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How perma/character kills work on SSTRP.

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Hi all,


First thing is first - PK (Permakill) is the same as CK (Character Kill); they are synonyms that I have a tendency to interchange.

Generally speaking, a rule of SSTRP is that everyone is up for CKs... unless it involves them. And given a choice between upsetting a few Donald Trump supporting spare the rod spoil the child advocates a little, or losing players because we are reverting them to square one, I'm going to pick the one that does the lesser harm to the community.

These rules have applied since almost the start - but for transparency, they are as follows:


Enforced CKs
These are CKs issued by an admin. We operate on a basis of fault-only CKs - in that we ordinarily will not CK someone unless they are doing something to deserve it.

Here are the criteria I tend to follow:

  • They were knowingly performing an act of heroism or stupidity outside the duties of a normal Mobile Infantry. Most frequently this is fulfilled by an act of heroism or similar. This isn't to say heroism is banned; only that with heroic action comes risk commensurate with the likely reward you will receive if you succeed.
  • They weren't simply following the orders of a superior officer.
  • Except in the most heinously of circumstances, they were given fair warning that their actions could lead to death.
  • The risk of PK is commensurate with your experience on SSTRP. Typically this means the higher your rank the more likely you are to be targeted - but it also means if you are a 5 year player and you fuck about on a Private you are just as fair game.

An exception to these rules are Pathfinder Operations and some Special Operations which you can consider "Realism" mode - where if your battlefield commander makes a wrong call and you get shot, then I hope you've got your will in order.

Voluntary CKs
These are by far the most common on SSTRP - but we still have some issues with people feeling unhappy with these after the fact. Therefore we have some restrictions/safeguards in place - which are determined on a case by case basis based on how likely we feel you are to renege on the death.

Executions and discharges needs the proper IC process to be followed as well as a nod of approval from an XA to go ahead.

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