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Dominic Cage

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Basic Information:

Name: Dominic Cage
Age: 26
D.O.B: 24th March 2272

Gender: Male
Affiliation: Federation
Role(s): M55 trained trooper, NCO
Kin: N/A
Homeworld-Place of birth: Terra
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Build: Stocky/Muscular
Rank: ex-Marine TSgt. Currently MI Sgt.


Family: N/A

Backstory: An orphan from birth I spent most of my times on and off the streets going from home to home getting into countless fights and never really know a real family or friends until eventually I got through high school and sign up for the mobile Infantry like every other ape out there. Truly I ain't got much of a backstory but I joined the infantry to make my story.


Strength: 20/20
Dexterity: 17/20
Constitution: 16/20
Intelligence: 15/20
Wisdom: 16/20
Charisma: 19/20

Misc. Attributes:

Combat Rating: 9/10

Pain/Health: 10/10

Other Information:

Achievements- Certification in M55, Carbine, Mark two, Explosive ordinance and Belcher. Marine



Personal Relationships
Relations: Loved|Admired or Respected|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears

--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--

-Michelle Cooper- I feel sorry for this corporal... she seems to get targeted by a lot of people for things and no matter what she tries to do someone always finds something negative to her to bring her down. Her combat skills, however, don't fall even though shes always going through a tough time so I respect her strength. She seems to trust me and I think she may be one of those people I may actually find friendship with. I guess it all finally got to her, she's left and well I don't know if she will survive or end up getting herself killed out there.
-Kaelem Sentinel- Now this lance corporal has had his moments since I've known him, I'm not one to judge however as we all from time to time, myself included. He seems alright though and hopefully, he does good on the field with his rank.   Sad to see you go, man.... although I didn't know you much still sad to see you go.

-Jackie Knoxx- Seems a bit mouthy and cocky, but I feel like its just a shell. The talk I had with her went well once we were one on one, and I gave her some training in the gym which I felt help me see a lighter side of her. Perhaps we'll be friends in the future or at least not in a state of constant arguments.

-Tom Solomons- From the first day I met him in the mess hall to present, I've had a found respect from Tom. Be that because I always got the vibe from him that he would go far or just his sheer willpower. I see him as a friend, although we don't talk much I've known him long enough that I would think there to be the mutual respect of friendship as I definitely know I would have his back as a friend if we ever got in a sticky situation but no matter, he's the Master sergeant of the MI and in the master spec of the marines. So we've both made something of our selves since those day's sat in the mess hall as privates but I'd hope that those memories stay with him as they do me.

--[[Federation Engineering Division]]--

- John York- A chap from, some part of New York... I always forget for some reason. He's got a nice personality and is a good engineer..... and well NCO now lucky him. I've shared some convos with him over drinks and I think our friendship can go further with time.
Zealious Odin- A funny guy indeed, cheers me up on the days I'm feeling shit. Maybe just because of his funny comments or maybe just because he doesn't give a shit what others think he just does what makes him happy, which I also respect. I've shared some conversations with him and had some fun. I'd consider us friends.


-Travis Young- The old LT of the engineering detachment of the 112th or well that's how I knew him before he became one of those black armour wearing fellows. He still seems the same but with a slight edge, he ran his famous stealth training once he was back on the ship and I took part. I will admit, I was pretty shit scared of being caught by him when he turned up within the sim itself but I know he was just doing it to express the situation. I respect him no matter the rank or what detachment he works under and glad to see he's back.

--[[Federation Hospital Corps]]--


--[[Federation Marauders]]--


--[[Federation Fleet]]--


--[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]--

-Blaire Montogomery- My tech sergeant, although I knew him when I was MI and he was a corporal. I've never really chatted with him before joining the marines but ever since I have joined we've had a few chats, and he seems like a nice chap and a good choice of tech. I believe he's gonna lead the detachment to a good place.
-Lt. Shulz- The first guy I met upon joining the Marines, this LT is definitely someone who controls a situation. From his body language to voice is screams edge but not the kind you'd take the piss out, more the kind you wouldn't want to fuck with. However, saying this he is the commander of my detachment and seems a more than capable leader, so I respect him not only for his rank but for his attitude.
- Josephine Drehd- One of the new marines that have come in alongside myself, she seems as if she is blocking her true personality behind a coat of 'professionalism' as she calls it and I hope one day I can break through that coat. We've had a few chats on our patrols and time in the bar/brig and I believe that we could definitely be good friends.

- Ollie Graham- Another master spec that's in the detachment, I met him once and he seems alright. Maybe I'll see him again ya never know.

- Blake Lexious- One of the third specs in the detachment, I've done some one on one training with him and he seems pretty good when it comes to the combat side of things, but intelligence and his thought process seems to be slacking. Over time, however, I'm sure I can fix that and turn him into a good marine.

- Maxell N. Anderson- another one of the third specs, she seems to have good intentions but I'm not sure about her honestly. Perhaps she'll prove her self in time.

--[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--
-Jonathon Price- What to say about Johnny, huh. He was a good friend and engineer whilst I knew him but we grew apart due to me becoming busy and his deteriorating state. Death for him was a mercy at that, and better the way he went then the noose he was about to receive.




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