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New OffDuty Model - Opinions Needed

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I can see the head line now "Man Gets Arrested after running around ship in his underwear!"


All in all great work they look nice, badges or patches for different divisions and specializations would be good.

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3 hours ago, Deadeye said:

Lol the only thing keeping me from uploading them now is the fact my home has no wifi due to the hurricane.



Fucking Hurricanes man.

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New models are live.


Future updates include: Matching all the body skins with each skin family and potentially division patches


Edit: If you're having issues with the models or can't see some bodygroups (like legs), unsubscribe from the playermodels addons, restart gmod, remove any references to the old models you might have, and resubscribe-





Edit 2: ALSO, make sure you're subscribed to SW's models. There's a dependancy:





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10 hours ago, Deadeye said:

I really wanna redo these models

make sure you leave in the cocks and pussies and buttholes and nipples on the material sheet this time

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11 hours ago, Deadeye said:

I really wanna redo these models

We will support you in whatever decision that you make.

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