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Echstromt the power gaming cunt

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I was told to go kick the shit out of Echstromt for disobeying orders. I find him and he leads be down to the cargo bay. I attack him and when we draw to the end of the fight I break his leg and whilst he was supposed to be stunned from the pain I tried to knock him out. I rolled a 63 and he rolled a 2. He then responded by saying he suddenly took a morita from nowhere and shot me in the face and ran off. I got no pictures of the rolls since they were gone from chat before I could screen shot them and they don't show up in console but I do have pictures of the text /mes.



Names of chars involved:

Jimmy Claymore

(Insert first name) Echstromt

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I attempted to do it, however I'm not entirely sure it worked.


Although I haven't seen him around the server either. So, there's that.

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