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cat danny 25

Cat Danny 25 ban appeal.

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Hello there. I was instructed by an administrator by the name of Worthy to write this ban appeal, as he and I are both uncertain as to why it was I was recently permanently banned from the server. Today was my second day on the server after having come from a halo RP known as Citadel Gaming. A friend of mine by the name of Ryan told me that this server would be undergoing some sort of reboot with a new script so it caught my interest, given that CG has been having a slow, gradual death of the playerbase. I know that the server I'm coming from has a stigmatized reputation, but I would like to assure everyone that I mean no ill intent in coming here. If I was banned for other reasons, then I'm afraid I don't know what it is that I've done wrong, and would appreciate insight into the matter as I'm not here to cause trouble (and haven't caused any trouble whatsoever since my arrival), but rather to roleplay with my friend.


Thank you for the consideration.


The log of my ban can be seen here.


Edit: I would like to note that I have not played here before, and believe that some sort of misunderstanding occurred which led to my removal.


Editv2: The character that I play is Private Robin Lancaster. I'm sure that there are several players who would be willing to testify that I've been contributing positively to roleplay and not going looking for trouble. STEAM_0:1:111428324  is my Steam ID number.

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