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(OOC) Flight Crew & Durango

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 hey what up, I'm durango


some of you know that I ran fleet aboard the Audie, now im gonna be helping rook with flight crew. 

most of you know that flight crew is going to be TAC & Dropship pilots. Fun stuff.

what you may not know is how im planning to do that, or you may wonder when im going to get started

Well, I already have.



My plans ordered by priority include the following


  1. Get TAC functional as a sub faction. This means drafting an all new way of recruiting. In the past, TAC have been a bunch of FAGGOTS with officer's bars. They've done nothing to contribute to roleplay, and are widely hated. While TAC will perform most of it's combat work on server 2, I do not want it to consist of only event characters as PFOs do. So I'm treading VERY carefully on this part.
  2. Begin running TAC events on the second server.
  3. Shift focus to VIKING wings. This will be more difficult, as I do not wish to resort back to the system of utilizing the MCC, however, I do not see much place for Viking wings during TAC events. So, I'll be trying to develop an all new role for Viking wing pilots to play.
  4. ??????
  5. Profit



I'm durago fuck you

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7 hours ago, Archer said:

new role for vikings

sounds like more lore bullshit for me to sort out

by new role i mean a way to sort out being able to play parts in MEDEVACs and the like without taking away from Infantry RP

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