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FEDNET: Castillo Under Siege!

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Airstrikes near the Madroza Wetlands Wildlife Refuge, 5 kilometers from Rico


The presence of Arachnids have been confirmed on Castillo, a planet in the Zeta Sagittarii system with a population 25.7 million people. The Rico Police Department were initially mobilized to respond to reports of a shipping freighter being shot down by what appeared to be a plasma bug, but were quickly overwhelmed by a sudden Arachnid attack, resulting in 122 officers killed. As of the early hours of the morning on September 8th, local garrisons of Mobile Infantry have been engaging Arachnids emerging from the mountains near one of the planet's most populated cities, Rico. The evacuation order had been given, and the MI were to hold off the bugs for as long as they could while civilians and citizens would be evacuated at several points outside the city, one of them being Fort Metzinger, a fortified island 19 kilometers from the shore. 

Fighting in Rico's tight streets proved deadly for many brave soldiers of the Mobile Infantry. Currently, it is estimated 2,000 MI were killed in action, with hundreds more wounded. The planetary governor of Castillo, retired Fleet Captain, David Black, has declared a state of emergency, ensuring that the Arachnid incursion would be "...dealt with swiftly, tactfully, and with great resolve."

Governor Black has issued a rallying cry for the disaffected from Rico, and calls for unity throughout Castillo after the events of the past 36 hours.

Fleet researchers predict that Arachnids initially inserted in the early Spring of 2296 near the Shapley Mountains, directly east and northeast from Rico. During the meteor shower that lasted from February 12 to May 2, the Arachnids could've entered unnoticed, and tunneled into the mountains. Rico was also assaulted from its iconic waterfront, and many of the volunteer vessels ferrying civilians to Fort Metzinger were destroyed before they could reach the island. The disaffected of Rico have fled to the nearby civic centers of Wenceslaus and Ottokar, with hundreds of shelters and disaster centers opened to accommodate the estimated 2,374,028 civilians fleeing from the destruction.




If you have knowledge in the following fields:


-Public Health

-Intensive Care

-General Surgery

-General Practice


-Disaster Relief

-Emergency Services


Your assistance is needed in the relief effort for Castillo!

Contact your nearest Mobile Infantry or Fleet recruitment center and ask about how YOU can VOLUNTEER TO HELP CASTILLO!



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