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[Jul. 22nd] Content Pack

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Hi all,

For those of you who want to kick off the download of the content pack sooner rather than later - please see the following workshop collection:

Server content pack
Dedi content pack


There still will be a couple of other things added later today - specifically the new MI models, and the new arachnids (which we had to alter pretty extensively to get to work with Nextbot on account of animation and collision problems).

This'll be fairly trivial in comparison. I've also included gm_atomic (which the mission will be hosted on) and rp_sst_bahamut for ease of use... in the future, we're hoping to have a more elegant solution.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the content pack - and a special thanks to Alexandir/Deckers for giving us their old SSTRP gamemode.


- Xalphox

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