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Good morning Alpha Company,


Fireteams are a smaller section within a squad and are used for tactical edge in regard to quick adaptation, maneuvering and flexibility. Utilizing Fireteams will be required whenever possible, 


1. Each fireteam must have at least 3 people, maximum is 5. This includes team leader. 

2. Preferably 2 fireteams per squad, 3 if necessary. However if two squads have 3 fireteams, it's advised to make a third squad.

3. Squad leader does not command a fireteam, he has his second and a third Trooper command the teams so that the squad leader may properly direct the squad.

4. Squads will set their frequencies to different channels to avoid clustering the waves with chatter. Drop and squad leads will use command radio to communicate (/bc is command, text will get a diff color to signify importance). 


The purpose of this is to allow the Infantry more fluid motion during combat drops and a better ability to take the initiative where given. The goal is to cut down on wasting time with bulked chatter and struggling to keep squads in line due to lack of organization. Trainings will utilize the fireteam system to assist in familiarizing the company.



Captain Garrett


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// /bc will be used, the text will be edited hopefully to a more distinguishing color, but the order to use different channels and communication of leaders through /bc stays

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