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Wiki & character biographies

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Hi all,


It is my goal to make the SSTRP wiki (http://wiki.starshiptroopersrp.net) an all encompassing codex for our canon as our now disused Wikia once was. The reason for this is that it will enrich the experience and atmosphere on server (the wiki is the first thing new players will see), it makes itself better available to the script and etc for future consumption (think service records IG), and frankly it offers a better content editing solution.


Therefore, henceforth, I ask that the content part of character biographies be filled out on the wiki rather than the forums. You can still create threads to discuss and chat and communicate - but I would ask that the actual service record part of a character biography goes on the wiki - similar to how Erae Bellic has done theirs. This will allow all of the above, plus also will allow us to better integrate with the server database - including but not limited to eventually having an automated medal system.



The wiki editor is a rich text editor (WYSIWYG), meaning you should not need to learn any HTML or any code - indeed, even the templates are being written in such a way that it will give you an easy to use form to fill out in order to set up a character page. If you have any questions or need any help - reply here or contact me or  @El Excellente (the unofficial wiki extraordinaire). For the most part, you may even be able to just copy paste your forum thread into the wiki.


You can keep your relationships separate if you would prefer.


Finally, I have added a new forum BB code to embed wiki pages:




After you click this, simply fill in the name of the wiki page you wish to embed - like so:




I have also added a new button to the forum toolbar (shaped like the UCF eagle - ucf.png) to let us better integrate the wiki - this will allow you to enter the name of a Wiki page and to embed it into a forum topic, for example:



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7 hours ago, Rook said:

How do you make a new page for yourself in the people section?

Check out this guide for a crash course in editing the wiki.


5 hours ago, Leaf said:

Will there be faction wikis? Ex: Mobile Infantry, Fleet, Mil. Intel, Combat Engineering, Medical, Marauders, etc.

Yes, once the wiki has generated enough traffic and interest there will be wiki pages for nearly everything - including campaigns long past or even mere FFRL projects. You're all free to contribute to this, aswell. The wiki is an open platform, though for now I'll only offer support character pages as sort of foundation for you to comprehend the functions behind the wiki.


Why do we need interest/"traffic" for such pages? Because currently I'm the only one editing the wiki and I will not update engineering, MI, medic, marauder things/rosters on the wiki by myself on a daily basis. If (sub-)factions want a specific wiki page, I'm more than willing to set it up - for as long as they actually maintain it




I'd also like to note that, unless @Xalphox notes otherwise, the Wiki is considered fully IC. There's no need to include OOC footnotes, names or references. For a rule of thumb, I suggest your IC service file goes on the wiki and all relations et cetera go into the character biography forum. The military would not care about your full background or keep your entire history in your service record! You're of course free to include whatever you like. I just thought this would be an appropriate way of synergizing the wiki and the forums..


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There are parts of the wiki that form a functional basis - like the tutorial ("Help") section - but I would like it predominantly to serve as an IC repository.

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FYI: The wiki is free for everyone to browse/edit/vandalize, not just the FFRL faction. Except the FFRL wiki, of course.

If you want to create a colony your characters originate from, you could do that.

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