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Colony Google Doc

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Hey guys, sorry, work has been kicking my ass but finally I'm free for the next few days.

Above is the link that allows us all to edit and create colonies.


Now the Federal Council has 244 seats, however we don't need to create 244 colonies. We only need enough to supplement a basis and then if we start to run out, possibly making it a part of the application process to become a Councilmember?


Nonetheless, the colonies in the RPG listing will be added. From there we'll use the colonies stored in the Intelligence Vault and then we'll just pull some out of our asses of our own creation. 


Feel free to add/edit whenever you wish. However, please be responsible with this as I'd like to get things running officially in the near months.


Also roach's outlines in this thread, is what we're going off of


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1 hour ago, Xalphox said:

Could this be done on the wiki instead?


Would you rather a draft first on a google doc or stupid stuff on wikifirst?

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