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I'm writing this on my phone, so forgive the lack of fanciness in terms of structure. 


First things first, in light of recent events involving players finally coming out of the shadows and raising complaints against the admin team, we've decided that it's time to do another survey of what direction the playerbase believes the community is heading, especially with the new script and map. In terms of quite a bit of things, I believe we're getting better. It may be slow in some areas and even slower in others, but most assuredly we're reaching a good state in my opinion. I'd also like to stress that the community give time to our script developer, kipper, to address and fix the issues of the script. He's currently in a state of moving and we're expecting him back in the next week or hopefully, sooner.


Before linking the survey, I'd like to stress and announce two more things. The first being this. To the players who raise complaints on the server, if it is not something that can be immediately handled by an administrator or is a complaint that stems wide debate, take it to steam or the forums. The server is no place for debate and the administration should and will quickly shut it down. The server is the part of this community that's meant for enjoyment, the forum is the part that's for handling matters of urgency. With that said, we rely on you, the playerbase, to inform us of what you'd like to see done and whether a part of the administration staff is maliciously targetting you. If you sit there in fear of the wicked few then you will continue to be in a constant state of such and let them rule over you. If such a thing happens you need to IMMEDIATELY come to an XA so it can be handled, we are always available through steam or forums. This goes for complaints of any kind.


Last but hopefully not least, I've been working on the Federal Council v2 behind the scenes with a selective crew. Sadly, this crew has showed no enthusiasm and little effort so I'm extending the invitation to anyone who is interested in bringing a political element that determines certain things for the server to the community, PM me.


And finally, the survey link:



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It's been doing alright so far in terms of the administration team, I mean I've interracted with a few and didn't have an issue, I mean if you use common sense you get repaid the same. The only issue at the moment is with the passive roleplay done around the ship, it's mixed up into the camps of people who actually do development of character and some who don't, get bored and begin to mess around up to the point where the fourth wall is broken.


An attempt could be done to try and partially solve the issue and it stands on the hands of the administration team, for example the events or so called deployments could be done on a slower-paced assignment, for example being launched down for an X objective, something goes wrong and the team remains stranded with rather scarce provisions. An FOB could be established to try and contact for evaculation, teams can be assigned and sent out to try and scout the area of operations, supply runs to try and find resources to help maintain the FOB itself. It's something you can span for a whole day or maybe more up until then you can leave the NCO's to do the bulk of the work and keep things entertaining for longer. 



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This survey is incredibly important.


This survey is the most direct way to present your case or options to the administration team for discussion when you feel that a general post on the forum is not going to get a fair amount of respect or attention to the talking points.



All members of the community, regardless of rank or authority, are recommended to provide their input.

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Alrighty folks. Good responses to the survey. Things cannot get done unless we're made aware and this surely made us aware of where we should pick up the slack in certain areas and they will be addressed in todays admin meeting.


I'd like to thank all of you for participating in the survey and being honest with us.

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