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Serious Roleplaying Guide

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Part 1: IC Vs. OOC



IC stands for In Character, which means that things are occurring inside the universe of the game.

OOC stands for Out Of Character which means things are happening outside of the universe of the game, this usually is what the player themselves are doing.

There is no way IC and OOC should be used together for the risk of Metagaming or just looking flat out stupid in front of the other roleplayers. Everything in the game world would be considered IC and everything outside of it would be considered OOC and the border between those two in no way can be blended.

Imagine a circle in front of you, inside that circle is where you have put your character and in that circle is where your character acts with others inside that universe, that circle is IC. Outside of that circle, which has OOC chat, your chat amongst others through PM’s or even Steam Messenger and you getting up to get something to eat is all OOC.

It is crucial to know the difference from IC and OOC to be able to coherently roleplay.




Part 2: Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar




It’s not a race to see who can pump out their RP fastest, all RP will be reacted to once it is out there so while you’re at it make sure people can fluently read your RP.

Step 2: Punctuate correctly, please!
You need to do your best to punctuate your sentences so people can get the mood of the RP, or just not get frustrated with the lack of it.



Part 3: How to use /me's, /it's, and other commands



/me's are a way to directly show what your character is feeling, thinking, doing, or expressing. It is

how you translate your RP to your character on the game.
To do this you'll type /me into the chatbox followed by an action, this will translate to this.
/me picks up the weapon.
** Tyler Washington picks up the weapon.

This can also express other things, for example.

/me feels rather sad
** Walter White feels rather sad.
/me thinks the idea is perfect
** Walter White thinks the idea is perfect.
/me touches the object, noticing the goopy texture of it.
** Walter White touches the object, noticing the goopy texture of it.
/me listens to the commander relay orders.
** Walter White listens to the commander's relay orders.

Now they are rules against certain kinds of /me's so make sure you know this!
Powergaming- /me picks you up and throws you off the cliff without you being able to do anything.
Emoticons- /me :>)
Abbreviations- /me lol

Now that is how you relay your character's thoughts, emotions, actions etc. onto the server from your writing, now there are other ways to describe other things.

/it describes the environment around your character or others, for example.

/it The hangar would be spacious and cold.
This way more detail and understanding can be brought to the area around you, this can help add atmosphere to the area, you can say an area is spooky or detail it to be as such, or bright, dim, cold, hot, damp, mucky, etc.

This can also explain a situation briefly to someone who is just approaching, for example if a medic walks up on a trooper who is laying down injured along with others instead of individually doing a /me you can do this.
/it The Medic would see troopers laying still, dead from a shot wound along with 3 other troopers with the same injury.

The last two commonly used commands are /y and /w
/y Is to yell out and has a huge radius around you so lots of people will be able to hear it.
/w is to whisper and the radius around that is very small meaning only the people next to you will hear you.

Step 3: There are NO abbreviations, or emoticons.
:o D; :| :C ;-; lol, omg  rofl. All of that, is absolutely horrible for RP, emotions should be conveyed through your RP, not like that. If you do this no one is going to take you seriously and you’ll get a minge stamp on your forehead and you’ll just make it hard on yourself to enjoy the server.

Basic English and grammar:

Noun - A word that names a person, place, or thing. Ex: cow, John, White House, eraser (That is a duckling.)

Verb - A word that tells an action of a noun. Ex: walk, hide, jump (The duckling walked across the road.)

Adverb - A word that describes how something is done (a verb). Usually accompanied by the suffix "ly". Ex: shyly, merrily, happily (The duckling walked merrily across the road.)

Adjective - A word that describes a noun. Ex: brown, tall, small (The small, brown duckling walked merrily across the road.)

Preposition - A word that describes where a noun is. Ex: on, in, around (The small, brown duckling walked merrily across the road behind its mother.)

Subject - The noun in the sentence that is performing the action. Ex: The book is sitting on the shelf.
Predicate - The action the subject is doing. Ex: The book is sitting on the shelf.
Object - A noun in the sentence that has an action being performed on or to it. Objects usually follow prepositions, and make up a prepositional phrase. Ex: The book is sitting on the shelf.

Passive Voice - When the object and subject switch places in a sentence. Ex: The shelf is being sat on by the book.
Active Voice - The standard form of sentences with an object and subject. Ex: The book is sitting on the shelf.



Part 4: In Character Behavior



A character's personality, actions, morality, etc. are conveyed through In Character Behavior. Behavior is the definition of your character, there are good ways to portray your character and sloppy ways, this is how to do this correctly and in a way that you'll receive respect from the other players around you.


Step 1: Realize that you're an ACTOR

Yes you, you are an actor.
Acting: Playing a character who you have to act like
RP: Playing a character who you have to act like.
You cannot act like yourself when you are RP'ing another character, unless you base it off your personality or whatever, but usually you'll be having to think like your character to give off the best example of who he/she is.

Step 2: Get a set personality down for your character

Experienced RP'ers don't usually worry about this because this is something that comes from experience.
A personality is the general demeanor somebody has and if you're new to RP the thing you'll learn to absoluetly love and cherish is what your character is going to be like. Who is he going to be? A harsh, hot-headed man, or a soft, calm wallflower? That's up to you but planning is always good and a fun way to interact with the IC universe.

Step 3: Attitude Towards Others in Words and Actions

You attitude towards others is the way your going to portray how your character with his personality. For example:
Nice characters can be nice through words.
"Oh man, hey I'm so sorry this happened to you! If you need anything you can talk to me, man."
Nice characters can be nice through actions.
"Jesse Pinkmen places his hand softly on Walter's shoulder, patting it in a tender, comforting way."
But if nice isn't your way you can always have other ways, which depends on your character, for example a mean person would do the same thing just in a mean way.
"Please, just kill yourself you retarded asscrack..."
"The robber slaps the man in the back of the head before running away with his things, giving out a menacing cackle."

Step 4: Morality: Not Everyone is a Hero...

Especially to the new guys who just arrived in an extremely hostile planet having no idea what's happening or who to go along with.
There is a fundamental core of RP that can make wonders for good RP, it's called FearRP!
In real life if you go down an alley way and then a shady figure blocks the exit and he puts a gun up to your head and demands for your money then you'll take the logical thing and give him your money because your life is at stake, this should happen in server as well.
If you're a trooper who's clueless and confused and you see a mutant alien creature thing you're not going to say, okay I got this, I don't need help, I can take this.
No you're going to run away in fear because of the circumstances.

Step 5: Weaknesses, everyone has them.

Your character should have some weaknesses, they don't have to be physical but mental weaknesses can make a normal character into an interesting one if done correctly.

Just accept it, we're not superman, we're not perfect, and there is no Clone Batman, so let that idea go.



-This Concludes the BASIC Roleplaying guide.



Advanced Section-Part 1: Attitude and Emotions




Every character starts out somehow, but every character ALWAYS will start out with some tasteless personality and so on until Emotion through RP is brought it. Until you can actually RP a character's emotions, and demeanor through good RP, you'll advance more as a good community member and good writer. The more emotion you add to emotes, the more you become less of tasteless soup, and more of Chef Ramsey's Tears.

** Delta's body falls over limp and rough as the bullet punctures his head.

IMPROPER RESPONSE: /me ignores it.
This is improper because your friend just died. You're not going to just, shrug it off, any decent human being or thing with feelings will feel remorse.

BARELY PASSING RESPONSE: /me feels sad OR /me laughs at the body
For the 1st option, this displays the emotion, but it hardly even scratches the service of the feeling of any type of loss or remorse. The amount of RP is so very basic-level.
The 2nd option, unless your character is some sadistic fuck who doesn't give the slightest care of life, this is just frowned upon and makes you look like an idiot....I mean, holy crap.

-" /me lets out a tear from his/her eye, it rolling down his/her cheek as she looks at the body drop." This shows the emotion as well as an action behind it.
- "/me sees the body drop, and lets out a retch as her/his body quickly scrambles over to the fallen person." Now with bullets flying, this may not be the best move, but it's still a good representation of strong emotion.
- "/me stays behind cover, briefly coming up to take potshots, he/she looks over to the body and freezes for a moment, tears streaming down his/her face. She/he runs out of cover grabbing the body muttering "God no!" repetitively, dragging the body to the cover alongside Him/Her." Now this is near expert level kind of RP. It relays the physical things that actually happen, explaining multiple situations, it shows the stress of the situation and the emotion of loss all at once.


There are many situations were experienced role-players will take a look at a character's attitude and just yell out to themselves. "Are you even trying!?" Attitude is very important to projecting who your character is, and your experience as a role-player.

Your character's interactions with something is what will display what kind of character they are.
For a small example:
Good Character: Takes the weapon along with them, perhaps to save someone in need!
Neutral Character: Takes the weapon, hoping to protect themself.
Bad Character: Takes the weapon, probably to cause harm to someone.

** Your character is insulted by another person trying to give constructive criticism.
Good Character: Raises his hands up in a passive way, saying. "Okay, maybe you're right, there's no need to get angry."
Neutral Character: Takes a deep breath, shaking his head saying. "Whatever."
Bad Character: Takes a long frustrated breath, before throwing a flurry of punches to the man.

The way your character reacts to situations is the way your character will be seen by others, and will also send you forward as a role-player.


What one person says is just the same as their actions, of course this is pretty self-explanatory just like the other situations, and of course it can be in so much more depth.

A good character will be patient, and look out for others with the best intentions.
A neutral character will be to them and be self-reliant.
A bad character will be harsh, and trigger happy.

Speech is up to you with exactly how they talk but it's what they talk about that really matters. Bad characters will give out threats, good characters will give out advice, and neutral characters may not say anything at all.
Emotion and Attitude are the first, maybe the primary, steps in etching out depth in any character. Every character is a blank page, but with some drawings and perspective, there will be depth in that page.



Advanced Section-Part 2:Detailed Emotes and PassiveRP



So, pulling off regular /me's is a pretty simple task, but to really forward your progress as a writer and role-player and as potential to a community, you need to know how to give out good emotes, not only for your character but your OOC outlook.


1.)Compound Actions-

Compound Actions: Two or more actions performed together as one continuous action.
So, pretty simple enough, in order to give out your RP to be fluid, you need to compound it. One action leading to another etc.

Simple /me: David Tyler fired his rifle.

Compound /me: David Tyler fired his rifle, the recoil sending him back.

Simple /me: Eugene loves dogs.

Compound /me: Eugene, an avid dog lover, shows lots of affection to his dog by training it, giving it attention, and affection.

2.) Stronger Vocabulary

Take a word that's regularly used by you, and stare at it and then open up a big fat thesaurus.
To fit better situations and add more emotion and detail to a /me, you want to change up the vocabulary sometimes.

Ran: Sprinted
Jumped: Leaped
Cried: Mourned
Looked: Glanced, Glared, And Watched.

Not that hard, just makes you put some thought into your words.

3.) Personal Actions

Basic /it’s revolved around objects or others, but not always yourself. Part of the RP progression is the realization of the self, just as a child becomes self-aware of them. Remember that you are interactive as well, so remember to incorporate yourself in /me's at times.

-** Carly Morris wiped the blood from her nose.
-** Kimberly strides towards the group of police.
-** Adam "Phoenix" Taylor stares up at the clouds, dragging his hands against his face and breathing in deep.

4.) Emotional /Me's

Emotions are complicated, they go far beyond than just Sadness or Love
There are two ways with a /me you can present that emotion.

Directly: /me feels distraught from the news.
Indirectly: /me Covers her face, hiding away her tears.

The latter is much more preferred, as it adds more detail and can be helpful and easier with letting others interact. It also isn't as vague and really adds to the emotion.

** Jackson feels sad
This is short, and simple and therefore basic RP

** Charles wipes his tears away, gazing in disbelief at his mother's gravestone.
This is an Advanced /me. It is a compound /me, and has a stronger vocabulary

*** Charles grimaces at the engraved rock at the foot of his mother's casket, shuddering out a tear from his eye. He hardly knew her, and would never get the chance to.
This is an Expert /me.

A note about Romance RP. Mature up, but whether you're willing to go there or not is wholly your choice. You cannot be forced into doing something that you aren't wholly comfortable with, and you make the decision as to whether or not you feel you should.




Advanced Section-Part 3: Limitations



Limitations is a pretty self-explanatory concept; know your limits, and don't overdo it.

Before I go into this I want to say that there are three kinds of people that you'll generally see on any Serious RP Community.

People who can't: These are the people that just get on, have no idea what they are doing, and leave because they have the attention span of a walnut. Unless they take the time to really look at the rewards, and learn to enjoy everything they won’t come to the next level...

People who might: These people are probably the kind of people who are reading this guide now, people who show a healthy interest in RP. People who would take up positions on the server, be excited and who can really go far. They might not be the best in RP, or the most active, but they are the good potential I mentioned several times throughout the guide, and with enough time...

People who can!: These are the people who lead the community, who new people look up to on terms of role-play. People who are usually veterans and have RP'd for a while, and have been able to use that experience to give to a community to make the best out of it. Everyone starts somewhere, and these are the people who ended up in the right place.

So now that you know these things you need to sit there, and you need to ask yourself these questions.
-Has your character seen combat before?
-Is your character an expert in some sort of field?
-Could they perform a complex operation under stress?
-Are they Strong, Smart, and Quick-Witted enough to get out of an at-gunpoint situation?
-Have they received some sort of specialized training in the past?

Saying yes to every single situation probably means your character is over-doing themselves, and not limiting themselves and their realistic capabilities.
Saying no to all of them means you need to improve your character and develop them more, and probably would render them under a "Can't" kind of person.

David is an average man, born and raised with nothing special.

** David walks into an alleyway for some odd reason, he looks around the walls of the two buildings before a feeling of fear overcomes him. He begins to breath heavily and quickly turn around to try and escape the alleyway.
** A shady man steps in front of the alleyway, and approached David, striding his way over to David with his hands in a coat pocket and pulls out a pistol.

Now, the thing to do with David's expectations and limitations is to realize that he is an average guy, not Batman.

What NOT to do.

** David runs towards the man, summoning his inner chi, doing a summersault kick towards the man's face.
The reasons why you don't do that should be obvious by now. Realistically, what would happen if David would try to do something rash and brutish like that is...
** The shady man brings up his gun, firing at David, sending bullets towards him that would probably kill him.
And that can result in you losing your character, instead what should happen is this.

** David freezes up, seeing the shady man approach him. He puts his hands up as some type of instinctive surrender, his eyes glancing left-to-right as beads of sweat come down his forehead, his breathing intensifying. He says in a shaky voice. "I'll give you my-my wallet, just, please...Don't hurt me." Before slowly reaching into his back pocket and yanking out a black wallet.
** The bandit, silently stretches his arm out, snatching away the wallet before sending a punch towards David's face.
** David, unable to retaliate from the amount of fear and the way his hands are, would be hit in the face falling backwards and slipping onto the trash on the alleyway's floor. He looks up in fear, his hand coming up to protect his face, shaking from pain and fear. 
** The bandit chuckles menacingly, before walking off.
** David quickly reaches for his phone, sprinting out of the alleyway, calling 911 for someone to deal with the situation.

In this case, David stuck to his limits, and was able to still get a good shot at the man. There was lots of emotion to follow from the event, lots of problems and RP chances for the bandit to steal his credit card information, and David to cancel it, and ultimately was just a better situation for RP than just /me kills you.
This is how RP should be, and this is how it will be on all serious roleplaying servers.



Advanced Section-Part 4: Illegal characters



I will inform you about the characters that should never be made.

In the last part we recognized how being realistic is the best way to go in SeriousRP, so these types of characters are never allowed.

-People with superpowers, strong enough to kill people by blinking, or being invisible or so on.
-Characters that can fly
-Characters with unrealistic gear that makes them young forever or invincible.
-Supernatural Characters
-Ass-Pull Rich People (That includes people who say they have ships, houses, gangs, etc.)

These types are highly discouraged for the possibilities that are likely to occur for the worse.
Think of it like giving a gun to a 9 year old: they have the capability to do anything with that gun, and they're definitely not going to use it with maturity, thought, and fairness.



Play To Lose (P2L)



What is Play To Lose? [PTL]

P2L means doing /me'd fights and so on without rolls, you do not /roll to decide who wins, this is unrealistic and stupid.

How do you Play To Lose?
I will do a couple scenarios, one with P2L in affect, and one without.

Scenario 1: Rolling

*Two Troopers, one an Sergeant trooper, one a Recruit sparr*
Sgt. Rickory Mort gets into his best defense position, taking note of his many deployments and combat experience
Rct. Hendry Philips charges towards the SGT, attempting to rapidly swing his arms around to knock the SGT Unconscious.
Sgt. Rickory Mort Rolls a 28 out of 100
Rct. Hendry Philip Rolls a 100 out of 100
Sgt. Rickory Mort manages to get hit, rendering him unconscious.

Scenario 2: PTL

Sgt. Rickory Mort gets into his best defensive position, taking note of his many deployments and combat experience.
Rct. Hendry Philip charges towards the SGT, attempting to rapidly swing his arms around to knock the SGT Unconscious.
ASgt. Rickory Mort quickly moves away from the flurry of punches. Getting caught by some of them as one hits him in the head while he sweeps behind the recruit.
Sgt. Rickory Mort would hold his head for a moment, not ready for the punch and expecting less force from the recruit.
Rct. Hendry Philip's eyes would be closed, just flailing his arms around hoping to hit the Sarge.
Sgt. Rickory Mort stands, and watches the recruit...
Rct. Hendry Philip stops, turning around to the Sarge, tired from his 'efforts'
Sgt. Rickory Mort attempts to bring his fist to the recruits face, if it were to connect, it would bring the recruit down.
Rct. Hendry Philip would be hit in the nose, he falls backwards as blood from his nose runs down his face.


As you can see in this scenario, the Sergeant at first was somehow knocked unconscious, realistically speaking. The Sergeant should win almost by default because of his training and experience. The 2nd scenario justifies this, and uses it to win compared to the recruits experience for combat.

How should I Play To Lose?
When you play to lose, the roleplay will become much more interesting and enjoyable, however - there are some factors to be taken into consideration

1) You cannot be invincible - Play to lose means you choose to lose. You do a /me about what happens to you but be fair!
2) Take all everything into consideration - Environment, armor etc...
3) Choose an interesting action! - This is not obligatory, but this will of course make things more fun, even though it's not in your favor.

Factors to keep in mind
These factors are to be taken into consideration:
The environment - Are you in a trapped in a corner, is it raining, is it slippery?
The enemy - What is the enemy carrying? Armor? What kind of armor? Heavy plated armor, or light? Is it several enemies, do they carry weapons? (Remember to look closely on the enemy player’s description!)
Your state - Do you eat well, do you drink well, are you hungry, are you strong, are you fast, did you expect an attack, are you scared of the enemy, did something happened recently that may cause negative effects on you?
Common sense and other factors - All other factors and common sense must be taken into consideration to, and remember. If you willingly choose to lose the fight or a me, then you are an awesome-sauce person who is awesome and the other player thinks you are awesome because you are awesome. Refusing to lose the fight or the /me will make you look like an asshole and if the other player has a clear advantage he may contact an admin or demand /roll to be used... because you are an asshole.

Good luck and roleplay!

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