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SST Quotes Thread

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12:53:26 - Pvt. Chen Guan[CH1 - RADIO]: God bless the federation.
12:53:38 - Sgt. Sarah Redbrick[CH1 - RADIO]: Go to bed.
12:53:50 - Pvt. Chen Guan[CH1 - RADIO]: I just woke up sarge! Ready to serve.
12:54:11 - Sgt. Sarah Redbrick[CH1 - RADIO]: --Find a new masterbation technique then.
12:54:33 - Pvt. Chen Guan[CH1 - RADIO]: Masterbating over the Federation flag is what I was taught.
12:54:43 - Sgt. Sarah Redbrick[CH1 - RADIO]: Go for it.
12:54:45 - Pvt. Chen Guan[CH1 - RADIO]: That will never change.
12:54:47 - FLt. Aranea Saint-Laurent[CH1 - RADIO]: I'm gonna have to stop you there.
12:55:04 - Pvt. Chen Guan[CH1 - RADIO]: Its quite practical too, I can use the flag as a cloth.

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