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Although most ships have the capacity to host a full detachment of marines, the Grant as a smaller fast response vessel does not have that luxury. Therefore it has been determined that the 112th Mobile Infantry shall receive training and certification in combat within a zero gravity ("0G") environment. This will empower infantrymen of the 112th to conduct effective boarding operations.


In order to encourage the development of these skills, we have invented a new sport: "spaceball". The rules are simple:


1. The arena is a spacescape, with a red and blue base on each side of the map as well as a spectator viewing part. The arena will be littered with asteroids to act as cover. At the centre of the arena will be the ball.


2. Teams consist of 5 members. Each member spawns with a gravity gun (to capture the ball) and a Morita rifle in training configuration.


3. The aim of the game is to catch the ball and return it to the back wall of your base, for which you will be rewarded 10 points. Games last 5 minutes + overtime and the winner is the team with the most points at the end.


4. You can kill or be killed - however you can respawn. However, respawns occur in 30 second waves for both teams. Spawn camping is not permitted.


5. If you eliminate all members of the opposing team in between waves so that they are all waiting to respawn, your team will be rewarded with 15 points, the ball will be reset, and both teams will return to their base.


To get this sport going, I will be hosting a competitive tournament. The winning team will earn themselves an upgrade in living quarters: a barracks-sized space split into 5 private rooms and a communal lounge area - theirs to use as they see fit until the next tournament. 


NCOs, please accommodate teams who wish to use the arena for training. (( AdvDupe/=public folder=/grant/trainings/space training ))


Interested parties should reply to this notice with their team name and a list of their team members. Any mobile infantryman of any rank or division may participate.


General Larsen




Annabelle Thacker
Valerie Faust
Michelle Cooper
Sarah Redbrick
Blaire Montgomery




Mikhail Kuznetsov
Angela P. Clark
Chase Mcknight
Arryn Falco
Bridgit McElroy









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