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Beginner's crash course to using PAC

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Last updated: 23 Feb 2017
Figured I'd write this up for some members who are new to PAC and it's use.
Before you go adding strobe lights and neon glowsticks to your character, however, refer to this thread.
Otherwise you're going to get an officer's boot up your arse.


Crash Course for PAC Beginners
Presented in 10 images.
1. __________________________________________________
  • To access PAC: Utilities > PAC > PAC3 > Show Editor
  • The list below is for quickly selecting one your saved PACs to wear. More on that in a bit.
  • In server you can also do F1 > PAC
  • Can't see a PAC button or get into the editor on server? You're not a special snowflake. Sorry. Ask an admin about it politely.
2. __________________________________________________
  • You should be presented with this screen on loading up the editor.
  • If you are not standing/sitting or doing an emote (which locks your camera) you can hold left click and use WASD keys to move your camera around your character.
  • To the left side is the Hiearchy window. Everything you put on your character is listed here.
  • Underneath it, bottom left, is the properties window. It lists every detail about what you have selected.
  • If you've ever used a 3D modelling program or an editor this should be familiar.
3. __________________________________________________
  • To add an object, right click in the window and select from the menu.
  • The objects with globe-icon are groups. They're used to keep things organised -- if you desire.
  • I, for example, like to have a 'root' group, with 'head' 'body' and so forth as children.
  • Who wouldn't name their kids like that? So much easier than Juliet or Johnathan.
  • To add something as a 'child' right click on the object, for example the root, instead of the open white space, then select from the menu.
4. __________________________________________________
  • Time to start making a PAC. Right click on the empty space/group and select 'Model'
  • Ignore the additional list that appears next to it for now.
  • You should get a white ball that appears over your character's head by default.
5. __________________________________________________
  • Click on the model you just added to the list. The properties window will expand.
  • Here you can edit and change everything about that model, colour, size, position, etc...
  • You can also see it glow in the main window. Along with arrows that appear for rotating/moving it.
  • You can interact with these by left click and drag.
  • Under the [Generic] section you will also see a text box labelled [Model].
  • Click on the [...] next to it, to open the Q menu and pick what model you want.
6. __________________________________________________
  • For this tutorial, I'm giong to use models from the PAC Gear menu.
  • Click on the model you'd like and the white ball will change to it.
  • Alternatively, right click and copy to clipboard, then manually paste the model path into the text box yourself.
7. __________________________________________________
  • Wonderful, we now have a hat and some armour. Or a dust bin, or signpost. Whatever floats your boat.
  • Unfortunately, you may notice that the armour here is still aligned with the head. Not the chest. It moves as the character looks around.
  • To change what a model is attatched to, select it and look for [bone] under the [orientation] tab.
  • Same deal as last time. Select the [...]
  • White dots will appear on your character. These are the model's bones. Select the one you want the model following.
  • In this case, the armour should follow the chest.

WARNING: Change the bone FIRST. The model will change position when you select a new bone. All your careful positioning work will be lost on doing this.

8. __________________________________________________
  • Look, it's now up in the air, because we changed the bone. Told you it would move. I could be a psychic.
  • NOW you can start positioning stuff. Use the arrows in the main window to move and rotate.
  • You can also scroll the numbers in the properties window, for fine tuning.
  • If you find your character moves too much, like the bastard they are, you can right click on them to toggle t posing.
  • Right click doing all the work for you like a good friend.
  • Toggle T pose does what it says on the tin. Selecting it twice turns it off.
  • Toggle focus allows you to move, while keeping the camera where it is, so you can walk around as though you're on a catwalk and examine what your PAC looks like.
  • You can also just use Ctrl+e at any time to do the same thing.
9. __________________________________________________
  • Like I said previously, you can use the properties window to fine-tune any adjustments and re-size your models.
  • I just wanted an extra image to make it 10 images exactly.
10. __________________________________________________
  • Done? Good. Look at you, being all PAC'y and stuff.
  • Hit PAC top left, select save, and save it as something.
  • If you accidentally overrite another PAC, by selecting one and saving it over, use the LOAD > BACKUP and pray to god it's in there somewhere.
  • In saying that, you can also use this menu to clear your current PAC or load another.
  • If you want to delete or rename a PAC, you'll have to find where its saved in your Gmod > Data folder.
  • Have fun using PAC
  • Subscribe, rate and like to view more and support me on patreon


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As on the previous forum, this man is a lifesaver if you're ever stuck on what to do. Just pop a sub on his channel and scroll through videos. You'll find what you need.

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