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UCF Economy

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This will be prettied up later




Average Income of civilian: £17,297.99

Average Income of citizen: £23,425.00



Can't apply GDP due to the Federation being the only national entity that trades with itself.


Federal Economy:

The economic system in place in the Federation is vastly older than the Federation itself. Although it's had significant changes, it is largely similar to the capitalist societies before the Disorders.

The basic standard of currency in the Federation is the pound which has an intrinsic value set by the UCF government due to there being no other competitor against the pound. All financial transactions pass through the Economic Services Bureau which oversees the Federal Bank. the enourmous entity that holds all assets of the Federations civilians and citizens.

Without the Federal government setting or changing the value of the pound, the economy would collapse and set in a state of chaos.




Individual Finances:

I will perfect this later--


Civilians and citizens are set-up with accounts that manage their finances and payout from workforces, Federal government agencies can withdraw revenue from these payouts to alleviate budget.







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