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James Locke's PK Appeal

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So apparently on the last event my character got pked in a way I consider bullshit. The location was a small outpost-ish area with a smaller building in eastern part as a fallback point against bugs which were piling into the actual compound. I spotted a /event describing a wounded so as my job as a medic I scanned the entire area which came up with no one where I read the radio chat and was going to pull back by jumping from the northwestern spire over to the north barricade which I did until Deckers spawned around 3 warrior bugs which got stuck on me and killed me off.

The map is gm-Valley.

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  • The player was knowingly and intentionally performing an act of heroism or stupidity outside the duties of a normal Mobile Infantry soldier. Heroism isn't banned; but with heroic action comes risk commensurate with the likely reward you will receive if you succeed.

First off, if your point of going out to rescue wounded were true, then you would fall under this category as you rushed out without orders to an ICLY overran position, hence why everyone fell back to the building in that compound.

  • They weren't simply following the orders of a superior officer.

Relays back to the first point, you ran out without orders to an overran position.

  • They were given fair and obvious warning that their actions could lead to death, except where their actions heinously demonstrate recklessness.

Pretty obvious these were reckless actions.

  • The more experience on SSTRP they have, the fairer game they are for.

You've been on Starship Troopers for a while.

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