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Name: Kaelam Sentoniel

Age: 19

Date of Birth: 13/11/2279

Gender: Male

Role: Mobile Infantry.

Kin: Steven Sentoniel (Father) [Dead] Jessica Sentoniel (Mother) [Dead] Rachel Sentoniel (Sister) [Dead] Jazmin Sentoniel (Sister) [Dead]

Homeworld: Pangatha II (Colony 221-B) [Destroyed]

Alignment: Good.

Hair Colour: Brown.

Eye Colour: Blue

Build: Slender.


Sentoniel on the Audie Murphy wreckage. (Left.) With Dutch Bower, (Right.) Josev Lynch (Crouched.) and Sergeant Josephine. (Doorway.)


Kaelam was born and raised in a Colony called Pangatha II. He lived a rather quiet and peaceful life, just finishing college and ready to go to University to study Psychology. His plans fell short, however, when bugs hit his colony while he was away with friends celebrating. When they returned, MI were clearing up the carnage. No one on Colony 221-B survived. Kaelam and two of his surviving friends joined the Federation to try and stop similar incidents from happening. His friends died in combat two weeks after he reached the 112th.

After the Horrors of Terra, Sentoniel was found in a subway tunnel with a group of twenty other Civilians. He'd lost his left eye, his face heavily scarred and missing half of his right leg, however, he was alive. He now lives on Iskander. 


Personal Log:

Log One:



"Okay, it's the 29th of September. I've been with the 112th for... a little less than two months now. I decided to just make one'a these log things, do a little recap on my first month or so. To look back on some day, maybe? I'm not quite sure yet.

First of all, I'm a Lance Corporal now.  That's definitely- well, unexpected. I've lead Blue team twice now and so far all has been okay. It's definitely not as scary as I was hyping it up to be.

I'd say I've settled in on the Grant well. Got a nice group of friends, so that's really nice! I suppose I could use some close friends since everything back home and... well- Ben and Megan... I miss 'em. A lot. When I heard the news about them everything just kinda hit at once. Everyone's gone from back home. Definitely taking a greater toll than I'll ever tell anyone. I don't need people worrying about my stupid ass. 

I'm really not sure what else to discuss. My life's oddly uninteresting. It still that way in the Future, me? Wow feels weird saying that. God am I still gonna be this lame in a few years? Probably."


Log Two:


"I'm sat here in the medbay, just kinda recovering from four or so gunshot wounds. Funny story, Price disarmed a nuke and everything, it was a cool drop. Anyway, not the point of this log. I'm, worried, I guess. I'm going on a Classified drop with Pathfinders next weekend, don't know any details, but it's all super hush hush top secret. It was a volunterr only mission. Why? Because the Colonel knows that we're signing a death wish if we go. Chances of survival are very slim. I'm going, there's no doubt about it, I can't not, but... I can't shake the feeling I'm not coming back from this drop when it happens. I'm a little scared, actually. Funny, the kid who hates his life but doesn't want it to end. What kinda sick irony is this? I guess, as pathetic as this sounds, I don't wanna leave Taylor behind, or any of my friends. The 112th is kinda like family now, and I wanna keep them safe. Must be these drugs bringing out all this sappy shit, but I guess deep down it's true. I don't really wanna die. I don't, but... I can't shake this fear that I will. Feels like I've been told I have a week to live. The fuck am I gonna do with it? Well, get outta this damn bed for a start."

Log Three:



"I made it back. What a fucking week. But I made it. Price made it, Bentsa and Tuuli made it. Ramsey and Mikhail, even Clark and Heller made it. We all fucking made it. I upheld my promise, I made sure everyone got back. God it feels good to say that, it really does. It was a- well, unpleasant week to the the least, but we did it. Thank God." 


Pathfinder OP Warhorse.png

[Picture of the Operation Warhorse Crew, which Sentnoiel was a part of.]


Log Four:


"I uh... I'm back on the Grant now. At least, I think I am. People keep reassuring me that I'm home, that I'm safe. but... I don't know if I can trust it. I keep having these nightmares that I'm still in that fucking room and I don't know what to do. I'm scared, to say the least. I just want this to end. Intel won't let anyone see me, safety reasons or something I don't know, but it hasn't stopped a few people from coming to see me. I appreciate it, I really do. I don't want to be alone right now."

Log Five:


"It's been almost a month since I left medbay. Not much has changed, but- I feel better. I guess. The anxiety has stopped, the nightmares, while not gone, are way less frequent. Haven't had one in weeks now, which is amazing. I just need to start getting out of bed again. Kinda been hiding away under my covers day in day out, only leaving when the ship is empty for food and stuff. I know I have friends that could help me but I just don't know how to talk to them anymore. It's a strange feeling, it really is."



Strength: 12/20
Dexterity: 17/20
Constitution: 15/20
Intelligence: 14/20
Wisdom: 14/20
Charisma: 16/20


Combat Rating: 8/10


Character Description:

His losses have left him rather emotionally fragile and in a deep depression, though he tries his best to hide it and instead focus on others he holds close. He often makes jokes in dire situations, mostly as a coping mechanism to keep himself calm, as well as avoid any panic, though also to raise the mood around him. A happy team is a successful one in his opinion. However, his joking nature can come across as him not taking the situation seriously, which is very rarely the case. He takes things seriously deep down, always focused on keeping those around him alive and being as helpful as he can. 


On the 29th of October, Sentoniel was captured and taken prisoner by a Seperatist group after surviving an injury from enemy artilery. After 24 hours of brutal torture for information, he was found by the 112th during an Intel Snatch and Grab mission. His face was badly scalded, bruised and beaten, and he'd had his left hand cut off. Since then, Sentoniel has been suffering from severe PTSD, often waking up from nightmares screaming or suffering from vivid flashbacks to the incidents that happened during his time as a Prisoner. As a result of this, he has become more quiet, less cheerful and has mostly lost his positive, jokey attitude. 


Fellow Crew Members: (Documented Opinions)

Love, Like Family, Admire Best Friends, Friends, Neutral, Dislike.


Chase McKnight - "Probably my closest friend. Thought he was a prick when I first met him, back when I was a shitty little Recruit who knew nothing and was just scared of everything. Now, it's funny to think how much has changed, and how much we've stayed the same as friends. I'm glad that I got to know him, he's a great guy. Happy to have him around. Just hope I'm able to be there for him when he ever needs me. Well, seems his relationship flopped, hard. She's an unloyal bitch, and the fact it might be Price makes me sick to my fucking stomach. Guy's pratcially my best friend in the world, been with me every day, day in day out, sitting with me in this medbay despite how boring it may be. Nothing but respect for that, I'd probably still be a mess if he weren't here helping me. Love you, man, I’m gonna miss you. Hope to see you again soon wearing those Lance Patches you want so bad, Hell, maybe you’ll even make Corporal. What a fucking scary thought.” 


Johnathan Price - "Price was one'a the first people I ever met. He was looking out for me during O---a and was a nice guy since day one. He gave me a card to keep hold of, and I was honestly touched by it. Gonna keep that with me at all times. What do I even say now? I can't even believe he did that to McKnight, and he won't even fucking admit it. Fucking disgusting, man. Heard he's in the Brig, might get hanged. Not sure how I feel. I feel like I should be said but... it's kinda hard to feel anything anymore. God what the fuck is wrong with me?" 

--After Death--

"Well... he's gone. Neons got him. From what I hear it was quick. Not sure he deserved death, but if anything, he deserved a quick one. He was a cunt in the end, but I can't forget the memories we shared together. All I have now is the card, I'll never lose it, Brother."


 Sarah Redbrick - "Red's probably one of my best friends, period. Not just out of the people on the Grant, out of anyone I've ever met. She's funny and good company, and just always a pleasure to be around. As I would say to her, she "radiates with life." or whatever that dumbass joke was. If she pulls some near death act like what she did again and scares me I'll smack the shit outta her. I don't really think she realises how scared I was. But, that's fine, guess we're kinda even now, but still, those 12 hours when I heard she was dead were... well, I haven't felt that sad since back home, and- all that shit. At least she's okay now, gonna make it my own personal job to see that she stays out of harms way. I’m gonna miss her while I’m on Terra. Sent her a PDA but maybe she didn’t get it. I’ll try again soon. Hope to see you again soon, don’t get too hurt while I’m gone, and try not to miss me too much. Loser.” 


Arryn Falco - "She's a Tech Sergeant now and obssesses over Medical work. Barely talk to her anymore and when I do, it's just not like it used to be. Feel like she's changed. Kinda feels like she doesn't actually care about our friendship or me as a person. Just sees me as some faceless trooper that's below her. Not gonna bother trying anymore. Makes me sad, but, some people change I guess. Hope it never happens to me." 


Weston MacDonnell - "Mac's a solid guy. Needs to stop getting hurt though, I have enough stress in life with out having to ask if he's dead every five fucking minutes. Guy's really shaping up to be a best friend. I looked up to him for a long time, still do. I'd die for that man with out a second thought. Sergeant Pecker I call him. He claims to hate it, but I can tell he doesn't... Much. I haven't seen him in a while. I miss him, honestly. Railers for Life." 


Michelle Cooper - "Great person. She's good company and far more talented then she's given credit for. Hope I can help her as much as she's helped me. She means a lot and I hate seeing her so stressed or upset. She finally made Corporal a while ago and I've never seen anyone deserve a rank more. She's like a sister to me, honestly.”


Erae Bellic - "Can't shake the feeling she doesn't like me. Which kinda sucks because she's a role model of mine. She's a fantastic leader and probably the only reason I didn't die in the O---a incident. Maybe one day we can properly hang out and maybe become friends or something, that'd be nice."


Eleanor Tuuli - "Also a none mutual friendship. Probably. I don't know, it's hard to tell with Tuuli, but I like her. We chat now and then, usual small talk, sometimes lengthy talks about the 112th and life. Her whole Psychic thing is really interesting to learn about, and her "Say it how it is" careless attitude is oddly pleasant. She's surprisingly amusing at times too. She often has this look as if she has no idea how to interact with human beings, like an Alien speaking to humans for the first time, not knowing social norms and stuff, but she's nice enough to at least talk back to you when you try to chat. Above all else though, Tuuli’s a respectable leader. Conversations with her are surprisingly interesting too, if I didn't say that already." 


Valerie Faust - "I've started talking to Faust a lot more now. It's quite nice, actually. I think we're a lot closer as friends, which I'm happy with. Hope things continue to stay on the uprise, she's a great person and I always love her company" 


Ottilie Kittel - "Kit's nice. She's a bit of a sweetheart, really. I feel bad for her kinda, she gets a lot of shit from people when she doesn't deserve it. Guess I'll have to stick up for her every now and again. Might even get to give a speech when she gets married, hope so, that would be super awesome! Better not have that wedding ‘till I get back, so help me God I’m giving that fucking speech, don’t think I forgot!”


Jamie Northcutt - "Pretty solid guy. Tries a little too hard with women, but he can be good company. I'd definitely say he has my respect, and is someone I'm happy to see when I walk into the bar. Slowly patching things up with him. Things are kinda going back to normal. God I feel so bad about what I did. He didn't deserve that. Railers for Life. Hope he’s doing okay. I miss him.” 


Sila Ren - "Ren's... an interesting one. Her mind can be a little distant at times. However, she's really nice and pretty fun to be around, just needs to work on herself a little in the field." 


-After Her Departure-

“I erm- I don’t really know what to say here. I tried so hard to help and I fucked up. Can’t help but feel guilty here. I’m so sorry, Ren.” 


Yazmin Taylor - "Taylor was put under my wing to learn the ropes when she first got here and I had zero complaints. She was then made Lance after 4 drops. Gonna say it was all me who did that to make her mad, but we both know I don't mean it. It was all her. She's nice, fun to be around and chat with. Always pleased to see her and felt genuine pride for her when I saw those Lance patches. She looks good in 'em. We went on that date. It went well, I think. We're together, papers were signed a while ago and I love her so much. Arguably the most important thing in my life and I'd give anything to stay with her. I haven't seen her in so long. I wish I got to see her before I leave, but I’ll see her if I get back. Until then, I’ll be sure to write. A lot.”


Jon Eriksen - "A marine I only properly started talking to recently, though I'm glad I did. He's a solid guy and fun to chat with. Would definitely dress up as a Cowboy with him and patrol the ship as a fake Marine. Halloween plans are sorted. He has no choice. 


-After his Death-

Looks like he really doesn't get a choice now. Fuck, man. I'm so sorry. I tried, I really did. I wish I could have been better, or just a little faster. I failed you and you died because of it. Just hope you forgive me. I know we didn't know each other long, and I wish we could have been friends much longer. I'm so sorry, I miss you already..." 


Isobella Eriksen - “Jon’s younger sister. She’s a sweet gal, I like her a lot. We’ve grown to be quite good friends. I feel like I owe it to Jon to keep her safe, so that’s what I’m gonna do. Did my best to keep her safe, I can't do much else now. I did what I could to help her with Price, now I just have to make sure she holds together. Stay strong wuth out me, buddy. I know you’ve got it in ya.” 


Garrett Swift - "Swift's an alright guy. He has his moments where he's cool and easy to chat with, just avoid him when he's in a bad mood. He tends to be an asshole to everyone when he is. Other than that, can't complain, I don't hate him or love him, but I do respect him in the field. Talented lad." 


Angela Clark - "Clark's pretty great. She's really nice and fun to be around. She keeps trying to pass out on me and it's weird. Though, I don't mind, I just kinda sit her on the floor and leave. She's a good friend though, always manages to put a smile on my face no matter the mood I'm in." 


Hakam Singh - "I don't really know him too well, he seems like an okay guy though. Not sure if I'd hang out with him, but I'd hardly turn my nose up if he came to sit with me." 


Travis Young - "Young's a Lieutenant I've only seen a few times. However, he seems like a solid guy. Would be more than happy to hangout with him more and get to know him. From what other people have said, he sure sounds like a good guy and a respectable soldier. Guess I'm gonna have to start harassing him to get to know him more."


Dutch Bower - “Dutch is an interesting one. At first, I didn’t like him. Could say I hated him. He just seemed kinda- well, like an arsehole. Though, it sort of just changed at one point. He made me his Second for a drop, which I didn’t expect since I was sure he hated me. Then since that point we’ve just kinda hung out. We’re definitely friends now. We hang out a fair bit, chit chat and all that. Things didn't go as planned with him and Red, and I haven't seem him since... Hope he's doing okay.”


Kensei Ichimaru - “We haven’t spoken too much, but he seems cool. Competent Marauder and seems laid back enough that I could hang out with him. Guess I’ll have to keep an eye out.” 


Sean Richardson - “Richardson is an alright lad. He can be a bit of a cunt at times, but I think that’s just how he is around people. He likes to make jokes a lot, some just don’t hit the mark. Well, most actually, but I’ve grown to enjoy his company more and more over the last few weeks. Part of me thinks he doesn't even realise he's being a bellend, not that it excuses his actions at all, he is still, at the end of the day, being a bellend.” 


Daisy Bailey - “Bailey seems pretty cool. We’ve sat and had a decent chat once or twice and I wouldn’t mind hanging out with her more. One of the only Lieutenants that seems really down to Earth and chill, which is nice. Hopefully we can chat more in the future, wouldn’t mind that at all.”


Noemi Rosangela - "She's like a tiny ball of purity. It's so odd to see someone so clueless and pure firing a rifle at bugs and stuff. I feel bad about her and her Grandmother. Poor gal. If I could pick one person to cancel their Indefinite placements, it's be her." 


Joshua Caine - "Pretty solid lad. Hung out quite a few tmies in the bar and if I remember correctly, he got absoloutely annihilated with me and Redbrick on an R&R, though I barely remember it because I was well and truly wankered. Pretty sure it was him though."


Ryan Cooper - "Ryan's an interesting guy. Guy's built like a brick house, Cooper's dead but not really dead Dad. I don't really talk to him much, but when I do it's alright. Mostly me trying to reassure him Cooper isn't a bycicle, but that's fine."


August Clanton - "I remember his name now! It's August, like the month. Anyway, he's a cool dude. We've had a few conversations outside of orders and stuff, and he's been willing to give me advice to help me do better as an NCO, so I respect and appreciate that. He said some pretty nice stuff to me while walking around naked drunk out of his head, which was cool. He also seemed pretty determined to make me Sergeant again, for some reason. Guess that ain't gonna happen anymore"


Jonathan Reid - "Reid is a new guy, only been on a few drops, but he's a solid guy. Big Scottish fucker, funny guy, good soldier. See potential in him and now he has that First Class patch I can somewhat justify making him my second once or twice to really test him. Look forward to getting to know each other more."


Mikhail Kuznetsov - "Mik's a cool guy. I met him very recently but we hit it off well. First thing I said to him was "Cyka, Rush B" as a joke and he didn't hit me for it, so I will continue to mock his Russian accent jokingly. He calls me "Brit" anyway so I'll just refer to him as "Cyka" until he gets annoyed with me. Ten outta Ten, quality friendship."


Kristina Sigrun - "I'm not really sure what to say about Sigrun. The only times we really talk are when Clark's around, but when the two of them are together it's absoloutely hysterical. I don't think I've ever laughed harder than when I told Sigrun about Clark's little... fantasy, we'll call it in the bar. She's pretty cool though, quite fun to chat with when in a laid back atmosphere and that constant "Fuck this let's kill it." Attitude in the field is great. Is she as scary as everyone makes her out to be? Not exactly, as long as you're on her good side. I would never, EVER, want to piss that woman off."


Annabelle Thacker - "Thacker's an odd one. Sometimes, we can hang out and click and it goes well, but sometimes she just pisses me the fuck off. Over the last few days though, things seem to have gotten better. More friendly, and on a more consistant basis, so, I'm okay with that. The more friends the better!" 


--After her Departure--

She's gone. Hopefully she'll be happier out of the unit, though who really knows. Gonna miss you, enjoyed the short time we shared.


Sigrid Nielsen - "I haven't known her too long, but she seems really nice. She said she admires me and even offered a caring hand when I was at some low points. She gave me some uh- Beef Jerkey from her Dad, and it was really damn sweet of her. I like her a lot, hope to see her around more."

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