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SST Quotes Thread

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[In TS3]

“Hey, can i roll for walking up stairs?”

>proceeds to roll a one


[Meanwhile, Ingame]


Screams fill the technical deck, seemingly coming from the stairs.

19:08:28 - Cpl. August Clanton: Anybody?

19:08:32 - Cpl. August Clanton: Does anyone-...

19:08:37 - **Cpl. August Clanton sprints.

19:08:37 - Pfc. Angela P. Clark[YELL]:TO BATTLE!

19:08:38 - Clanking can be heard as an Infantryman tumbles down the stairs.


19:14:57 - Meridian notices that the private has legs facing in directions that they should not face.


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 2Lt. Eleanor Tuuli[LOOC]: i was alt tabbed sending litcoins porn

LCpl. Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco: Y'know what they say.

LCpl. Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco: If you can't beat them off, join them-
LCpl. Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco: I think it went like that...


 LCpl. Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco[LOOC]: " dimov doesn't remind me of a guy who rapes children, but he definately reminds me of a dude who'd smile when he dies "
WO. Nikolai Dimov[LOOC]: holy shit

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- Pfc. Angela P. Clark[OOC]: What /Is/ *High Impact Sexual Violence*? Let us ask ourselves this philisophical question.
09:37:54 - 3Spc. Aoife Hviteulven[OOC]: Where I dash you in the skull with my Loins
09:38:08 - LCpl. Osko Dahlstrom[OOC]: it's called slamming your pelvis into the other person's pelvis repeatedly. the force is what makes it high impact, and the movement and crashing itself is violence.
09:38:18 - Pvt. Sean Richardson[OOC]: doing an elvis
09:38:22 - SSpc. Starr Axby[OOC]: Wow... this conversation is...
09:38:26 - : Aoife Hviteulven's model changed to models/players/micoat/female_01.mdl.
09:38:31 - Lt. Amber Kirchauff[OOC]: my name is from a hentai, stop this.
09:38:44 - Sgt. Travis Young[OOC]: I can answer that question.. But I don't kiss and tell.



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Pfc. Jamie 'Sticky' Northcutt: Is there a mirror on your pants..?

11:56:20 - **Pfc. Jamie 'Sticky' Northcutt squints at her pants.

11:56:21 - **Pfc. Angela P. Clark checks her pants

11:56:24 - Pfc. Angela P. Clark: No.

11:56:26 - Pfc. Angela P. Clark: Why

11:56:31 - Pfc. Jamie 'Sticky' Northcutt: Huh-I see myself in them.

**Pfc. Jamie 'Sticky' Northcutt smirks walking off.


goddamit northcunt

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2Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker: Good t-thing I'm caucasian.
 **LCpl. Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco squints heavily in Dimov's direction, before what Thacker said set in - a thousand yard stare is gained.
 **2Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker has achieved the ultimate power to destroy someones brain.
 **WO. Nikolai Dimov puts a finger up, going to speak, but words cannot form.

 **LCpl. Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco raises her brows - her jaw pulling back into her throat, before a cringe would settle on her face.
- LCpl. Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco: Thank fuck you're not my problem...

2Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker: H'what!? It was a joke!

**LCpl. Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco rotates in her seat, letting out a long, high pitched 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAA'
LCpl. Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco[YELL]: HOW DO YOU WORK NUKES.
**WO. Nikolai Dimov nods in agreement.
 LCpl. Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco[YELL]: BUT THINK THERE'S A DIFFERENCE.
 LCpl. Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco[YELL]:BETWEEN 'WHITE' AND 'CAUCASIAN'.

2Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker: ...I think I broke the m-m-m-medic.
22:31:28 - LCpl. Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco[YELL]: SHE'S RETARDED.

**LCpl. Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco holds her head, concern plastered on her face.
**2Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker frowns "It was a joke..." she says somberly,

**LCpl. Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco nods.
 LCpl. Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco: Thacker.
 LCpl. Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco: That's not a joke- you said that with CONFIDENCE.
**2Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker looks back over.

2Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker: .....I say alot wi-with confiedence.
**LCpl. Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco slowly lowers her ass down her seat, before she's resting her back on it - cringe returning.
2Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker: Would another d-drink help?
**LCpl. Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco raises a hand.
LCpl. Arryn 'Yung Spleen' Falco: Apple juice me, boss-man.

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22:28:57 - 2Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker[LOOC]: nigga u should use the formums for this shit.
22:29:05 - TSgt. Kristina 'Skadi' Sigrun[LOOC]: Shh, it's a fucking surprise.
22:29:23 - TSgt. Kristina 'Skadi' Sigrun[LOOC]: An I wont use formums.
22:29:29 - TSgt. Kristina 'Skadi' Sigrun[LOOC]: I don't like milfs

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56 minutes ago, Kris said:

22:28:57 - 2Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker[LOOC]: nigga u should use the formums for this shit.
22:29:05 - TSgt. Kristina 'Skadi' Sigrun[LOOC]: Shh, it's a fucking surprise.
22:29:23 - TSgt. Kristina 'Skadi' Sigrun[LOOC]: An I wont use formums.
22:29:29 - TSgt. Kristina 'Skadi' Sigrun[LOOC]: I don't like milfs

I need to make a post about all the times I have strokes and spell wrong

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17:49:55 - **Lt. Yngvarr Wolff licks his lips while staring at the Corporal.
17:50:04 - 2Lt. Eleanor Tuuli: Try using some lip balm.
17:50:09 - Lt. Yngvarr Wolff: I ran out.
17:50:12 - Pfc. Ezarath Cazernovia: I am going to vacate and reduce the risk of blockage incase of spontaneous fire.
17:50:16 - Pvt. Yazmin Taylor: I have some spare.
17:50:18 - Lt. Daisy Bailey: What is going on here? 
17:50:20 - **A small tan beetle crawls into the middle of the group, and stops.
17:50:20 - Lt. Yngvarr Wolff: I'm sure the medic has some.
17:50:26 - Spc. Sarah Redbrick: Bailey 
17:50:31 - **Lt. Yngvarr Wolff steps on it.
17:50:47 - **The beetle holds up. Somehow.
17:50:50 - **Pvt. Yazmin Taylor watches the Lieutenant fail.
17:50:56 - **Lt. Yngvarr Wolff stomps on it, again.
17:50:57 - Wolff slips on its carapace.
17:51:03 - **Lt. Yngvarr Wolff falls on his ass.

17:51:11 - Pvt. Yazmin Taylor: Hm.
17:51:15 - Spc. Sarah Redbrick: Hm thats dissapointing
17:51:15 - Cpl. Osko Dahlstrom: This is why the Arachnids are winning.
17:51:22 - 2Lt. Eleanor Tuuli: That's my line.

17:51:22 - **Lt. Yngvarr Wolff emits a low groan.. Just laying there as a defeated man.
17:51:29 - Sgt. Nathaniel Josephine: Which one?
17:51:30 - **LCpl. Kaelam Sentoniel laughed quietly.
17:51:33 - Lt. Daisy Bailey: Attractive Wolff. 
17:51:36 - Cpl. Osko Dahlstrom: I just remembered, Ell-Tee.
17:51:36 - : remnar has just loaded in.
17:51:41 - Cpl. Osko Dahlstrom: My bad.
17:51:42 - Pvt. Yazmin Taylor: He needs a medic I think.
17:51:50 - Lt. Yngvarr Wolff: .. This is why I use ships.
17:51:51 - **Pvt. Yazmin Taylor looks at Dahlstorm.
17:51:59 - Cpl. Osko Dahlstrom: No, he needs Wrangler.

17:52:03 - 2Lt. Eleanor Tuuli: If you can't walk, obviously you can navigate Zero-G environments.
17:52:05 - Cpl. Osko Dahlstrom: A special kind of Wrangler.

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21:34:25 - 3Spc. Martineus Dervulin[OOC]: We have a Recruit General Big Dicc running around
21:34:42 - Rct. General Bigg Dicc[OOC]: even bigger than it sounds


22:01:21 - : You cannot use OOC for 0 more seconds.


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21:55:50 - LCpl. Kaelam Sentoniel: Oh yeah, killing boners is my speiality. 
21:55:56 - Pfc. Jimmy Claymore[OOC]: Any medics ready to fulfil my fetishes?
21:56:09 - LCpl. Katie Heartfilia: Is it now
21:56:19 - LCpl. Kaelam Sentoniel: Oh yeah, I'm great at it. 

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dont manspread kids or this will happen




WO. Nikolai Dimov swings around clockwise, swinging his left arm. His left hand, in a loose fist, impacts directly into Johansson's exposed crotch.

16:35:26 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark: Oooh!

16:35:34 - **TSgt. Arryn Falco c r i n g e s

16:35:40 - : Ahegao has just disconnected.

16:35:43 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark: Get 'em! Mountain Man!

16:35:44 - 3Spc. Chase McKnight: Ouch.

16:36:15 - 3Spc. Chase McKnight: Ye' weren't plannin' to have children right?

16:36:26 - **Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson ' balls rolls inside about a foot in. He'd emit a loud screech that surpassed metal gear, his legs flailed about in attempts to wack anyone in range -- as this was happening he'd also fall backwards onto whoever was behind him and land directly on his head.

16:36:45 - Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson[YELL]: 105>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

16:36:53 - **TSgt. Arryn Falco begins, honestly, splitting her gut laughing.

16:36:56 - **2Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker gets a man landed on her she falls off the stool and hits her head on the metal - ouch!

16:37:06 - 3Spc. Chase McKnight: Should we...

16:37:10 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark: Nope!

16:37:12 - **Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson is officially KO'd on landing.

16:37:13 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark: He deserved it!

16:37:16 - **WO. Nikolai Dimov takes a moment to realize what transpired, howling with laughter in the immediate aftermath.

16:37:17 - **3Spc. Chase McKnight takes another sip from his scotch as he'd watch the two on the floor.

16:37:25 - **TSgt. Arryn Falco begins banging on the counter, continuing to fucking piss herself.

16:37:32 - **2Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker is knocked the fuck out biiiiiiiitttttccchhhhh!

16:37:49 - **3Spc. Chase McKnight walks forward, using a foot to prod Johansson's body.

16:37:56 - **Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson remains motionless.

16:37:56 - TSgt. Garret '.Swf' Swift: What the fuck is this?

16:37:59 - 3Spc. Chase McKnight: They...

16:38:03 - 3Spc. Chase McKnight: Are unconcious I think.

16:38:07 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark: They fell!

16:38:10 - **TSgt. Arryn Falco continues laughing, looking over to them with tears in her eyes.

16:38:12 - TSgt. Garret '.Swf' Swift: Fell?

16:38:15 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark: Yeah!

16:38:19 - **WO. Nikolai Dimov looks over at the two, hooting and hollering.

16:38:22 - TSgt. Garret '.Swf' Swift: How?

16:38:22 - 3Spc. Chase McKnight: And I'm almost certain Johansson lost his ability to have kids.

16:38:46 - 3Spc. Chase McKnight: Let's just say Dimov gave 'im a fist to the... well sacred area.

16:38:54 - WO. Nikolai Dimov: It was a genuine accident.

16:39:00 - TSgt. Arryn Falco: I can second that.

16:39:03 - **3Spc. Chase McKnight prods the man with his foot yet again.

16:39:05 - TSgt. Arryn Falco: Genuine accident - turned hilarious.

16:39:07 - WO. Nikolai Dimov: A very, very good accident.

16:39:08 - 3Spc. Chase McKnight: Un-doutably.

16:39:08 - **Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson remains motionless. Still.


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part two. duel of the dick/ovary puncher



16:39:05 - TSgt. Arryn Falco: Genuine accident - turned hilarious.

16:39:07 - WO. Nikolai Dimov: A very, very good accident.

16:39:08 - 3Spc. Chase McKnight: Un-doutably.

16:39:08 - **Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson remains motionless. Still.



Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson emits a weak sigh.. As he'd quickly go to punch McKnight in the balls in a surprise attack!

16:45:41 - **Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson goes for another strike!

16:45:41 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark: It's alive!

16:45:51 - **3Spc. Chase McKnight steps to the side, attempting to kick the man in the throat nigga.

16:45:57 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark: Hey!

16:46:13 - **2Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker slowly wakes u, she sits up pushing her hair out of her face "H'what happened?"

16:46:15 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark: Ooooh!

16:46:36 - **Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson emits a victorious screech of autism before moving onto the next person, Clark. He'd go for the super ovary punch.

16:46:45 - **2Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker rubs her head slowly standing up sitting in the stool.

16:46:54 - **Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson sets eyes on Falco.

16:47:03 - TSgt. Arryn Falco[YELL]:Touch my pussy and I'll bust your face.

16:47:10 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark[YELL]:Oooowww

16:47:19 - 3Spc. Chase McKnight[YELL]:Article 128!

16:47:19 - **Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson begins to crawl through the duo he wasted and makes way for Falco.

16:47:21 - **TSgt. Arryn Falco turns back to the counter, sipping her drink.

16:47:29 - TSgt. Arryn Falco: Johansson.

16:47:35 - TSgt. Arryn Falco: I want you to think about what you're doing.

16:47:45 - TSgt. Arryn Falco: And I want you to consider what I'll do in return.

16:47:56 - **Cpl. Osko Dahlstrom presses his face against the glass.

16:48:11 - 3Spc. Chase McKnight: That's an article 91 and 128 if ye' hit her.

16:48:28 - **Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson meekly stands up, his face still in pain from the amount of pain that coursed through his devasted balls from earlier. He'd finally stand up! And begin an attempt to swing her to the side and do the same as he had done to Clark!

16:48:35 - WO. Nikolai Dimov: If you try to hit me, I will turn you into a full blown woman, Johansson.

16:48:49 - **LCpl. Angela P. Clark keels over, dropping to her hands and knees from the SUPER OVARY PUNCH

Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson somehow manages to stumble out of the way as Falco was trying to back body his personal space, he'd quickly attempt pounce on her back and scream like a woman, electing to pin her down.


TSgt. Arryn Falco attempts, in return, to grip his face and kiss the FUCK out of this nigga, tongue and all

*Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson wiggles his way between the two like a worm though in the process recieves a moderate bump to his face; causing a grunt from him. Finally going for the RKO! A fist to the ovaries to end it once and for all!

16:53:30 - WO. Nikolai Dimov: I got this.

16:53:51 - **TSgt. Arryn Falco takes the fist to the pussy, letting out a loud, sharp screech.


16:54:08 - Cpl. Daniel 'Tortilla' Gonzalez: I...

16:54:14 - Cpl. Daniel 'Tortilla' Gonzalez: I...

16:54:16 - 3Spc. Chase McKnight: Oh shit, ye' done did it now.

16:54:18 - Cpl. Daniel 'Tortilla' Gonzalez: No words.

16:54:22 - Cpl. Daniel 'Tortilla' Gonzalez: I have no words.

Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson begins to make way for Dimov, his main target.

16:54:36 - 3Spc. Chase McKnight: It's okay, he'll probably git' several lashings for this.

16:54:45 - **3Spc. Chase McKnight runs up, attempting to tackle Johansson into the counter.

16:54:51 - Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson[YELL]:Divine intervention!

16:55:04 - **WO. Nikolai Dimov flips the bottle in his hand to hold it by the neck. He smashes it against the counter and holds it as the weapon it now is.

16:55:04 - **TSgt. Arryn Falco grips her pelvis, clentching her teeth heavily.

16:55:20 - **Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson is tackled into the counter, another loud screech was heard from him as he'd begin to body backwards away from Dimov and get McKnight off his back.

16:56:03 - **3Spc. Chase McKnight holds his grip on Johansson, as he'd have several years experience from Jumpball before attempting to pull him from the counter towards the flooring.

16:56:12 - **Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson is continued to be pinned in his rather comprimised position. He'd squirm about, this time opting an attempt to wiggle free and find himself away from McKnight.

16:56:20 - **Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson

16:56:38 - TSgt. Arryn Falco: What the fuck is going on-

16:56:40 - **3Spc. Chase McKnight looses his grip, falling to the floor instead as he'd move towards the counter, attempting to stand.

16:56:43 - WO. Nikolai Dimov: Johansson, if you try to come for me, I will shove this into your fucking face.

16:56:44 - Cpl. Daniel 'Tortilla' Gonzalez: I just work here.

16:56:45 - TSgt. Arryn Falco[YELL]:All of you stop, or you're on morgue duty.

16:56:47 - **Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson goes for another nutshot on McKnight as he attempted to stand.

Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson misses, instead hitting his leg fairly moderate, not too bad.

16:57:09 - Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson: Aaaaw..

16:57:09 - **2Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker stands up.

16:57:12 - **Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson steps/.

16:57:15 - **Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson steps back.

16:57:28 - **3Spc. Chase McKnight dives to the side narrowly avoiding the children breaker, coliding with the counter as he'd push himself up.

16:57:36 - **2Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker covers her prescious ovaries

16:57:39 - Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson: I felt like a warrior, a ball slash ovary warrior.

16:57:56 - TSgt. Arryn Falco: You, punched me in the cunt.

16:58:01 - TSgt. Arryn Falco: If I am being honest.

16:58:04 - Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson: Close enough.

16:58:06 - TSgt. Arryn Falco: I want to blow your brains out.

16:58:13 - : - litloins has just loaded in.

16:58:16 - Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson: It was just payback to everyone.

16:58:20 - **Cpl. Charles 'Lipstick' Johansson nods assertingly.

16:58:24 - 3Spc. Chase McKnight: Ye' could just lash him instead... seeing as how that's going to happen anyway.

16:58:25 - TSgt. Arryn Falco: No one did anything, you did it to yourself.



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hello friends

I have come to indulge in doinkery


21:49:25 - TSgt. Arryn Falco[YELL]: I tell you what - nearly two years of service here, and I have yet to murder anything quite like I do my own goddamn meat!


 21:26:49 - **TSgt. Arryn Falco offers a soft, happy smile towards the Warrant Officer, her eyes drifting into the distance (a sum of a measurement, usually proclaiming that the object in the focal point is very far away; thus gaining the word distance. distance, used in different contexts, can be appropriate to describe one of the following; travelled measurements, connection between two people, and how fucking long my doink hits are)

22:51:13 - **TSgt. Arryn Falco takes the fist to the pussy, letting out a loud, sharp screech.


 23:24:45 - SSgt. Erae Bellic: I don't think we sung about big ol' doinks in church.


: 23:35:35 - SSgt. Erae Bellic: Give me an explanation what a 'Doink' is.
23:35:38 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark: Yeah!
23:35:55 - **TSgt. Arryn Falco gasps, taking a step back - her left hand raising to her chest. She looked very offended.
23:36:02 - TSgt. Arryn Falco: H-How dare you!

 00:29:28 - TSgt. Arryn Falco: Jeebie weebies, they're going to be looking fresh as fuck smoking doinks all day.

00:30:37 - **TSgt. Arryn Falco presses a doink into her mouth, huffing on it a few times - before she'd run into the screen at full tilt, disappearing from reality with the final; "da ting goes papapa"
00:30:39 - : - weakmoon (2017 colorized) has just disconnected.
00:30:47 - WO. Nikolai Dimov: There goes my hero.


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 01:50:55 - TSgt. Arryn Falco: Hello, youngster.
01:51:07 - TSgt. Arryn Falco: Do you have a 'boo-boo' as they call them?

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21:47:53 - 2Spc. Ares Kerr: As I was going to say before he inturupted me, We have an interrogation room.
21:48:02 - 2Lt. Eleanor Tuuli: That's what that room is.
21:48:10 - 2Lt. Eleanor Tuuli: Hence the two-way mirror.
21:48:12 - 2Spc. Ares Kerr: Thats the question room.

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23:10:06 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark[LOOC]: welp, another one bites the dust.

23:10:12 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark[LOOC]: Or should I say, INHALES THE DUST


23:10:16 - Pvt. Pablo De Jesus[LOOC]: I'm alone ;-;

23:10:29 - 2Spc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker[LOOC]: im sorry ;[ Jesus ill go to church and make it up to u!
23:10:46 - Pvt. Pablo De Jesus[LOOC]: U better I'm always watching -_-

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