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FEDNET :: Dissent into chaos, Varangoi

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Dissent into Chaos



Disaster struck the peaceful city of Legarra today in the midst of a pro-Federation declaration by their Mayor. Glim Ontario, the city's Mayor and Federal Representative, brought a show of force with him today as he unveiled their plans to construct a training academy on the outskirts of the city. A small selection of troopers from Alpha Company, 112th Division provided close personal security over the function, with a stoic AEGIS-II providing a clear symbol standing behind the Mayor himself. TAC fighters screamed overhead as the Mayor condemned the recent bombing of the local city library, vowing that Legarra would not be perturbed by a handful of dissenting civilians.


A symbolic gesture of a handshake between an officer of the Federal Armed Services and the Mayor was planned, but before it could come into fruition the assembly was attacked by a handful of protesters. Dissenting forces laid in hiding among the citizens gathered, and at a chosen time the event was stormed by armed assailants. The troopers reacted quickly, however, managing to prevent a major bloodbath within the courtyard of the local precinct house. As a show of solidarity with the Local Defense Force, Alpha Company swept through the streets of Legarra to arrest many collaborators.


At last count, only ten citizens were fatally shot. Many citizens and civilians lay wounded, however, by the rioting and unorganized protesters. One conspirator, a citizen who has remained un-named, has been captured and will be tried and charged within the week. When asked about the incident, Mayor Ontario had only this to say:

"The Federation does not back down. It does not surrender. Those who fight against it will meet a wall of steel."

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