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Combat Engineer Rules & Regulations

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CED Operations: Every MI is a rifleman, and by extent every engineer is a rifleman. They are war fighting men and women, trained, and at the very least having been blooded by a single combat drop. When it comes to their duties, they are a rifleman up until the point where their knowledge and training as an engineer comes into play. Meaning: rifleman first, engineer second - excepting when they are ordered to complete an engineering task pertinent to the completion of the mission, or when a dire emergency involving an engineering task has come up, or it is otherwise within an acceptable realm of purpose or reason in a situation for them to perform the engineering duties required of them. However, as an engineer and a NCO/Officer; when you become a leader your duties will always be focused on that, first and foremost. As an engineering non-commissioned officer, or commissioned officer, you will always put your leadership duties first. As an engineer leader, you will divert engineering responsibilities to an subordinate unless completely necessary to perform that task yourself.


For the purposes of chain of command involving Engineering matters: The highest ranking Specialist will be the deciding figurehead in matters given to engineering or otherwise strictly engineering tasks, on the field and on the ship. A Master Specialist with no NCO rank, would be able to give the final word over a Specialist with an NCO rank of Corporal in the field of engineering matters. This can only be overwritten by a Senior NCO (SSgt+), an engineering Lieutenant or Tech Sergeant, or the drop leader of any given mission. For non-engineering matters the highest ranking NCO has authority as per usual chain of command rule.


CED Rules: 


1. Your helmet and other protective gear must be on while working with dangerous substances or if you are in the engineering bay while dangerous substances are being worked with. 


2. Gloves are to be worn at all times while handling any form of hazardous material in engineering. Welding masks must be used while welding, use the mount on your standard issue helmet. 


3. Do not smoke in the engineering bay. 


4. Trainees, engineers, and officers only in the engineering bay unless it's an emergency, or if the highest ranking engineer present permits entry. 


5. Uniformity will be strictly maintained with little alterations to your kit or battle dress uniform.


6. If Fleet requests us to make ship-side maintenance it will be done so under supervision of at least one Senior Specialist (E-4) overseeing. 


7. If a member of another detachment rather not have you doing something, back off and bring it to the Tech Sergeant. 


8. Do not access weapons without a Master Specialist (E-5) + permission.


9. No intimate relationships between Engineers. Relationships whilst allowed are to be treated with more care than the regular MI. 


10. These rules are not meant to be broken. Any breakage may result in dismissal from the team at engineer leadership's discretion. 

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