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A Message from the Captain of the Vessel

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As you all know, the members of this vessel, the Mobile Infantry, the Fleet and the Federation as a whole suffered a terrible loss in the Omega incident. Never before have we faced such a foe. Even the disaster of Klendathu pales in comparison to that most bitter of defeats. We will not however let this be the end of us. We will not be paralyzed by fear. We will not sit idly by while planet after planet falls to this titanic and loathsome foe. For today it may be an outer colony world, but tomorrow it will be Mars.... or Luna...Or God forbid, even Terra. As the largest surviving contingent of Fleet crewmen and women who survived the Omega incident, we know exactly what we are up against and why it matters that we take our stand. From this point on, we will dedicate ourselves to the ultimate goal: Victory over the Progenitor foe and all enemies of the Federation. This will not come easy though. We have been laid low by the burden of loss. So that we do not fall into the same mistake that so-ravaged us last time, we must first consolidate ourselves so that we may strike when the time is right with the right strategy, weapons and overwhelming force. Our vengeance will come in time, this much I assure you. For now though, we shall focus our attention on the wretched criminal elements who think that we are too low to defend ourselves from their depravity. We shall wipe them from the face of existence and prove to these traitors that the Federation is still mighty, is still and always will be the sole defender and champion of the human race.


The many losses we have suffered and the opportunities afforded to us by this new and most fearsome vessel means that great internal change is on the way for the crew of the Ulysses S. Grant. We must all redouble ourselves for the challenges to come.


Glory to the Federation.



Your Captain,


Aramis A. Hux


Captain Aramis A. Hux 

Commanding Officer of the Ulysses S. Grant

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