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Aiden O'Farrell

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[: General Information :]
Name: Aiden Garrett O'Farrell
Alias: O'Funnel-Cake, "O"
Biological Gender: Male
Physical Age: 32
Place of Birth: Kilkenny, Ireland
Date of Birth: 10/10/2266

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 224 Pounds
Build: Mesomorphic
Blood Type: AB-
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown

Alignment: Neutral
Political views: Federal
Mental State: Green
Preferred Musical Genre: Hard Rock, Blues
Preferred Type of Writing: Nonfiction
Criminal Record: N/A
Known Languages: Federal standard (English), Irish (Gaelic)
Relationship Status: Single
Motto: Stop standing infront of me!
Religious Views: Christian

[: Medical History :]

  • Talon puncture through leg - Healed
  • Bone Shard to leg - Healed
  • Two Gunshot wounds to Abdomen - Healed
  • Missing everything below the elbow on left arm - Healed
  • Talon through the left knee - Healed

[: Family :]

  • Connie O'Farrell (Mother) - Alive, Civilian
  • Jebediah O'Farrell (Father) - Alive, Citizen
  • Garret O'Farrell (Brother) - Alive, Civilian

[: Education & Training :]

  • Mobile Infantry Basic Training - Passed
  • Mark Two Specialization - Passed
  • Marauder Training - Passed

[: Military Career :]
Current Unit: 112th Mobile Infantry Division.
Branches Served In: Mobile Infantry
Previous Units: N/A
Demotions: N/A
Age of Enlistment: 25
Promotion Record:

  • Recruit > Private > Private First Class > Lance Corporal > 3Spec. > 2Spec. > Specialist > Master Specialist > 3Spec.


[: Character Relations :]
Loved /Attracted To / Trusted / Respected / Friendly / Neutral / Disliked / Hated 

(I trust you wiener doggie-shingle-flingles know what to do, request to be added an' all 'at)


Kenshi - I only met him after getting back to the ship, but out of the newly introduced band of marauders (and many a few with more then a couple months under their shoes), he shows a lot of promise. I'd like to think me and him are buds, seeing as Kenshi's the only newbie I can get along with, be it the similar nature or just his lax attitude. Whatever it is, the guy has my respect and my piece of the pie in terms of friendship, so he's good and dandy in my books.


Travis Young - All I know about the guy is that he's an MI sergeant with a heavy hand, considering the fact that he pummeled the only other capable fighter the marauders had into the next three dimensions. I've yet to see him lead, or actually talk to him, but for now I guess he's alright.


Natalie Yung - I don't know whereabouts she actually went, but all I can hope for is that she didn't kick the bucket. One of the only few boots that isn't a complete dunce, and a pretty reasonable shot from what I can recall. Short and sweet- A-OK.


Daisy Bailey - Bailey's a case where all I can do is silently grumble underneath my breath. How she hit Lieutenant so quickly still leaves me dumbfounded, Triggs or Byrd should've gotten that kind of position, not a sudden Master Specialist ship-in. Either way, it's a tower I plan on a crumbling once I hit Tech Sarge, don't know how I'm gonna do that with Sigrun suddenly filling the position, not saying she deserves it but- Bah, I'm rambling now. Daisy's iffy. End of story.

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update Natalie Yung if you'd like, they were pretty close before she went and left for medical leave (My life got fucked). I'd like to see how they stand after all this time.

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