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Combat Engineer Training Guide

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What is this?
- An outline for the Combat Engineer Detachment, illustrating each specialization's job.
- A detailed source of information for anyone, even for people outside of Engineering.
- Something you can use to increase your understanding of the lore regarding weapons and equipment deployed by the Mobile Infantry.
- A replacement for the old Kit and Duties thread.
Suggested reading.
- Marauders; the maintenance section includes details on the AEGIS MKII approved by Marauder Leadership.
- Nuke troopers; read the M55 section under Munitions.
Note: Un-check “Print Layout” under the view tab to see this document as it was intended!
remnar - MA-96 Overview, good ideas
Showtime - Good advice concerning maintenance
HeresiarchGrimm - Systems ideas
Pacer - Pointing out resources to me, correcting me on some things.
Referenced for M55 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AT4

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