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console clearing

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for those of you who run into script errors, type this into console -- it won't get rid of the orange light saying "SCRIPT ERRORS" but they will no longer flood console


con_filter_enable 1 (put this in first)

con_filter_text_out <entire line of error received> [spoiler=e.g.]"[ERROR] addons/dronerewrite/lua/weapons/weapon_drr_repairtool.lua:289: attempt to call method 'KeyDown' (a nil value)  1. unknown - addons/dronerewrite/lua/weapons/weapon_drr_repairtool.lua:289"[/spoiler] (put it in quotes)


if that doesn't work, then try con_filter_text <entire line of error received>


it clears console of said error, so, glhf

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