defensive and borderline hostile reactions.

Medical Record
In order from oldest to most recent


- Treated for multiple burns - Healed , Minor Scarring

- Treated for multiple bruised and fractured bones - Healed

- Treated for broken radius - Healed

-Treated for three broken ribs - Healed

-Treated for dislocated shoulder - Healed

-Treated for broken eye socket - Healed

-Treated for broken wrist - Healed

-Treated for minor concussion - Healed

- Treated for stab wound to abdomen - Healed, minor scarring


Post Enlistment:

- Gunshot wound to abdomen from insurgent sniper - Healed, minor scarring

- Shrapnel to left thigh and calf from enemy fragmentation grenade -Healed, minor scarring

- Arachnid talon to left side - Healed, major scar

-Separatist IED resulting in lacerated and broken collar bone - Healed, major scar

-Arachnid talon lacerating right thigh - Healed, minor scarring

-Shrapnel embedded in back from Plasma barrage - Healed, minor scarring


Federation Service Record

Service Tenure: 6 Years Active Duty

Current Status: Active

Pre-Enlistment analysis:


Word association: 93

Vocabulary: 96

Mathematics: 90

Reading: 99

Writing: 96

Sciences: 92

History and Moral Philosophy: 94

Mechanical Knowledge: 90

Extraterrestrial Studies: 92

Cognition: 97

Adaptation: 93

Memory: 94

Psychic Disposition: 21



Previous Units:

101st Morita Rifle Battalion "Edward's Eagles" / Bravo Company / 2nd Platoon / Sgt

Company CO: Lt. Dwayne Edwards

Company XO: MSgt. Micheal Korlo


-Mobile Infantry Silver Star

-Bronze Star

-Purple Heart x2

-Citizenship Ribbon

-Good Conduct Ribbon

-Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon


Additional Notes: -Credited with saving the lives of 11 fellow Infantrymen

-Marked as Ideal Canidate for Marauder program

-Applied for and accepted for Marauder program


91st Morita Rifle Battalion "Rose's Reapers" / Charlie Company /  1st Marauders / Spc.

Company CO: Lt. Allison Rosemary

Company XO: MSgt. Thomas Hale

Marauder CO: Lt. Romeo Krone

Marauder XO: TSgt. Ragnar Halvrdsyn

-Medal of Valor
-Bronze Star x2
-Prisoner of War ribbon
-Purple Heart x3
-Charolette Campaign Medal
-Hespherus Defense Campaign Medal
-Marauder Ribbon
-Joint Service Ribbon x2

Additional Notes: After Action Report - August 17 2293  - WIP


93rd Morita Rifle Battalion "Hale's Heroes" / Delta Company / 3rd Marauders / SSpc.

Company CO: Lt. Thomas Hale

Company XO: MSgt. Mason O'Brien

Engineering CO: Lt. Ragnar Halvrdsyn

Engineering XO: TSgt. Jakob Hewitz 

-Mobile Infantry Silver Star
-Operation Rolling Chariot Medal
-Purple heart
-Bronze Star
-Good Conduct Ribbon
-Joint Service Ribbon

Additional Notes: 


Current Station: AFC-BC --------- / 112th Morita Rifle Battalion "--------------"/ Alpha Company/ 13th Marauders/ MSpc.

Company CO: 

Company XO: 

Marauder CO: 

Marauder XO: 

-Operation Promise Keeper Ribbon
-Operation Restoring Hope Ribbon
-Operation Omega Ribbon
-Operation Lambda Ribbon
Additional Distinctions:
-Communication Ribbon-General Specialization Ribbon x2 (Grenadier, Nuke launcher)
-Federal Defense Medal
-Reserve Ribbon

Additional notes:



December 30th, 2297


"Left side! I said LEFT SID-INCOMING!"


The sergeant was cut off by a large ball of plasma, instantly vaporizing him and the supports to the building. The Marauder stopped firing his minigun to get under a buckling floor. He locked his suit into place, feeling the weight of three floors beginning to overcome even his suit's strength. The lieutenant, with half his face soaking a bandage dark red ordered everyone to fallback. The Marauder could hear his suit's gears beginning to cry in pain, just as he saw Lee come up in his suit to assist. The handful of troopers left rushed out the hole made by the plasma round, bounding to the next defensive line. Once everyone was out, the two Marauders jump jetted forward to burst out the collapsing wall just before the building came on top of them.


"Mobcomm, this is Hero 1-3, Secondary evac is compromised, moving to tertiary rally point." Called the Lieutenant over the radio.


"Krone! You and the rest of the Marauders cover us while we move the wounded."


"Copy, Hewitz, on me North side, Caine, Lee, take the West."


The four Marauders stood shoulder to shoulder, unleashing a hail of lead with the simultaneous roar of their miniguns. Caine armed his y-racks, volleying a rocket ever other second in quick succession to slow the endless horde of Arachnids. The Arachnid wave turned into a wall as each warrior was cut down one by one, but their sheer numbers slowly pushed closer to the iron bastions. The wall, like a tidal wave inched closer to the glowing red barrels of their weapons.  One tenacious bug managed to slip through, bringing it's talons up to slash the Marauder in half. He brought his gun to bear, aiming directly into it's exposed belly and into the nerve stem. Without mercy the metal man cut the warrior with half with his weapon, spraying it's insides around. They wouldn't be able to hold this position much longer.


"This is Hero 1-3, request immediate air support 100 meters south of our location to cover our retreat. How copy?"


"Negative Hero 1-3, all air support is already engaged. We're barely able to maintain tertiary extract as it is. You're gonna have to find a way."


Just then a bug finally managed to breach through, sending it's talon straight through Lee's chest. The Marauder knew there was no hope, Lee was dead before he hit the dirt.


"Shit, man down!"


Caine was awakened, in his bunk. His lungs sucked in a grasp of air as if being choked. He jerked upwards, hitting his head on the bunk above him.




He fell back down into the pillow, seeing this was not where he last remembered himself. His heart thumped, each pulse threatening to burst his chest, or so he felt. Rubbing his face, he noticed a small clamp over his finger. Shit.....he'd passed out. Not good, at all. He tried to calm his heart rate, laying there and trying to relax, go over what he remembered. No it was all still real. The near constant fighting, little food, and even less sleep, where was Zella? Earth was lost, Federation crumbling. He-Zella? Where was she? He looked around, thankful to find her immediately sleeping in her bunk. He crawled back out of the bed, holding his hand to his head. A skull splitting headache. He needed some water. Caine ripped off the clamp that was taped to his finger and tossed it on the bed, yawning before stumbling around to grab a bottle of water.



January 2nd, 2298

-About four years ago-


Two men sit at a table, one in casual MI attire, the other wearing the distinct lab coat of a Federation doctor. He held a manila folder, casually looking through it. It was labeled, 'Service Record - Caine, Joshua A. - 422719256'


"Good morning Sergeant. How are you feeling today?"


"I'm feeling well sir."


"How are your injuries coming along?"


"Nothing permanent beyond some scars, sir." Caine kept a very low and calm voice, almost disinterested. 


"That's very good to hear. Have they told you why we're here today?" The man had a particularly chipper tone to his voice. Something that gave Caine the impression he'd lived a comfortable life. Secretly it annoyed him. He would have been a perfect target for him and his buddies back home to egg their house or something when they were kids.


"It's a psychological review to see if i'm still fit for service, sir."


"Well, not exactly. You're not wrong, but it's also to determine something else." The doctor purposefully stopped, trying to build some anticipation.


"Sorry but could you cut the suspense. I'd rather you just tell me. Sir."


"Very well, I'm here to determine you mental fitness in regards to your application for the Marauder program. Your service record alone speaks some volume of your abilities as a soldier. I'm here to get a sense of the man behind the gun."


"So you're gonna do some Freudian stuff on me? Develop a profile, tell me how when my goldfish died when I was four affects me now?"


"Is that how you'd like your review to be conducted?"


"I don't see why it's being conducted in the first place. You have everything there in your little folder. Including my records as a kid. You probably made you decision about me before you came in the room, probably between your second and third cup of coffee judging by the aroma still lurking in your breath."


"Indeed I do. So let me ask you this. Profile yourself."


Caine cocked his head, maintaining his stoic look, but slightly more curious.


"You're obvious a very intelligent man sergeant, by your records a genius IQ. Any I had to say you'd find mundane at best just as you were a few seconds ago. So why waste both our times? Profile yourself."


Caine adjusted his posture in the chair, looking around the blank gray room and settling back on the interviewer. "Well at a glance, most people would be sympathetic to me given they know my frequent trips to and from foster homes. That is until people talk to me and find out i'm pretty much an asshole, when i'm not being a sarcastic punk. It's a both conscious and automatic reaction, pushing people away before they have a chance to hurt or leave me like my birth parents did. Abandoned as a baby, my parental guidance was at the end of a blunt object most days, resulting in my obvious animosity towards authority figures, particularly older men. This harbored into plain stubbornness and a refusal to apply myself in school, despite being able to do most of my instructors jobs if I really wanted to. I only did the minimum to stay eligible for Wrestling cause it was the one thing I could compress my rage into.  Being able to legally beat the hell out of kids helped keep me out of most trouble in school, aside from the occasional fight to stop some kid like me getting bullied. Showing I have a capacity for compassion, but prefer to ignore it in favor of not wanting to show my feelings, bringing it back to my defense mechanism. What this means as a soldier is that I have a lack of empathy towards people I deem adversaries, and a very analytical mind, making me an efficient killer, but also displaying minor sociopathic tendencies. Only reason it's not worse or I didn't become a serial killer is my Drill Instructor's were more stubborn. So the Federation gives me a chance, deciding to ignore my past unlike everyone else. I'm given a home, food, a pseudo family, which I secretly deeply care for and strive to bring everyone home. Anyone that dies, I take as a blow to my overly type A personality, regardless of if it's my fault or not. Likely cause I can't bear the thought of some Southie widow having to go through a similar pain I had for the first 20 years of my life. And hell, I'm even given a decent paycheck. So I follow my orders, trying to be the best soldier I can be, even if it means as coming off as cold cause I won't fail the Federation and the chance they've given me, expecting full well to die in service in an unmarked grave on some planet, and that's ok with me. Cause I frankly abhor wealth, fame and entitlement due to my poverty stricken upbringing. And it'd mean maybe i'd finally done some good for once, and didn't make the Federation regret giving me that chance."


The interviewer leaned back in his chair, adjusting his black-rimmed glasses. "Hm, impressive."


"It's nothing you haven't already figured out."


"Indeed, but it takes a very wise man to be able to admit thing about himself."




Caine woke up from his slumber, scanning around his bunk to see if anyone else was awake. They all looked asleep. He felt a bead of sweat roll down his temple, wiping it away with his hand. Immediately he was wide awake, for years he'd been trained to wake at a moments notice, since he was a kid. He hopped down from his bunk, knowing he wouldn't get anymore sleep tonight. He walked over to his locker barefoot, opening adjusting his manhood stuck to the side of his thigh. Everyone was asleep, who'd notice, or care really. Caine opened up his locket and tossed on a pair of pants and shirt, along with his boots and headed upstairs to browse the messhall for something to eat.



Respected / Loved / Uh.... / Blood Brothers / Friends / Warming up / Neutral / Disliked / Hated / Feared




Past Relationships


+Zella Dijkstra - ---------


+Sarah Rebrick ----------


Alison Walcroft -------------


Troy Hughes -----------------


Rain Traynor ---------------


+Jericho K'Ortan ------------


Miren Baines ---------------


Berthilda Hunter -------------


+Ryan Reis  --------------


+Daisy Bailey ----------------




 You all know the drill

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