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Erae Errasti Bellic [KIA]

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May 1, 2297 - Enlistment and beginning of Basic. 

May 30, 2297 - Graduation from Basic, assigned to the Audie Murphy.

May 31, 2297 - Promoted From Recruit to Private.

April 2, 2297 - Promoted From Private to Private First Class.

April 5, 2297 - Promoted From Private First Class to Lance-Corporal.

April 9, 2297 - Encountered Skinnies for the first time, adopted Psychic Aptitude, listed and tested. Promoted to Corporal.

June 3, 2297 - First Major Surgery; gunshot to the Face, required Facial Reconstruction. Operated by TSgt. Takugawa.

June 10, 2297 - Demoted From Corporal to Lance Corporal.

June 13, 2297 - Re-Promoted to Corporal, From Lance Corporal.

July 15, 2297 to July 17th - Fought in Operation Restoring Hope.

August 2, 2297 - Promoted From Corporal to Sergeant.

August 11, 2297 - Second Major Surgery; sniper round to the left elbow, required Total Reconstruction from the elbow down. Operation was a success, was able to save the limb. Operated by TSgt. Takugawa.

September 1, 2297 to September 3, 2297 - Fought in Operation OMEGA.

September 10, 2297 - Promoted to Staff Sergeant From Sergeant.

September 13, 2297 - Lead Operation that captured the first live Progenitor.

November 16, 2297 - Promoted to Master Sergeant From Staff Sergeant.

January 16, 2298- Court matrials for the death of Private Nakamura - Sentenced Prison Time

July 12, 2298 - Released from Prison, serving the 112th once again. Demoted to Private First Class

Oct 30, 2298 - Re-inducted into Special Training. Promoted to Specialist.

Nov 5, 2298 - Promoted to Lance Corporal From Private First Class.

Nov 28, 2298 - Promoted to Corporal From Lance Corporal.

DEC 21, 2298 - Suffered three talon stabs, KIA from Gunshot wound to the head.




 Bellic is the oldest sibling of a family of three; herself, her mother and one brother - They lived a tamed life, living in the outskirts of Jagodina, Terra as farmers. Bellic has always been a polite person, she knows her limits and knows how to handle people - She was rather talkative in her youth, getting her classmates to listen up when the teacher is speaking, making sure everyone was on the right page; she had a special knack of being a nosey little teacher's pet. After grade school, she was pretty average; she naturally blends well in crowds, not having the aura or even presence of her grade school days. She was just existing.

In High School, Bellic became a shut in - Relying on people over a series of tubes for her social interaction, she wasn't much of a jock or even a smart person; she just really liked guns and had an attraction for the military lifestyle. This was the main reason why Bellic turned to streaming and First-Person Shooters; during her Junior Year, she set up an account on Fwitch.tv - There she would create her own brand, playing first-person shooters for thousands of viewers, she was known as GunbaShot22.

Soon after her last day as a Junior, she was told that many of her friends decided to sign up for Military Service; one being Arynn Falco, who joined several years back. She was the main influence of Bellic's decision, her childhood friend. The thought was a strange decision for her, a big change from being within the walls of her room, but it would fill the thrill she always wanted.



Bellic came into the MI as a fresh-faced recruit in Fort Baker; she wasn't anything special, rather she wasn't expected to make the cut. She lacked the physical ability to run, jump and crawl through courses, she was struggling to even complete most of the exercises at first; but the thing that separated her from the rest of the failing bunch was her ability to improve, her willingness to accept her shortcomings and use that as a guide for herself to improve.

She was transferred to the 112th Morita Company, Sorrentino's SPARTANS. She would endure her first drop, nearly getting herself killed by getting herself stuck in-between two red shipping crates, bugs were approaching and she found herself eye to eye with those arachnids in the many posters, advertisements and many forms of media; but this time she seemed to be the one being killed - A figure in a big metal suit came to pry those crates off of her, it was Sigrun; from that day forward, they remained close friends.

Bellic was climbing the ranks, probably bit too fast - She had a lot to learn about leading, how to properly conduct herself infront of the enlisted. Only two weeks in and she was already a Corporal; she found herself in trouble with Captain Sorrentino and Master Sergeant Tuuli, budding heads with them about nearly everything. Sergeant at the time, Maclagan was the only person on the ship that believed in her - Sticking out a limb in-order for Bellic to grow, she knew that she couldn't continue her beckering with the other NCOs and COs anymore, she had to change... And change did happen.

Erae was assigned Blue Squadleader, going up against Skinnies for the first time of her career - She thought they were just a different breed of arachnid; just shoot 'em and drop 'em, a fix to every solution, but it proven to be much more than that. During the entire drop, Bellic felt uneasy, felt more clear with the a hint of being watched, she knew something wasn't right.

Once assaulting a skinnie compound, she ran into a Sherman of a Skinnie tribe, she got knocked around a bit from it but in the end, she was able to deliver a bullet inbetween it's eyes.

Everything was standard until she got back to the ship...




Now a Sergeant, maturing a lot from the last three months - She was now a pretty experience Veteran with over two-hundred drops under her name and over fifty lead operations, but nothing would come close in comparison to OMEGA.




Erae continued to climb the ranks, now a Staff Sergeant and later on a Master Sergeant. She had truly came far from when she first joined. In-charge of training the NCOs and developing them to properly handle and mold the enlisted to live up to the 112th name, now under a new Captain Davidson. Times were pretty quiet, a few bug sightings, here and there - A few run ins with progenitors and handling most of Kessenger's non-sense. 

Then the Progenitors attacked Terra.









Close | Trusted | Respected | Good | Noticed | Neutral |Get out my face.



Arryn Falco ████ @LoFiSuicide

 Closest and dearest friend, what I can I say; she's my ride or die partner, we've been doing it since I was four. School ground fights, street fights, principal office meetings and even the boring work life. I've see her being ambitious about things, pre-enlistment; I hope to see that again one day, perhaps during her time here in the Mobile Infantry. I know she has a lot of talent and potential, but I can see that she chooses not to take advantage of it and place effort. Maybe, I'm just being a too hard on my friend, but.. Isn't that what friends are for?


She's a Tech Sergeant now, I'm proud that she was able to get to where she's at; she deserves it, looks like Serbia is in command of this boat. I can't express much on how much this means for both of us; from the sandbox, schoolyard, back-alley fights and now the frontlines. Proud.


Coming back to the Grant was an experience, looking at how much things changed and seeing completely new faces. Hearing that most of my comrades have died or killed themselves made me wonder why couldn't I come along with them - But.. I'm glad to see Arryn was still kicking, still doing her thing and now? She's made it to the point where she can just sit back and relax, push pencils or whatever those desk jockies do. At least I still have her around.


Alice Vickers  @Pilotfish

 It's tough being one of the new and younger people on the ship; thankfully, I have several people like Vickers to help me out. Dearly grateful for her advice, talking to her only eases my head and helps me grown as a trooper, aswell as a person.

Good to see her back in action, she hasn't changed at all - The same easy-going attitude was missing around the ship.

Just like how this all started, I guess I can learn a few more things from her.


It feels different than a year ago, probably the rank - Never really saw her as an Officer, a certain demeanor has hid what she once was. When it comes to interacting with the MI, it's different. No more points to work on, I don't feel the same confidence that she once had in me.


Valerie Faust █████ @Randynand

 Not much I can say about this individual, she is quiet and keeps to herself. But she seems like she tries to work hard, even though her efforts aren't that noticeable.


She seems to have matured now, seeing her as an officer still seem surreal to me. The Private that didn't want any responsibility is now someone that the current MI looks up to.


Sebastian Bentley██ @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

A Corporal when I was removed from the 112th, I was surprised to come back to see him as my boss - Fairly close to his troopers, I haven't seen that from any MI Captains I've had. I can respect that, someone that I can say has my back.

My final moments.. He did my a favor, I can't repay him for that. He went out of his way and maybe even risked himself to complete my final requests.. Even his words settled me down, even though.. I did not truly believe them, but the thought was appreciated. I have my old Mark Four on my lap; I, best get on with it.


Sarah Redbrick ████ @TheLynch

Known them for a while, a familiar face on the ship and pretty much 'traitor' buddies - Prison mates in a sense. Made things a bit easier while being locked up, so good people to have around. Now that we're out, it seems like we can connect on something. Let's try to do this again and do it right this time.


Sitting here on my death bed and you came to see me, I never realized we were that close until my final moments. I was too focused to redemption to realize I had a real friend beside me all along, whom experienced the same thing. My rifle is on my lap and now realizing what I had infront of me, including all the opportunities I missed because of my selfish desires.


Jackie Knoxx █████ @alright sassy

Bundle of trouble, I think I've lost a few years having to deal with this individual. Good at times, capable; just like what that stupid star on her chest entails. Should really speak with this person more, maybe..


Good to see a familiar face around the ship, glad to see her still kicking ass and staying true to it. I'm glad see her in Lance Corporal patches, I guess someone did a better job convincing her to step up than I did.


Kristina Sigrun████ @Kris

 One of the first people I met on the ship, back when I was a mere new blood. Glad I got to know her, she's a proud and protective friend; someone I can truly look up to. Hopefully I can be at least half of what she is, then maybe I can be proud of myself.


When I got to the Murphy, when I was a fresh recruit; Sigrun saved my life on my first drop. After that, she got me accustomed to the MI lifestyle. Been one of my closest friends since. Now.. Being demoted to  Private First Class and she's still in a high position. It reminds me of those days.


Madoc Llewelyn█████  @Tony

Another sergeant that has a straight forward attitude. Unlike some of the NCOs back in my day, she likes to interact with the enlisted. I can get behind that and respect that about  them.


Matthrew Squires ██████ @Whiplash

A Sergeant, getting some noise about him from others around the platoon. I can't really give my feedback about him but our interactions have been mostly positive, mostly.


Naomi Hawthrone██ @Coleision

I guess shes my trainer now. Learning everything all over again was a strange step for me, I've used my abilities before in drops and now I can see that I do need someone to show me the ropes again.

Just to think our roles could've been switched; if I didnt get myself put in prison.


Quinn Caffery█████ @cat danny 25

A NCO that is also my handler, she's reliable and has a great sense of leadership and confident with her position; a very good trait for a Sergeant within this Platoon. Again, just like with Hawthrone - It's still uncomfortable asking for help or advice from people that I've could've been teaching.. I have to do what I have to do.


John Freeson ██████ @LoadedGun

Another face that I see on almost every drop; I can tell he is a veteran to this unit, just by how he acts loosely. It's probably another way to vent out what is happening on each drop, I'm starting to feel it.

He's an old head, older than me. It's good to see another face that I can recognize. I hope he still does Yoga sessions.


Franco Sorrentino █████ @F r a nc o

 At first I thought he was pretty ridiculous with that pink biotech; turns out he is a complete hardass, by the book and all that. Gotten to talk with the man several occasions - Interesting, proud and reliable, someone that I can truly say knows how to lead. Someone I can really share thoughts freely too, surprising to know that I use to hate on the man; but he isn't that bad.


Not really sure where I stand with Sorrentino. Back when he was MI lead, we talked a lot - Now, I'm sort of a war criminal. Probably affected it.


Haylee Milano █████ @Star-Lord

A newer trooper; I somewhat like her drive, makes me want to help them. They take in information like a sponge; even though we're the same rank, she wants to learn and improve. I can respect that.


Chiyuki Asahi ███████ @Arrow

Not sure what to say about this person, so far his attitude is getting him into a lot of trouble. A few incidents on the field, involving him not taking the whole structure of the MI serious, aswell laughing at someone's injuries concern me. But, I feel like I shouldn't do an NCO's job.


He's improving, fitting in alittle. I feel like he's -trying- to stand out, for whatever reason. I don't think I need to talk to him much, he's pretty much closed-ended with his goals and inspirations. I feel like he can be a good trooper, if he dropped his attitude and tried to get along with the others.


Patrick Stevenson█████@StevieJr

I don't really know them that well, only had a few encounters with him on the field - Not really the best first impressions, with him trying to take control and doing his own thing. I can't really judge, since it only happened once.


Amber Kirchauff██████ @Lalatina

.. Right. I'm starting to think that the surgeons that reconstructed by facial features based off of her. It's like I'm looking into a mirror. Our similarities, physical wise is too unreal.


She still exists.


William Saint-Claire ███  @Silent

An old head, heard he turned into a spook than booted off. Not sure what happened, not really care. Hearing he likes to start stuff on the field, I'll test it.



✞Wauri Matene✞

He has a very strong presence around the ship, you could almost feel him coming towards you.. Besides that, he taught me a few things and I'll forever remember them for a long time.


Matene is gone, I was there when I saw his boat get blown out of the skies; we were so close to getting out of there, I've always thought he would've gone down fighting, stabbing one of those night-lights to death.. But they got a cheap shot on him, only way for them to consider it a fair fight.


✞Cody Howard✞

 Howard is strange; he tries to engage in conversation but fails or stop short. It's usually the begins and ends the same way, everytime. Really, the only time things are interesting is when I poke fun at his short comings; it's quite horrible on my part.

He's gone now, the medic that was always there. Gone. It's strange not having him around the ship anymore, it's strange not having him there to fuck up. I wish was alittle bit more nice to him, maybe even gave him more helpful advice; I knew his mouth and actions were going to be his downfall, I wish I pushed more to get those settled before this happened.


✞Alfred Smith✞

 A Marine that is all sorts of fucked up, he's fucked up to the point where he doesn't seem to find risks in drops anymore; will I end up like that one day?

He's gone now; it's strange being around the Grant, with all the new and old things being meshed together. It doesn't seem right moving here, not hearing his insults anymore. I can't say I miss them, but.. The attention was always something noted, wish I got to him better.


✞Jack O'Neil✞

One of the oldies of the ship, helped me out with fitting in and introduced me to some good people. I wouldn't be where I am with him showing me the ropes.

An old mentor gone, soon will be my turn right?


✞ElenaorTuuli ✞

She's my boss, mentor and role model; I can't express how much she has influenced me in the past. I was a naive eighteen-year-old, promoted too quickly and was sentenced to trial by fire. I can't imagine getting through, what I had to without her being there to give me advice and unfiltered feedback.

I always thought she was a CHAS-unit, but I'm glad the most recent Rnr has made me think otherwise.

I heard she just died in her sleep, a very unusual but fitting way for her to go. I learnt a lot from you, and I, thank you. Rest well.


✞Nathaniel Josephine✞

Good guy, I don't mind him leading; he's probably one of the other Sergeants that doesn't have a stick up his ass. It's a good thing, you can tell he's a human being.

Another person that influenced me in my career, someone I deeply respected. Another good soldier has left us. 


✞Jocelyn Holiday✞

 Interesting person, someone I can share shit with; good to have people on your side in a ship filled with people with their ironsights on your chest, good cook and even better friend.

It was sad to hear about what happened to you, if only I was there to support my friend - This is something to think about now, this is the first time I received something so heavily for my actions. Now I just have to live with it.



Martin Richardson

He is the boss of my boss, ultimately my boss;a hard nosed and Don't-Give-Me-Excuses Captain. He has a hard ass aura surrounding him, I can't comment much about it. Since, I literally have no idea how to explain it. But he has my respect.


Petrov Balinski

 A Mobile Infantry man that I spoke to in many situations; vented a few times to the man, he gave good advice, probably will continue to seek advice from this person. He is good people.


Graham Maclagan

 Probably the only person on the ship that gives me the time of day, only person that actually gave me a chance; I don't want to disappoint Maclagan, risking a limb out for me just for me to prove what I can do. Maybe I try to hard, but that's really all I can really do.


Scott Harper

 Not really much to go by, having really had a conversation with this person; honestly, probably just another face that will go on by.


Andrei Artemjev

Intriguing and quite the hard working individual, a lot more organized than myself when I was a Lance Corporal; I'll be studying his progress more closely.



 First of all, I'm glad that she is back; first mission as a Sergeant and that was my first fuck up, having her back set some ease on my mind and I'm thankful for the second chance at redemption. She is a strange speaking person, somewhat distant but I don't think she considers me anymore than someone to speak with.


Dawnson Langford

 Can't say much about this individual, mainly because we haven't really talked in a personal level; though I do find him interesting on the field and he does make usually good choices as a troopers, but recent events make think my first impressions were wrong.


Ryan Cooper

 A trooper that seemed to have his life cut short by himself; sad to see him go, but it was his choice. Nothing I can say about him.


Michelle Cooper

 The daughter of Ryan Cooper; someone that has been promoted quickly for being a good trooper, currently she is a junior NCO. Still has a lot to learn, just like the lot of us; too friendly with everyone the ship, probably the ship bicycle. Ugh, this one really does have a lot to learn.


Maeli Yasalmibaal

 A new trooper, easy to talk to; seems to be quite aloof, but overall she is good people. I would like to see more of her, but it seems like she is quite unnoticeable on field; can't really assess what she is doing wrong and what she is doing right. I should really work on that.


Nikolai Dimov

 He seems like a wise old man, if he had a white beard he could totally pull it off. I like his suggestions, like his initiative; probably comes from being a former Master Sergeant. Seems like someone I got a lot to learn from.


Ottiel Kittel

Not sure what say about this one, other than she's one of those troopers that doesn't fully understand where she is. Sometimes it feels like a daycare I'm running here, that was the first impression I had about her.


Travis Young

 An older Engineer that I feel compelled to speak more with; I felt bad when he got temporarily demoted, I feel like I was somewhat responsible for it. Though, since he got it back; that desire had faded, terrible of me to say that.
Recently, he did a bounce back; got his Corporal patches back and as well made it to Sergeant, I think he'll be good probably even great. We'll see in the coming days. We've been talking a lot more and he seems like an easy guy to be around, he says some stupid shit; the shit that makes me blow water out my nose, real smart ass it's amazing.

He is hard to read sometimes, even with my witchcraft; give me a necklace but not really sure to make out of it.

Haven't spoken to him in recent date, looking back at things as he continues to improve; strictly business now, no time for small talk anymore. It's probably just how I've been acting lately.



A newer infantryman that was able to prove his worth; rose to Corporal, but still is under watch. At this moment, I can't give an accurate gauge to how I can rate him as a trooper; but I can say, he does have a lot to learn. Still, has -immature- sense to him, could be his age or naiveness to the world he just entered in.


Sean Richardson

An annoying piece of life, that opposes me and my orders; on and off the field. He has a lot of work to improve on, it doesn't seem like he has the effort or motivation to work on these things. He won't last if this continues on.


Garret Swift

 He stares a lot, pretty weird but he overall pretty nice; helped me out abit with getting used to being a Sergeant. A bucket full of knowledge from this Sergeant, probably one of the only Sergeant I wouldn't mind to chill with.


Annabelle Thacker

 A strange person, seems to be in the wrong end of things; always seems to get injured, like myself. Would like to see her grow into something more, the energy and passion is there; hopefully she can start thinking a bit more.

If I needed a shield for anything, I would place it on my back; I had to shout at her to watch her fire, literal flames. I nearly got cooked by her, probably not the best place to lose my -cool-; but this had to be said.


Ben Moore

 Why does he look so old? He looks like my dad, I nearly fell off my rocker when I realized he was only four years older than I. I might order him some skin care products, probably get some wrinkles out of the way. Jesus, he looks old.


Katie Heartfilia

A bright eye'd individual, can't really say much about this person but I feel the task to help them along. Rejects most of what I suggest, adds in excuses and such; my patience is running thin on this person. But, I must endure.


Sila Ren

I can't help but look at her as my past self; I got in arguments, fights and even gotten myself throw into the holding cell for opposing my NCOs and talking when it wasn't needed. I feel like she'll fit in soon enough, she's has been making improvements?


Radoslava Tchaikovskaya

 A medic I met being a nerd and reading her medical book; she has a stuffed animal of a turtle, she calls it Ivan. Weird, childish but hey, that's her. Lately, things have been awkward, probably because I turned her down; yeah, that's it. No my problem anymore.


Alastair Takugawa 

Good guy, great medic. Saved my ass a few times and probably a big reason why I'm still breathing and walking around. Isn't scared to give me shit, Respect.


Ellen Beune

 One of the only people on the ship that I can have a conversation with; a normal person, that isn't much of a dickhead. Though, she is barely bearable when she tries to act like she knows everything; acts a bit too high and mighty since she got Sergeant.


Heinrich Duck

 Haven't seen too much of this person; medical medic that does medic things, that's really what I think whenever I see this person's face.


Damien Kidd

 One of the first person to help get on my feet on the ship; showed me the ropes and even patched me up. He is one of the many medics that kept me in one piece and for that, I owe him dearly.


Jaune Merdian

A new medic, I have a strange feeling about this person; as if I see someone else in them, probably just my imagination. 


Wendy Goodwin

Another bright-eyed medic, someone that seems greener than the grass back home. I feel like she'll have a harsh realization on what it means to be in the Mobile Infantry. 


Ordon Callio

A newer medic, with a ton to learn; but that isn't in my department to teach him how to do his job faster. Hell, I probably don't understand how half that stuff works. All I know is, he can do better; it would be better for both him and our unit as a whole when he figures it out.


Charles Johansson

Competent medic, knows what he is doing and he does it fast; the ideal field medic. He was an easy going person; I find it hard to question or see what he does wrong. Really not the way to improve what he already knows, probably one of the few medical staff I would like to give me treatment.


Chase McKnight

A somewhat veteran medical personnel, I see potential in him being an effective field medic in our ranks; I see him able to do the things that others in the department can do. I'll continue to give him tips, advice, and pointers to what a field medic does; or at least, what I think a field medic should do. I had to express my unhappiness with the rate of him working, it really slows us down; something I clearly don't understand, but when on the field, we should always keep moving.


Remy Nowak

 A fun marine that I met at Ravio's bar, really knows how to dance and really pushed me to my limit. Looking forward to facing her again one day, showing her that the first meet was just a warm up. We've gotten closer and she's been a good person to being a human around; probably better to be honest.


Nathan Steele

 A marine that I've seen several times on the ship, can't really say or think much about this person, we haven't really engaged in conversation at all. I guess I can say he does his work, reliable at a basic level for their duties; should really talk more.


Emile Baader

 Weird Marine, I can't believe she's the XO of the Marine department; but she's a good person, seems abit quiet and doesn't seem to do anything to piss anyone off. She does her job and she does it without gathering much attention. I helped her out with some 'personal' issues recently; probably made me realize that people on the ship or actually human, should really talk more with this individual. She's good people.


Chuck Balboa

He's short, probably the same height as me; but fuck, he is a big pound of muscle. Looks like he can punch the wall and the wall would say 'ow'; someone that I don't want to mess with, or piss off. Both as a person and as a Lieutenant.





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