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Form 2-R "Relations & Liability"

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(( A version of what those who are in relationships sign ))


Federal Armed Services

Form 2-R

"Relations & Liablity"


  • I understand and acknowledge that intimate relations with another member of Federal Service while on active duty must be kept professional and free of bias. 
  • I understand and acknowledge that I will be held accountable for any action that endangers or threatens personnell or objectives and will comply with punishment deemed necessary by Federal law or my commanding officer.
  • I understand that breaching a sense of professionalism is determined by the commanding officer and accept consequences determined by the CO.



Commanding Officer,



Trooper One,


Trooper Two,




This form is to be submitted to one of three Command Staff. Master Sergeant, Company XO or Company CO.


Note: This form is ONLY required between two MOBILE INFANTRY personnel. If the relationship in question is between a Trooper and a Crewman, for example, there is NO NEED for the relationship papers. No, this doesn't mean they're exempt from court martial if they let the relationship prod their work.


Yes, you STILL CAN get set of relationship papers if your relationship is between MI + Fleet, but it's not a requirement before the two consenting individuals may consider themselves officiated.

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 OOC: Please notify myself, Tony, or Deckers if you and your partner fill one of these out or if you have in the past so we can compile a database.

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